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pitillogood morning00:51
pitillotilman: yes, it's a bit slow, but I thought it was related to the device (sd card read/write performance around 10MB/s and ssh transfer around 1.6MB/s)00:52
pitillohere I'm using an old openssh version (5.6p1-1), I'll try to build the current and I'll make some tests with the newer one00:54
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tilmanpitillo: seems we're having the same problem. my ssh transfers are limited to 1.6 mb/s, too (with the default cipher)01:57
tilmanpitillo: i think  rebuilding/updating openssh might be useless. i think openssl is to blame01:57
pitillotilman: are you using current 2.7 versions?01:59
tilmani built openssh 5.6p102:00
tilmanand my arm runs openssl 1.0.0a02:00
pitillohere running openssl 0.9.8o-102:01
Romsterhrmm i too have been getting slow speeds on scp02:01
Romsterthough i tihink it's another issue i get around 10mb/s on a 100Mbit nic but on another box with a gigabit nick i only get around 4mb/s even with jumbo packets at 7K02:02
tilman10 mb/s on a 100mbit nic is acceptable, i think02:03
Romsterit is02:03
tilmanclose enough to the theoretical max02:03
Romsterbut not 4mb/s on a 1G connection02:03
Romstersame desktop but to a windows 7 box so i may have a dodgy nic driver perhaps.02:04
Romsterneed to throw linux on it and test off a live cd.02:04
Romsteropenssl 0.9.8o02:05
tilmanjue: is our gdbm port broken? during build on a system that _lacks_ gdbm, i'm seeing "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgdbm"02:35
tilmanjue: which results in libgdbm_compat not being built02:35
tilmanjue: this is on a hacked up crux-arm system, haven't yet tried to reproduce on x8602:36
pitillotilman: here gdbm build fine SELECT     Status, Empresa, NUM_Logic, IdEmple, Persk, Bukrs, Vorna, Nachn, Nach2, Begda, ENDDA, Stat3, InitS, Kostl, Id_Type, GBDat, Bankl, BankN, Banks,03:39
pitillo                      bkont, zlsch, waers, banka, stras21, stras22, stras23, stras24, stras25, stras26, stras27, stras28, regio, ort01_ban, stras1, stras2, stras3, stras4,03:39
pitillo                      ort01_EMP, pstlz, land1, state03:39
pitilloFROM         OPENQUERY (SRVIRTDES,03:39
pitilloay mare, sorry03:39
pitillotilman: gdbm#1.8.3-2.pkg.tar.gz build fine here, sorry about that paste03:40
pitilloI need to review what happened to the nfs server here to make builds over nfs instead of use the SD card... no way to start it again since 2.7 upgrade03:41
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juetilman: good catch, will try to fix it09:40
juepitillo: you've seen that nfs-utils has new deps since 2.7?09:43
pitillojue: yes, I saw that it's using rpcbind instead of portmap... I reviewed and I finally got it working. Thank you for that tip too09:45
pitilloand about gdbm... I didn't see the "lack" word sorry...09:45
juewell, building fails for me as well, but only if gdbm is _not_ installed09:52
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niklaswep  when i trying to load swedish keyboardlayout i got this messages...
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niklasweand i have specify to use se in my xorg.. but it still using us.. any ide how i will fix it?12:02
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tilmanniklaswe: loadkeys is for the terminal only. for x you want setxkbmap12:07
tilmanniklaswe: did you try 'sv' instead of 'se'? :P12:08
tilman(in xorg.conf)12:08
tilmanniklaswe: n/m, looks like se is indeed correct ;D12:09
tilmanso try "setxkbmap se" in an xterm12:09
niklaswetilman: yeah then it works if I set  it with setxkbmap se from terminal12:10
tilmanniklaswe: can you paste your xorg.conf and your Xorg.log?12:10
niklaswetilman: yeah sure 1 min12:11
niklaswetilman: and
niklaswetilman: i see in the log, that is adding xkblayout to us.. but i cant find where it get its from..12:14
tilmansee lines 46 and 47 in the log12:14
tilman[  1664.043] (WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers 'kbd', 'mouse' or 'vmmouse' will be disabled.12:14
tilman[  1664.043] (WW) Disabling Keyboard012:14
tilman[  1664.043] (WW) Disabling Mouse012:14
slashbeastIs there any manual for installing crux from chroot or something? I would like deploy it onto dmcrypted lvm array.12:14
slashbeastor maybe chrootable tarballs with crux?12:15
tilmanslashbeast: there's no manual, but you can have a look at the iso's 'setup' script. it's fairly easy ;D12:15
niklaswetilman: oh then i will try to disable it :)12:15
tilmanniklaswe: i think the way to go is to install xorg-xf86-input-evdev and use this driver for both mice and keyboard12:16
tilmanbut i'm not sure if that alone will fix your problem12:16
tilmanmaybe someone else who successfully uses a non-us layout can chime in12:17
tilmanniklaswe: oooh. "[  1664.781] (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard" (type: KEYBOARD)"~12:17
niklaswetilman: i have xorg-xf86-input-edev already.12:17
tilmanniklaswe: yeah, just saw it in the config12:18
tilmantry this:12:18
tilmanprt-get remove xorg-xf86-input-kbd xorg-xf86-input-mouse12:18
tilmanthen kick out the section about your mouse in xorg.conf12:18
teK_my german layout config looks like this: (I switch to english via my wm's init file ;))12:18
tilmannot sure what adjustments will be needed for the keyboard section12:19
tilmanmmh yeah12:19
tilmanniklaswe: the easiest way would be to remove the keyboard stuff from xorg.conf, too, and add "setxkbmap se" to your ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrc12:19
tilmannot exactly nice though :D12:20
niklaswetilman: but i will do the right way =)12:20
slashbeastI believe xorg-server-1.9 support /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d dir so you can run X without xorg.conf but with simple file like 00-keyboard.conf with keyboard config.12:23
tilmanTry adding this to your xorg.conf:
tilman(or copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf :)12:24
tilmanslashbeast: seems niklaswe runs nvidia; their config tool _might_ insist on using /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:25
tilmanslashbeast: in general you're very right htough12:25
slashbeastI haven't had nvidia in years so I am not sure.12:25
slashbeastwell I have nvidia ion2 but thanks to nvidia optimus I may not use it.12:25
tilmanyeah, i'm not sure either12:25
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niklaswetilman: hmm i will first try to disable AllowEmptyInput first and see if it will work.13:18
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tilmanfffffs firefox16:12
teK_I can love firefox again .. just because netscaped open sourced their browser to kick Bill's ass :>16:14
teK_ jfyi ;)16:15
tilmanit completely shat itself16:15
tilmandoesn't start at all anymore16:15
tilmaneven with a mostly blank profile16:15
* tilman enters agnry mode16:17
jseFirefox. Fuck YEAH!16:18
tilmani'm profiling sshd with old-school (worthless) gprof16:18
tilmanit worked until 5  minutes ago16:18
tilmannow it just says "Profiling timer expired" as soon as i opena connection16:18
tilmantwhat the fuck?16:19
tilmanwhat the FUCK?16:19
tilmani relinked the binary, now it works again16:19
tilmanfuck gprof16:20
tilman"no time accumulated"16:20
tilmanworthless profile16:20
tilmanjesus fucking christ16:20
tilmanarc4random() is rather high in the profile16:22
jaegerthat sounds like my troubles with cisco support contracts today16:22
tilmani think i'll pull a debian resp a sony:16:22
tilmanint arc4random() { return 4; }16:22
tilmangoodie, arc4random is in libcrypto or something :(16:24
frinnstnew glibc tarball, 2.1316:24
tilmanseems i may only profile a process every 3 minutes16:25
tilmanand i cannot read up on this oldschool profiling crap because my firefox is borked16:25
tilmanR O F L16:29
tilmandid a second profiling run, this time copying data the other way around16:29
tilman-> i get the exact same output from gprof16:30
tilman(which is impossible/highly unlikely :p)16:30
tilmanlong story short: my firefox profiles disappeared16:35
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tilmani think this was btrfs' doing16:43
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andariussalutations and waffles18:08
enteuff, 2.1318:09
entefrinnst: I had all programs segfault on another box, until I downgraded to 2.12.2 :D18:09
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Romstersalutations and cheese 'n' tomato on toast :P19:31
jaegerout of waffles? :(19:32
* jaeger waves19:32
prologicaye jaeger19:35
* andarius fires up the iron!19:37
Romstertilman, give midori a shot i'm royally sick of firefox.19:38
Romsterthough it has lots of plug-ins and stuff19:38
Romsterfirefox is worse than a woman when it fails to work.19:39
jaegerI'm pretty much equal opportunity as far as browser hate19:40
enteI use elinks and surf where possible19:40
enteandarius: don't fire that iron at me :P19:40
Romsterslashbeast, take a look at also i got a safe-build that does such a thing in romster repo, there is another that either sepen_ or pitillo_ made called safe-env19:40
Romsterjaeger, nothing against ones that work just firefox has some major issues if it didn't crap out i'd like it more.19:41
jaegerthere are some that work? :P19:42
Romsterbuild configuring and code structure doesn't add to the points either.19:42
Romstermidori seems to work ok, opera works ok too.19:42
enteand I'm thinking about something catching syscalls similiar to strace and breaking on open("outsideofworkdir", something & O_CREAT)19:42
Romsteri haven't hit any major problems on those yet19:42
Romsterlynx also works for the console junkies.19:42
* jaeger uploads a new -updated iso19:47
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entejaeger: why? new glibc?19:56
enteor new firefox? :D19:56
jaegerI didn't really check, I just build them periodically for any updates19:57
prologicjaeger, yes what are the changes ?19:57
prologicoh :)19:57
prologicagainst changes in core/opt ?19:57
jaegerany changes for ISO packages19:57
prologiccore/opt :)19:57
jaegerplus some xorg19:57
enteI'm starting to build all packages in core, opt, xorg and contrib periodically19:57
prologicfrinnst, speaking of which -- are you able to update the x86_64 iso ?19:57
entewith minimal dependencies19:57
enteand that will be crux-bin19:59
jaegerthat's more or less what the updated ISOs are but not the entire repos, just the ISO packages19:59
prologicdo you build the iso in a chroot, real host or a vm ?20:00
enteI think of it like the BSD ports.. they have binary packages as well, so why shouldn't we?20:00
jaegerin a chroot most of the time20:00
jaegerente: it's come up before, just not a lot of people with the means to host it who are willing to build them all20:00
prologicente, and the ISO _doeS_ contain binary packages20:01
enteprologic: I know20:01
prologicit kinda is our binary repo of sorts20:01
prologicbut I agree we should have a binary repo of regularly built and updated ports20:02
enteit's stupid to download a whole iso if you just want firefox or something20:02
prologicin fact I used to host a large repository of binary packages once20:02
prologicI have the means - I might do it again some day20:02
entejaeger: it's fine, I have a build-i7 at uni that isn't used too much, and they also have a fast internet connection20:02
enteprologic: right now, I have a tiny one at
jaegerI used to host some on, just haven't done it in a long time20:03
prologicit would be nice to automate the process20:04
enteat first I only wanted to put very annoying stuff there, like xulrunner and ghc (which is self-hosted), but my disk space isn't enough20:04
prologicin some fasion20:04
enteprologic: working on that20:04
entealso thinking about adding gpg capabilities to prtutils20:05
prologicprtutils or pkgutils ?20:06
entesorry, pkgutils20:06
prologicok and now, what for ?20:06
prologicwhat would adding gpg give us ?20:06
enteverifying that whoever claims to be actually is, but I'm not sure if that really adds much20:07
prologicyeah it doesn't :)20:08
enteI've never been man-in-the-middle-attacked in my life :)20:08
prologicneither have i20:08
entestill, some things might need a little overhaul20:09
entefor instance, adding --no-motd to the rsync options globally20:09
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