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pitillogood morning00:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: updated to 0.27.501:48
tilmanpitillo: echo "Compression no" >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config02:42
tilman(Compression no in your client's ~/.ssh/config is _not_ good enough!)02:43
tilmanmmh well02:43
tilmanthat gives me ~7.5 MB/s from guruplug to desktop02:44
pitillolet's see02:45
tilmani'll be off for work in a few02:45
tilmansomeone please tell me why i have to disable compression on _both_ ends02:45
pitillohere changing in arm side sshd's config same output (1.2 - 1.6 MB/s) I'll try to change in the desktop too and verify speed again02:49
tilmani wonder if you need to explicitly tell scp to not request compression...02:53
Romsterguruplug must have poor compression/decompression ability02:54
tilmanpitillo: i'm off to work. let me know if you out more :)02:55
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slashbeasttilman: if you have to disable compress to get better performance I would suggest 'ssh hpn' or maybe chance criptier to bluefish03:18
slashbeastI have uber slow transmeta 733MHz cpu what cannot push over ssh more than 4MBps.03:19
slashbeastRomster: many thanks, I will try deploy chroot env.03:30
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: gdbm: fix build in case gdbm is not installed04:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sylpheed: update to 3.1.004:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.504:36
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: binutils: removed old patch05:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: new maintainer email address06:45
slashbeastRomster: thanks, I got fully working chroot.07:02
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vilepersonjust finished first crux installation, ever. seperate partitions for /boot, /, swap, and /home. after editing /etc/lilo.conf and running lilo, a reboot yields only the word "GRUB" and no cursor. I booted CD again, mounted /boot partition and renamed the grub folder and even marked it hidden, but still get the same thing. any suggestions?07:35
vileperson...obviously I'm currently on another machine, but the crux box is next to me, and currently booted into the crux 2.7 CD.07:36
pitillovileperson: are you using lilo or grub? did you installed lilo? because you seem to be using grub07:49
vilepersonpitillo: I was planning on using lilo just from following the handbook(and it's new to me). I don't know why there is a grub folder in the boot partition, though.07:53
jaegervileperson: grub and lilo both get installed into the filesystem by default but it sounds like you also have grub in the MBR07:55
vilepersonjaeger: crap, I bet I do, from 3 years of playing with other distros.07:56
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jaegerwith that said, lilo will overwrite it if installed properly08:02
jaegeris your boot= line in lilo the MBR or a partition?08:02
vilepersonjaeger: partition /dev/sda108:04
jaegerthat's probably why, then... grub is likely still installed to /dev/sda and lilo is on /dev/sda1, so lilo doesn't get used08:05
jaegerassuming you don't have some other boot loader in between chaining to /dev/sda108:05
vilepersonjaeger: no chaining, that I know of. old ubunut installs put grub in the mbr, I'm sure. That would explain why my last Arch install wouldn't boot right, when set up with a boot partition, till I booted Super Grub Boot Disk and pointed grub to the boot partition.08:11
vilepersonjaeger: so I sould be able to wipe my mbr, and lilo should take over?08:12
pitillovileperson: if you don't have anything important in grub I think you can do that. You must be able to write lilo's info into MBR to boot your crux install08:15
jaegervileperson: yes, should be safe as long as grub isn't needed to boot something else08:16
jaegerjust replace boot=/dev/sda1 in lilo.conf with boot=/dev/sda and re-run lilo. are you dual booting with windows or anything?08:17
vilepersonno dual boot08:17
vilepersondo I need to run a command to wipe grub from MBR first?08:18
jaegerlilo will overwrite it when you run it again, provided the boot line is changed08:18
* vileperson is trying now08:19
vilepersondo I need to chroot into the installation like before when initially setting it up? I assume so.08:20
rauzvileperson: yes08:22
vilepersondamn, Kernel panic08:25
jaegercannot mount root vfs or something else?08:27
vilepersonnot syncing : VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (8,3)08:31
jaegerusually means either your drive controller or filesystem didn't get built into the kernel08:40
vilepersonjaeger: that means I have to go through the whole configure and compile process again (more carefully) doesn't it?08:57
slashbeastnot really08:58
slashbeastif you change options, you will re-compile only parts of kernel08:58
slashbeastwell depends what you cahnge08:59
slashbeastit you cahnge config_hz, it will rebuild almost all08:59
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slashbeastlooks like MAKEFLAGS variable in pkgmk.conf does not really work, it should?09:04
teK_[tek@basra][~]% grep MAKE /etc/pkgmk.conf09:05
teK_export MAKEFLAGS=" -j5 "09:05
teK_works fine for me09:05
slashbeastthe variable exist but looks like make isnt executed with -j509:06
vilepersonI can't seem to find the options I need09:08
vilepersono.k. I just changed a few things, but I couldn't find the selections that the handbook says to make sure you enable, under section 2.2 #13. Are they still valid?09:19
vilepersonthe "/dev file system support" , and "Automatically mount at boot" are not under Pseudo filesystems09:21
pitillovileperson: you must review like jaeger_ said, your ide/sata controller and all your partition's FS. They must be added into (not like modules) to your kernel setup09:23
vilepersonpitillo: yes, I think I may have gotten whats needed. The handbook just confused me. It's compiling again., now.09:25
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vilepersonwell, I thought I had it :(09:43
vilepersondo I need Kernel automounter support?10:08
vilepersonI really appreciate eeverybodies help. I'm trying really hard not to be an info-leach. I'll get this sooner or later.10:14
slashbeastteK_: you said that makeflags works for you10:15
slashbeastteK_: how did you checked if it work or not?10:15
teK_I'd fire up prt-get update -fr glibc10:18
pitillovileperson: try to share your .config and lspci output, may be someone can take a look and point you to a solution10:18
slashbeastteK_: and?10:18
teK_and then in another terminal (after configure ran through) check via something like:10:18
teK_pidof gcc10:18
teK_be careful to build a port that wont force -j1 in its pkgfile10:19
slashbeastah this is gnu make thing10:19
teK_btw you may modify an arbitrary PKgfile to print out MAKEFLAGS before its call to make to check if it *really* is set10:19
slashbeastI was checkig for make -j510:19
teK_CRUX uses GNU make, yes.10:20
slashbeastgentoo have MAKEOPTS variable and I have in ps aux make -j4 for example10:20
slashbeastso I was confused.10:20
vilepersonpitillo: I'll try after this next compilation finishes. I'll be back. (lunch)10:20
slashbeastbut i think it was using only one core anyway10:20
teK_I guess MAKEOPTS is a synthetic, gentoo-related env option10:21
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teK_but I dont know for sure10:21
slashbeastdoes ports support git?10:21
teK_[tek@basra][~]% prt-get search git10:23
teK_i.e. yes.10:23
teK_I advise you to have a look at the handbook10:23
slashbeastalso, looks my question was, cna I deploy git-based ports dir and ports -u will hande it?10:23
slashbeastI already readed handbook10:23
slashbeastand I know that git is in ports...10:23
teK_I missunderstood your question.10:24
slashbeastmy english sucks hard10:24
teK_ports won't support git in the way you meant10:25
teK_the best example how this usually is handled is mplayer10:25
teK_I simply roll tarballs from manual checkouts from time to time10:26
slashbeastwell, let me explain what I mean10:26
slashbeastif I would create own ports set, 'overlay?' or maybe repo, and put it in git, can I clone my repo to /usr/ports and then ports -u if see .git dir will do git pull instead of rsync or whatever it doing by default?10:27
jseIt doesn't work like that.10:27
teK_you'd have to call git pull in /usr/ports/REPO10:27
jseYou'd need a custom git-based driver for ports and I don't think there's one for that.10:27
teK_sepens mpup could handle that I guess10:28
slashbeastI think I may end with creating git driver.10:29
thrice`I think someone attempted a git driver at one time, but not sure it ever finished10:29
jseI've kept a local hg repository in /usr/ports/local for many years and ports doesn't have to know it even exists.10:29
teK_mpup takes one line per port in /var/lib/meta.list10:30
teK_mpup takes one line per port in /var/lib/mpup/meta.list10:30
teK_rsync -aqz john10:30
teK_httpup sync raggle10:30
teK_all mpup does, I guess, is cd /usr/ports/meta and execute each of the commands from meta.list with $PWD = /usr/ports/meta10:31
jseSomething like that yeah.10:32
thrice`that seems like cheating though :-)10:33
jseThe thing is that I've understood mpup to really only be useful when you want specific ports from third party repositories.10:33
jseFair enough, you could configure it to pull an entire repository. Just doesn't seem like that was the project's spirit if that makes sense. :P10:34
jseslashbeast: don't forget to configure prt-get to actually use your overlay.10:37
* jse shakes fist at excessive automation.10:44
jseDefinitely great projects like crux still exist. \o/10:44
jse+ that. :P10:48
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krisik28how can i solve this problem :
krisik28i downloaded gdk-pixbuf and still i got that problem11:16
pitillokrisik28: you must put the sources in your PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR11:19
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vilepersonI'm back in menuconfig after another failed attempt, and would appreciate any guidance. It's an old SiS board with onboard everything, so lspci is short and sweet.11:47
jaegercheck which modules are in use in the 2.7 CD with lspci -k11:47
vilepersonas far as ide goes, there is the SiS 5513, with kernel module pata_sis11:49
vilepersonI'm guessing all of the modules lised need to be compiled "into" and not just added as modules?11:50
slashbeastshould be11:51
slashbeastor you will need initrd/initramfs to load it11:51
jaegerso you can try searching in menuconfig with / or just find the appropriate driver based on the descriptions11:53
vilepersonlets see... host bridge SiS 651 says its using sis-agp11:57
jaeger< >       SiS PATA support11:59
jaegerDevice Drivers -> Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers ->11:59
vilepersongot it12:00
jaegerAFK a while, I have to go shovel snow, heh12:00
vilepersonlucky you12:01
vilepersonwell I got 1 step farther. No kernel panic. Now it just reboots when lilo tries to start CRUX.12:26
pitillovileperson: did you run lilo again after updating your kernel?12:46
vilepersonpitillo: nope, hehe :(12:49
vilepersonso I just did, and I'm back to kernel panic. double fail.12:49
vilepersonI must still be missing some things, or I have just hacked this thing up so bad, it will never work12:50
pitillovileperson: can you upload somewhere your kernel config?12:51
vilepersonnot sure how I would manage that12:53
vilepersoneven If I boot the 2.7 CD and choose F5 to try to boot to /dev/sda3, where / is at, it still says it can't read it and reverts to live cd filesystem.13:08
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vilepersonIs it possible that something is ENABLED that is  causing the issue, or simply something NOT enabled yet?13:14
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vilepersonpitillo: do I need CONFIG_DEVTMPFS ?13:38
entevileperson: I guess the CD-kernel doesn't have the fs driver for /dev/sda3 compiled-in13:41
entevileperson: the CD-kernel is pretty minimalistic, you're supposed to compile your own13:41
pitillovileperson: I don't think so. If you plan to make a ramfs at boot you'll need it13:42
vilepersonente: I have. That's where I began earlier, but get kernel panic trying to boot. first install ever13:42
entewhat kind of kernel panic? "cannot mount root file system" or something like that?13:42
vilepersonpitillo: oh. I am just trying to find something in menuconfig that would make sense.13:43
vilepersonente: yes13:43
entevileperson: that sounds like your fs driver is missing13:43
pitillovileperson: have you setup fstab too?13:44
vilepersonpitillo: I uncommented eveything for EXT413:44
entevileperson: can you paste the .config in the kernel source tree on, please?13:45
vilepersonente: I don't know of a way to do that.13:46
pitillovileperson: uncommented or setup to your needs (FS and partitions)?13:46
vilepersonpitillo: let me doublecheck. (it was yesterday)13:47
entevileperson: if you have curl installed, curl -F 'content=<-' < /usr/src/linux-2.7.*/.config13:47
enteI mean 2.6 -.-13:47
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vilepersonente: done, now I'm trying to decipher a link to give you, from the output :)13:54
vilepersondoesn't appear o have worked. There is something in the output thatsays Pasting text directly has been disabled due to extensie bot problems13:57
entevileperson:, then14:07
jaegervileperson: you're definitely using ext4? can you also paste lilo.conf and /etc/fstab?14:13
vilepersonyep. sure can.14:14
jaegerhrmm, ok. don't see anything wrong with those14:18
pitilloI see something that I don't understand right14:19
pitillo14:34 < vileperson> just finished first crux installation, ever. seperate partitions for /boot, /, swap, and /home.14:19
pitillodo you have a /boot partition?14:19
jaegereven if /boot isn't in the fstab the kernel should boot14:20
pitillojaeger: good to know, thank you14:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 1.7.3 -> 1.7.514:20
vilepersonpitillo: yes I have a boot partition /dev/sda1 and it has the boot flag14:21
vilepersonsda2=swap , sda3=root , sda4=home14:21
vilepersonso when mounting prior to install and/or chrooting, I mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/14:22
vilepersonthen mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot14:23
vilepersonthen mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/home14:23
vilepersonthen swapon /dev/sda214:23
tilmanslashbeast: yeah, thanks for the hint. i'll try to fix zlib first :)14:23
tilmanslashbeast: anyway, disabling compression works for me, too. i'll only talk to the machine in the lan anyway14:23
slashbeastit is ok to file new docs on crux's wiki? If I will be bored I may write doc how to install crux gentoo way, from chroot, skiping installer.14:25
tilmanplease do it :)14:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.0.2 -> 9.0.314:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vlc: 1.1.6 -> 1.1.714:30
entewe should also have an installer that installs packages from rsync or ftp, so we only need pkgutils to bootstrap14:30
entetilman: didn't you have an ftp installer somewhere?14:31
slashbeastfor chroot's needs all what is needed is on livecd14:31
slashbeasteven staticly linked pkgadd14:31
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enteyes, but you still need to download the iso, extract it, chroot, install it, ...14:32
enteit'd be easier to download a bootstrapping setup tarball, extract it, run some script that fetches packages and be done14:32
entebut well, that's my stupid opinion :)14:33
slashbeastis there any url wher I can grap core/ content?14:33
enteslashbeast: you mean the binary packages in core? that's my point14:34
enteslashbeast: you need the iso14:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vlc: fix man dir14:35
entewhy does core have a bomb as logo? :)14:38
jaegerI think apache assumes it's a core dump14:38
entea core dump directory. stupid apache :P14:38
jaegerat some point I should reorganize that dir hierarchy but it's just a loopback mounted ISO14:39
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entegood idea14:40
slashbeastI wonder why there is no busybox in regular crux repo14:45
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entebecause busybox is configured by hand and compiled as a single file14:47
entenobody seems to need it, people use it in initrds most time14:48
enteI have one in /bin, but I built it by hand, I think14:48
jaegermy only need for it is for the ISO14:51
ente <- btw14:53
slashbeastas this is 32bit you may want add -fomit-frame-pointer to cflags14:55
enteslashbeast: it's about line 18-2215:03
enteslashbeast: also, according to gcc(1), -fomit-frame-pointer is enabled by default on -O15:04
slashbeastente: not on x86 (32bit)15:05
slashbeastI believe it is also in the man.15:05
entedidn't find it while searching with -fomit-frame-pointer15:05
slashbeast           -O also turns on -fomit-frame-pointer on machines where doing so does not15:06
slashbeast           interfere with debugging.15:06
slashbeastfomit is know to be issue if you debug code on 32bit system (x86).15:07
entewell, ok15:07
enteI'll turn it on15:07
slashbeastfor my netbook I use: CFLAGS="-Os -pipe -march=core2 -mcx16 -msahf --param l1-cache-size=24 --param l1-cache-line-size=64 --param l2-cache-size=512 -mtune=generic -fstack-protector-all"15:08
slashbeastas march=core2 -mtune=generic on <=4.4.x gcc providing best code.15:08
enteanything else?15:08
enteI'll build generic crux binary packages on that box15:09
slashbeastmarch=i686 -mtune=generic maybe?15:09
slashbeastalso you may want put LDFLAGS with as-needed to limit loaded crap on app startup15:10
enteslashbeast: -Wl,as-needed?15:10
slashbeastLDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--sort-common -Wl,--as-needed"15:11
enteah, thanks15:11
enteslashbeast: :P15:13
slashbeastcompresion mode is for docs, readme etc?15:14
thrice`nah, we don't isntall docs usually.  that's what the internet is for :)  it's for packages15:15
entefor the package15:15
vileperson just finished a complete recompile and still same error15:18
slashbeastvileperson: kernel failing?15:18
vilepersonnew install15:18
slashbeastyeah, rootfs cennot be found because of missing support for device or filesystem15:18
vilepersonthe funny thing is that it says that it cant be found on block (8,3). why wouldn't it be like (0,1) or (0,3)?15:19
slashbeastthis message is useless15:20
slashbeastis it 64bit system?15:20
slashbeastanyway, provide me your .config, lspci -v and version of kernel sources15:20
vilepersonno 64, stand by15:21
* vileperson is trying to figure out how to pipe the output of lspci -v to npaste15:25
slashbeastlspci -v | npaste?15:28
slashbeastor put it into file, lspci -v 2>&1 > foo.txt15:29
entetilman: <- I think this is appropriate... in case the system is shut down uncleanly, rsyncd refuses to start if the pidfile exists15:29
entetilman: if there's another rsyncd running, listening on that port will probably fail anyway15:29
vilepersonlspci -v =
slashbeastmaybe first check if the pid exist, then if such process is runnig? Because of careless 'start' may end really bad15:31
slashbeastif [ -f /var/run/ ]; then [ -d /proc/$(cat /var/run/ ] && echo 'process is running'; fi15:32
slashbeastsometing like it15:32
vilepersonas far as version of kernel sources goes, I used the 2.7 CD15:32
slashbeastis this sata thing?15:33
slashbeastyou should disable  ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support (DEPRECATED) as it may end with hard fail when new libata-based driver is there15:33
slashbeastand for the lord's sake, why you building storage (sata in that case) drivers as modules?15:33
enteslashbeast: ?15:33
vilepersonslashbeast: I have no idea actually15:34
slashbeastvileperson: do have /dev/sda or hda?15:34
vilepersonno sata being used, only pata. old SiS board with ide drive15:34
krisik28slashbeast: przejales kanal widze :)15:34
enteoops -.-15:34
vilepersonslashbeast: /dev/sda15:35
slashbeastkrisik28: ktoś tutaj musi wymiatać. ;-)15:35
krisik28slashbeast: :)15:35
krisik28slashbeast: i co spodobal Cisie kruks?15:36
krisik28*Ci sie15:36
krisik28cos mnie sie spacja jebie15:36
slashbeastkrisik28: I believe we should stick with english or someone will be pissed15:36
krisik28so do you like cruks?15:37
slashbeastente: I am not a fan of thing slike `< $PIDF`15:37
krisik28did you liked15:37
enteslashbeast: I'm not a fan of useless use of cat15:37
slashbeastboth will do the same15:38
slashbeast< and cat15:38
vilepersonslashbeast: the only reason I included that depriciated ATA support is because it had the SiS 5513 IDE driver15:38
vilepersonI thought I needed it15:38
slashbeastvileperson: so disable this ata deprecented crap and go to the serial ata part15:38
enteslashbeast: cat is for concatenating files15:38
enteslashbeast: well, in this case, cat would be ok, but I've seen people cat foo | grep :P15:39
krisik28vileperson: check with lspci -k what module use your hdd, in make menuconfig find it and comile it witch kernel [*]15:39
slashbeastvileperson: as you can see you have there kenrel module15:40
slashbeastpress / into menu config15:40
slashbeastand put there PATA_SIS15:40
krisik28vileperson: and remeber about filesystem to compile it to kernel not module15:40
entean alternative would be making an initrd15:40
slashbeastenable it if isnt, rebuild kernel and try boot it.15:40
entebut that's stupid15:40
vilepersono.k. i'm moving through it now15:40
enteyou sound like some sort of secret agent15:41
ente"I'm going in now, roger <krrks>"15:41
slashbeasthe is from kgb, leave him alone!15:41
vilepersonthat's my aler ego "secretperson"15:41
vilepersonslashbeast: almost everything in this Serial ATA and Parallel ATA are modules. Is that just extra crap I don't need15:44
slashbeastwell remove intel, via etc15:44
slashbeastand rest bulitin into kernel15:45
Rotwangco tu sie kurwa dzieje?15:45
slashbeastwjebalem CI sie w piaskownice.15:48
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vilepersondo I need to do "make all" ao can I just do "make"?15:50
slashbeastjust make15:50
slashbeastmake; make modules_install; deploy  bzImage15:51 is mostly useless, you don't need it.15:51
vilepersonIt always gives me an assembler warning about "shift count is out of range (32 is not between 0 and 31)"15:53
krisik28slashbeast: what kernel patches do you use?15:56
slashbeastvanilla at this moment on netbook, on laptop I use vanilla with linux-phc to undervolt core2 processor15:57
slashbeastso I can have always 2.2GHz (performance)15:57
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slashbeastnope, cfs16:00
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krisik28slashbeast: that linux-phc, what kind of processors support?16:05
slashbeastcore2 based, atoms and propably older16:05
slashbeastcheck linux-phc.org16:05
vilepersonslashbeast: thanks for your help. I gotta go. I'll let this thing keep compiling and check it tomorrow... over <krrrks>16:10
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