IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-01-30

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entewaffles and greetings03:15
frinnstomg, mplayer 1.0rc404:19
tilmanthe real wtf of the decade is that efl 1.0 was released yesterday04:39
tilmani contributed to that code 7 years ago :D04:39
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tilmanenlightenment foundation libraries06:11
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mavrick61Hi, anyone here?07:50
* thrice` pretends he isn't07:50
mavrick61FYI, the crux server will be shutdown. We are moving the datacenter to a new location. Duration 10-15 min.07:51
thrice`good luck :-)07:52
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entemavrick61: and the crux server to maverick? :D08:21
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ente <- new ssh version whines about missing ecdsa, I fixed that in the rc-script11:55
entecan I have a cookie now?11:59
Evil_Bobyes, yes you can11:59
* Evil_Bob feeds ente a cookie11:59
jueente: looks like you've rejected the ssh rc-script12:22
enteI'm not even sitting at my desk12:33
enteplain magic12:33
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tilmanteK_: what's your gpg key id?14:31
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andariussalutations and waffles19:41
entewaffles and waffles19:50
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