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prologichmmmm :)00:04
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pitillogood morning00:57
Romsterprologic, that looks nice.01:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: 20110104 -> 2011020205:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-addons: 1.32 -> 1.3305:19
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vilepersonslashbeast: jaeger ente thak you all for your help yesterday. I came back, it finished compiling, I made modules, copied bzimage, ran lilo, rebooted, and it worked. :) Now I get to have all sorts of fun.06:55
slashbeasti get you have conflict here and your hdd was hda instead of sda07:04
vilepersonThe conflict must have been in that depreciated ata crap. It is still sda though.07:09
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jaegervileperson: glad you got it working :)08:07
vilepersonjaeger: thanks. Apparently I missed some packages during instal, so now I'm trying to figure out how to mount the cd and install them.08:08
jaegershould be easy assuming you have enough packages to do the mount and pkgadd :)08:09
jaegeryou could also download packages if wget/curl work and pkgadd them08:10
vilepersonyeah i don't know. I was followingsome post install notes for making pkgmk group and user for fakeroot package adding, and apparently I don't have "makecommand"08:14
pitillovileperson: not makecommand, just fakeroot. Install fakeroot and then set it up again to use fakeroot in pkgmk's makecommand08:15
jaegerthose steps are handy but are not required to install packages if you use the root user08:16
vilepersonpitillo: O.K. I think I found the right guide.08:24
vilepersonjaeger: makes sense. In Arch I always just used the root user.08:40
Romsterit saves polluting the system of junk should you get a rouge file in the build function.08:52
slashbeastpkgmk could use something like libsandbox from gentoo08:53
slashbeastit will not allow messing with rootfs.08:53
slashbeastit use LD_PRELOAD.08:53
Romsterhmm not aware of libsandbox08:53
slashbeast grap tarball from here and check it08:54
vilepersonslashbeast: I've never messed with Gentoo. Probably would have been a good idea instead of jumping straight from Arch to CRUX08:54
slashbeastbasicly, when ebuild is trying edit filesystem, it eding with sandbox error08:54
slashbeastfrom readme: Sandbox is a library (and helper utility) to run programs in a "sandboxed"08:55
slashbeastenvironment.  This is used as a QA measure to try and prevent applications from08:56
slashbeastmodifying files they should not.08:56
jaegerwhat does it offer that fakeroot won't? I've not used gentoo in some time08:56
slashbeastfakeroot is faking root and use limited user rights08:56
Romstergentoo ebuilds mostly have huge hacky code in them... this one included.08:56
slashbeastand libsandbox just preventing from changing real filesystem, limiting access to ${S}08:57
slashbeastanyway it doing just the same thing like fakeroot but imo easier to implamente08:57
slashbeastbut I don't know if LD_PRELOAD may work on staticly linked bins08:58
vilepersonWow, everything is so different, yet it's so simillar. I love learning new stuff. :)09:01
Romsterdunno will read into that more later.09:01
vilepersonalmost gone aren't they?09:02
entevileperson: look for UNALLOCATED ;)09:04
ente <- plaintextversion09:05
vilepersoncompletely gone09:06
vilepersoncan I still put "@" in front of "net" in rc.conf to background it?09:14
vilepersonto speed up boot?09:14
pitillovileperson: you can put background process directly in the rc.d/net script (not in rc.conf directly)09:17
vilepersonwhat's the syntax for that?09:22
slashbeast& propably09:22
ente/sbin/dhcpcd whatever0 &09:26
enterc.d/net is blacklisted in /etc/pkgadd.conf anyway09:26
vilepersonente: cool thanks09:27
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slashbeastif I want rebuild all core packages, there is any fancy util to do it or should I pkgmk each package in core dir?13:38
aubic"for dir in `ls /usr/ports/core`; do cd /usr/ports/core/$dir; pkgmk; done" not fancy enough?13:46
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slashbeastI though something like prt-get rebuild core13:48
aubicdo you only want to rebuild them, not reinstall?13:50
slashbeastwell I think I may want prepare pre-optimized core set what I will later use for bootstrap13:51
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vilepersonI've been searching through the ports and was wondering if there is one maintaned for "screen" that has the vertical split patch applied to it, or do I have to download the source and do it myself?15:55
teK_there's no other screen port than the one in opt. You could use tmux which can do that ootb15:56
slashbeastyou may want try dvtm15:58
slashbeastand use it with screen or dtach15:58
vilepersono.k. I will look into those. I just recently fell in love with using screen-vs from the aur on Arch. It'll be hard to break up with her.15:59
jseIt isn't difficult to create your own port of screen with the vertical split patch.16:01
vilepersonjse: yeah, I'm still leaning towards doing that.16:02
jsevileperson: hehe.16:03
jseYou've probably noticed this distro has a lot less phrills than arch. :P16:04
jseRight... that was f, not ph.16:04
vilepersonjse: yes, but if I'm going to learn, frills are more or less crutches... at least that's what I keep telling myself.16:05
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andariussalutations and waffles18:30
entewaffles and andariuses19:10
prologicI hate registrars that don't give you full control over a domain name19:15
entewhich registrar do you use?19:16
entewhere did you buy your domain19:16
enteI seem to be tired19:17
enteI can recommend inwx19:17
prologicoh I have a very good registrar that I use and resell for19:17
prologicbut one of my clients has a domain with enetica (au)19:17
prologictheir control panel sucks ass19:17
prologiccan only add A records19:17
prologicso I'll get it transfrred to me19:18
prologicand re-delgate the ns(es)19:18
enteprologic: I read you're back on the boat :)19:19
prologictrying to be - yes :)19:20
Romsterslashbeast, cd /usr/ports/core ; sudo prt-get update -fr `ls`19:37
enteor * for that matter19:39
Romsterterminator is another one you can split vertically and horizontally19:39
entejse: tmux > screen with whateverpatch19:40
enteoh, I thought nobody had mentioned tmux19:41
enteanyway, I believe a terminal shouldn't do window management19:41
prologicit's just wrong :)19:43
prologichowever what would be cool is GTK without Xorg :)19:43
prologicit's still Xorg though :)19:46
enteGTK works fine without Xorg19:49
entesee windows19:49
enteI believe they are working on a wayland port19:49
prologicwayland ?19:50
prologicbasically I'm saying ... Xorg sucks :)19:50
prologicbut we have nothing better :/19:50
entenot sure wayland is better yet19:53
entenot yet sure wayland is better*19:53
entecanonical wants to switch to wayland in about a year19:53
enteright after they finish their unity stuff19:53
* prologic looks up wayland19:54
entefor increased performance of their compositing stuff19:54
enteI say, X is actually not that bad after all19:54
prologicUbuntu and Fedora are the two most popular Linux distributions.[15]19:55
prologicwhat a crock of crap19:56
prologicwayland sounds good according to the wikipedia artcle19:56
enteit's true19:58
entethey are popular as in "hip" :P19:58
enteprologic: wayland =
Romstersomeone did start a Y but it never got very far.20:04
Romsterbbl work20:04
ente <- gurgh20:04
entehow would openbsd be "independent"?20:04
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