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pitillogood morning00:57
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jueI've added a port for mysql 5.5.8 to my private repo, tests and feedback appreciated04:40
jueit depends on libaio now, port available too04:40
Romsterlibaio has been in my romster repo for some time.04:55
Romstergot performance measurements?04:56
jueno, but what I've read it seems that 5.5 is faster than 5.105:12
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Romsterthose are just numbers from where did your source come from? and what unit is that in for what test? hrmm on another note i wonder if my firefox is slow because sqlite3 can't handle the 21,000 bookmarks or just firefox itself is the bomb.06:56
Zabait uses sqlite for bookmarks?07:01
teK_it does.07:02
jueRomster: 5.5 resp. 5.1 are the shortened mysql version numbers and nothing else ;)07:27
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Romsterah ok :) later versions don't always mean better but i hope it does.07:52
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