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Evil_Bobi made this script btw do made a listing like the first url (without the comments)
teK_I'd sort that by author09:19
tilmansort -k X09:22
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teK_I already had fun with the unsorted list09:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.8 -> 1.1109:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: figlet: 2.2.2 -> 2.2.309:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent: 0.12.6 -> 0.12.709:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openvpn: 0.8.6 -> 0.8.709:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openvpn: 2.1.3 -> 2.1.409:39
teK_huge thanks to you Evil_Bob!~09:39
teK_commit msg fail09:39
teK_I should be off that list for now ;)09:40
thrice`for now ;)09:40
* tilman releases new feh09:41
thrice`tilman, btw, I saw your name scrolling by on an e17 checkout when I do "about e17" or whatever ;)09:41
tilmanthrice`: yeah09:42
teK_thrice`: yeah, I adjusted my ck4up.conf, too..09:42
thrice`pretty cool :>09:42
tilmanthrice`: i only put two patches or so in e17 itself09:43
Evil_BobteK_: very welcome :)09:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: syslog-ng: 3.1.3 -> 3.1.409:48
teK_ wtf?09:52
Evil_Bobbtw i got an error building cups yesterday (will submit a bug report soon)09:53
tilmanteK_: yes, i got that too10:01
tilmanand i have nfc how that happened10:01
tilmani never run pkgmk as root...10:01
teK_how's that supposed to work if the pkgfile calls chown(1)?10:01
teK_I always run it as root ;)10:02
tilmanteK_: don't :)10:02
jaegerfakeroot is your friend there10:02
teK_I have yet to set that up10:02
tilmanmakecommand      fakeroot pkgmk10:03
tilmanaddcommand       sudo pkgadd10:03
tilmanremovecommand    sudo pkgrm10:03
tilman(for prt-get)10:03
teK_but that's in the EXPERT SECTION of prt-get.conf. Will someone hold my hand?10:04
tilmanyou're a big boy10:05
tilmanyou'll manage10:05
teK_really, daddy?10:05
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teK_puh, I'll have to change quite some directory permissions and aliases10:10
teK_but I'd rather build packages without EUID==010:10
juewith libtalloc 2.0.1 the library symlinks were created by ldconfig, 2.0.5 installs them10:18
jueso we have a conflict, not very nice10:19
juebut well ... ;)10:20
pedja <---me too[tm]10:20
juepedja: everyone who has installed 2.0.1 will get that10:22
pedjahurray, so I am not the only one :)10:22
juetilman: talloc 2.0.5 has python as a build-time dependency10:22
tilmani'm an idiot10:23
tilmani noticed they use waf now10:23
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tilmanjue: thanks10:23
juenp, I've noticed that with tdb (not committed yet)10:24
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jues/noticed that/noticed the same/10:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: talloc: enable the Python bindings.10:44
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Rotwangafter sysup my fonts seem to be uglier12:43
Rotwangany ideas why?12:43
frinnsttodays updates or more?12:52
Rotwanglots more [;12:53
tilmanfreetype? ;)12:53
thrice`or cairo12:54
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