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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: x264: 20101114 -> 2011020607:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdvdread: 20101030 -> 2011020607:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdvdnav: 20101030 -> 2011020607:03
RomsterEvil_Bob, you forgot a few to bump :D ^ though i forget your list url to check what else needs doing. need to figure out warsow it's got problems.07:07
Evil_Bobheh i know i left out alot :D07:12
Evil_Bobthis was the list its probably outdated now :D07:12
Evil_Bobii 1.6 has been released very recently07:12
Romsteri remember a few i haven't bumped yet.07:13
Romsterjust needed to see that list to remind myself.07:14
Evil_Bobi also did a test by checking archlinux ABS against crux ports, interested in that list ? :)07:15
Evil_Bob(i know crux is more focused on stable versions though, so its often not correct :))07:15
RomsterABS please enlighten me on that.....07:16
Romsterwell i do some unstable stuff of my own.07:16
Romsteri'd take a look at it.07:16
Evil_BobArch Build System, basicly ports tree for archlinux :)07:17
Evil_Bobits 2 days ago i generated that log, so its not 100% up-to-date, and ofcourse not very accurate :)07:19
Romsterah right i forgot that abbreviation07:21
Romsterso your comparing contrib to arch's current versions.07:21
Romsterjack-1.9.4 -> 0.118.007:22
Romsteryou will find with that one that jacka nd jack-audio-connection-kit are not the same branch. though they may choose the jack name as it's shorter.07:22
Romsterjack and*07:22
Romster[contrib] libnetfilter_conntrack-0.9.0 -> 0.0.102 <- arch should really bump that.07:24
Evil_Bobyeah, again its an generated log, initially a test for myself :D07:24
Evil_Bobi filtered the versions to show the "out-of-date" versions07:25
Evil_Bobunfiltered one shows crux has more up-to-date core and opt packages generally07:25
Romstermakes sense contrib seems to get neglected07:28
Romsteri at least try to make sure things work.07:28
Romsteri know a few are broken but not many use them so i've put off fixing those.07:28
Evil_Bobyeah im not blaming anyone btw, just trying to help :)07:29
Evil_Bobimho its best to remove known broken ones07:29
Romsteri don't mind the help to point out what needs bumping.07:31
Evil_Bobok cool :)07:32
Romsteri just wish the others would be more vigilant in checking there ports07:40
slashbeastwhere should I set LOCALE and LC_ALL in crux?07:47
Romsteryou don't set LC_ALL07:51
slashbeasthey, expat pkg is broken07:51
slashbeastoops, nope, this is my system variable fault.07:51
Romsterthat's a over ride for command line use.07:51
slashbeast$TMPDIR is set to /root/tmp07:51
Romsterslashbeast, are you only trying CRUX because you saw me say I use CRUX in the lvm channel?07:52
slashbeastRomster: yeah.07:52
Romsterthought as much.07:52
slashbeastI use gentoo for many years so crux is not hard for me.07:52
Romsterbut your a funtoo dev?07:52
slashbeastyeah, funtoo is gentoo fork.07:52
Romsteryeah i'm aware of that07:53
slashbeastcrux is raw, without many useless things07:53
slashbeastso I am give it a try07:54
Romsteri try to only include useful stuff.07:57
slashbeastsudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied07:57
slashbeastsudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting07:57
slashbeastsomehow interesing.07:57
Romsterif i'm missing something that i may be interested in let me know.07:57
Romsteri've not seen that message in sudo before.07:57
slashbeastany idea what's wrong with sudo?07:58
Romsterdid you add a user to it or put yourself in the wheel group?07:58
slashbeast I am following this.07:58
slashbeastas a root I should be able do it.07:58
slashbeastI mean, sudo -u user07:59
pitilloslashbeast: did you setup sudo to allow the wheel group or your users there?08:00
slashbeastroot ALL=(ALL) ALL and I am a root.08:00
Romsterif your root you don't need sudo.08:01
pitilloslashbeast: and for the user you are using there?08:01
slashbeastpitillo: dude, even plain 'sudo' does not work08:01
slashbeastbash-4.1# whoami08:01
slashbeastbash-4.1# sudo08:01
slashbeastsudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied08:01
slashbeastsudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quittin08:01
slashbeastsudo can't read sudoers, this is odd.08:01
slashbeastI will install strace and chcek wth08:02
pitilloslashbeast: which permissions has sudoers?08:02
slashbeast440 root:root08:03
pitilloit seems fine08:03
slashbeastbash-4.1# strace sudo 2>&1 |grep -i perm08:03
slashbeastopen("/etc/sudoers", O_RDONLY)          = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)08:03
slashbeastwrite(2, "Permission denied", 17Permission denied)       = 1708:03
Romsteris this in a chroot?08:04
slashbeastyes sir.08:04
Romsterfakeroot probably is interfering here.08:04
slashbeastI am not in fakeroot I think08:04
Romsteri haven't used sudo in fakeroot.08:05
slashbeasttomoyo crux-chroot # chroot . /bin/bash08:05
slashbeastbash-4.1# sudo08:05
slashbeastsudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied08:05
Romsterah chroot not fakeroot...08:05
Romsterbeats me...08:05
Romstersudo works ok in my chroot.08:06
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slashbeastknow issue on google anyway08:08
slashbeastbash-4.1# useradd -m -g users -s /bin/sh test08:11
slashbeastbash-4.1# su test08:11
slashbeastCannot execute /bin/sh: Permission denied08:11
slashbeastthis is interesing08:11
slashbeastcurx does not use linux-pam?08:12
tilmanno by default08:13
slashbeastwhatever want switch user, it failing, su, sudo, etc08:17
Romsterthat is really strange that all works fine here.08:22
tilmanslashbeast: is tomoyo interfering? :p08:23
slashbeasttilman: dunno, even if I do 'env -i chroot /root/tmp/crux-chroot /bin/bash' it failing08:23
tilmancan you disable tomoyo and try again?08:24
tilmanor tell tomoyo to allow everything?08:24
slashbeastthis is not TOmoto linux - security framework08:24
slashbeastthis is my hostname.08:24
slashbeastbash-4.1# /bin/chmod 1775 /08:26
slashbeastbash-4.1# sudo08:26
slashbeastusage: sudo -h | -K | -k | -L | -V08:26
slashbeastfuck yeah.08:26
slashbeastsolution found on MacOS forum.08:27
slashbeastas I am paranoid my umask is 077 so $TMP/crux-chroot was 70008:27
tilmanah, nice08:28
Romsteroh that's interesting...08:28
slashbeastfor the same reason /usr/ports isn't worldredable so pkgmk as regular user failing.08:29
entewhy the 1?08:29
enteI have 755 and it works08:29
slashbeastI had 070008:30
enteyes, that's a bit paranoid :)08:30
slashbeastgood umask is good.08:30
entestill, sticky bit doesn't sound appropriate for /08:30
slashbeastcrux need much love but I may like it.08:31
slashbeastcommunity seen to be really small so there is no much help on google.08:31
tilmanau contraire08:32
enteyep, on the other hand, we have a really helpful channel and a really helpful mailing list08:32
tilmancrux is kind of a generic linux system08:32
tilmanand the crux-specific 'parts' you can easily find help for right here ;)08:33
entethe only OS I have seen people being as helpful as on CRUX is NetBSD08:33
slashbeastok, so I am not aware of non-pam system.08:33
tilmanand those parts are really small imo08:33
slashbeastwhat are the main diffs between pam and non-pam auth?08:33
slashbeastbeside pam_* modules?08:33
tilmannon-pam = bare bones08:33
entethere is a linux-pam port in some ports collection, I think08:33
tilmanno fancy ldap/sql based auth ;)08:33
tilmanyeha, inc torbi08:33
tilman(in contrib)08:33
slashbeastshadow looks like crap08:34
tilmanente: nice to hear btw08:34
slashbeastwhat algorithm it use?08:34
slashbeastwith pam you may use sha51208:34
tilmanmd5 iirc08:34
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep -i md5 /etc/login.defs08:34
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >08:34
slashbeastnope, this is not md5.08:34
enteI think you can change it08:34
slashbeastI think.08:34
slashbeastente: well, the question is - where? Since it is not pam, then what?08:34
enteit is salted in some way08:35
enteI think it uses crypt(3) internally, that's why it doesn't look like an md5 sum08:35
tilmanslashbeast: uh, i just referred you to login.defs08:35
enteaccording to crypt(3), there is support for MD5, Blowfish (which seems not to be in vanilla glibc), SHA-256 and SHA-51208:36
slashbeasttilman: can I check from what package is login.defs?08:36
tilmanpkginfo -o login.defs08:36
tilman(o = owner)08:36
enteMD5 being the most portable one, so if you plan on sharing /etc/shadown with other machines, you probably want MD508:36
slashbeastmany thanks08:36
entenote that salted MD5 is secure enough to store passwords08:36
slashbeastente: this is far from being secure.08:37
slashbeasttoday when you can use cell or nvidia's gpus to crack passwords, md5 is really crap.08:37
entesalted MD5 can not be easily cryptograpically broken08:37
slashbeastand yes, I am paranoid08:37
slashbeastdepends on salt08:37
enteyes, plain MD5 is crap, but if you use a salted hash, it raises the security08:37
entethen use SHA512 :P08:38
slashbeastI will08:38
Romsteryet we still use md5 sums for ports.08:39
Romsteri'm using sha256 for my ports stuff.08:40
slashbeastRomster: do you have your ports publicly somewhere on better connection?08:40
Romstersalted md5 in shadow is different though.08:40
Romsterslashbeast, i do have a somewhat older sync on
enteopenssl passwd overrides passwd(1)08:41
entethis is stupid08:41
Romster sorry.08:41
slashbeastwould be useful if you could kept it public, maybe on github?08:42
Romsterit is public now..08:42
slashbeastlast mod 23-Jan-201008:42
Romsteri said that's a bit out of date sync....08:43
Romster is my main one that's always current.08:43
entetilman: btw, what's nice to hear?08:44
Romsteri'm a bit lazy on a few things... so many things to sort out.08:44
tilmanente: crux community being helpful08:44
enteit's true :)08:45
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slashbeastRomster: can you make .dotfiles visable in your apache?09:18
slashbeastso I could use wget --mirror to grap your packages09:18
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slashbeastI am looking at /etc/rc and i wonder09:24
slashbeastwhy it remount 2x rootfs into rw?09:24
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slashbeastwho is author of rc scripts? I would like talk with him. ;p09:28
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Rotwangslashbeast: send mail to crux-dev ML10:18
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jseslashbeast: I'm assuming per liden wrote much of those rc scripts.10:58
jseThey get small updates when there's a clear need for it.10:59
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frinnsti have a faint memory regarding the x2 remount. there was some issue that required it iirc11:05
entethere's some issue with udev11:07
entebut that might be unrelated11:07
enteI remember the /sys thing on the ml\11:07
jseYeah it definitely was some udev and /sys remount problem not too long ago.11:08
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tilmananyone around who's good with c?11:14
jueit's quite simple, we need the second remount to get a entry in /etc/mtab11:18
jueIIRC, we discussed that already lately ;)11:20
slashbeastmaybe use grep to get entry instead of remount?11:21
slashbeastegrep '^/sys' >> /etc/mtab11:21
slashbeastegrep '^/sys' /proc/mounts >> /etc/mtab11:21
jueand what's better with that?11:21
slashbeastyou just writting /sys to mtab instead of remounting sys.11:22
juewell, you know that's not the same11:23
slashbeastif the issue is missing entry in mtab, just add it there.11:24
juesometimes we will replace /etc/mtab with a symlink to /proc/mounts11:25
juebut currently that's an ongoing discussion in util-linux-ng11:26
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entetilman: good is relative :P11:35
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* Evil_Bob kills a kitten11:41
jueanyone tested the mysql 5.5.x port from my private repo?11:45
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slashbeastRomster: I see you did port for cromfs, did you tested squashfs-lzma?12:24
slashbeastRomster: also with lzma, also read-only.12:24
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frinnstteK_: do you plan to use the 1.0rc4 release in the mplayer port?14:42
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enterelease candidate :P14:54
* slashbeast use mplayer-uau (mplayer-build.git)14:58
slashbeastmplayer with multi threading, withsupport for ordered chapters in mkv and more.14:58
slashbeastwith it I can watch 1080p h264 on my intel atom-based netbook.14:58
jaegerI've been using xbmc with vdpau support for that, works well on the atom :)15:02
jaegerwith BFS, though I doubt that's making a significant difference15:03
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slashbeastsadly, I have ion215:07
slashbeastand I can't use it, vgaswitcheroo does not work atm.15:07
frinnstslashbeast: is there a port somewhere?15:08
slashbeastI don't think so.15:10
enteion2? :P15:12
entethat must be prehistoric ;)15:12
slashbeastnvidia ion 215:13
frinnsti struggle with 1080p on my core2quad, might give it a go15:13
slashbeastgeforece 218M15:13
slashbeast512M ddr315:13
jaegerin terms of computer hardware, if it's more than 2-3 months old it probably is prehistoric, heh15:13
enteslashbeast: I was kidding15:13
enteslashbeast: and referring to tuomov's ion windowmanager15:14
entejaeger: yes15:14
entejaeger: it's sad, actually15:14
entecomputing is the best example for our throw-away-society15:15
jaegeron the other hand computing advances many other facets of life15:15
jaegerwin some, lose some15:15
frinnstlol, 875 lines.. gentoo's ebuilds are soooo clean15:15
enteI'm packaging xrdp for pkgsrc right now15:17
enteeven less duplication than crux' ports :P15:18
slashbeastfrinnst: to cover everything, it have to be as is15:18
slashbeastit could be better, but isnt terrible15:18
entejaeger: well... I still use my pre-prehistoric dinosaur hardware15:20
entemy oldest part is my model m though :D15:20
jaegerI have a sparc LX in my closet that I sometimes pull out and boot up, hehe15:20
enteI wonder what our kids will think when they stand in front of this enormous pile of garbage we left for them15:22
Evil_Bobi have an AMD K6 next to me :)15:23
enteEvil_Bob: so do I15:23
enteand a pentium MMX15:23
enteand a pentium 315:23
enteand a pentium 4, pentium m, atom15:23
jaegerall that stuff smokes my Sparc LX15:24
enteyep :)15:24
jaegerIt's *maxed* out with 96M RAM and 1M VRAM :)15:24
frinnsti recently threw out a ppro running sco unix15:24
Evil_Bobi have a AMD DX2 66mhz processor as a souvenir in my case too :D15:24
entewe have a ultrasparc 1 at uni, it still does DHCP :)15:24
entenobody upgraded it in about 3 years though15:24
slashbeastanyone use broadcom wl driver on crux?15:24
jaegerif it isn't broken...15:24
enteyeah, sure :)15:25
entejaeger: still, I'll eventually have to upgrade all these freebsd 6.2 machines ;)15:25
jaegereventually =)15:26
enteit's a joy, because pre-8.0-freebsd allowed you to run your system with screwed-up BSD-labels15:26
enteand 8.x doesn't15:26
enteso our backup server's disklabels are screwed15:26
enteand there are about 1.8 TB backups on it15:26
jaegerhrmm, I wonder what my LX runs... probably openbsd 3.7 or so15:26
jaegerbeen a while since I pulled it out15:26
jaeger <--- probably 3.9 since I think I updated that doc for my install15:27
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Romsterslashbeast, cd /etc/ports/ && sudo wget && ports -u romster , why should i need to show dot files when we have a sync tool already.15:57
Romsteroff to work later16:02
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tilmanwtf am i doing awake18:54
entetilman: that's my question every morning at 6 :P18:56
enteI need to get a normal sleeping rhythm18:58
enteand a PS/2 adapter that doesn't reset my keyboard all the time18:58
entethen I'll be happy. maybe.18:59
tilmani'm trying to speed up zlib by writing some arm assembler19:01
tilmanpretty interesting19:01
tilmanhaving trouble letting it go :p19:01
tilmanbut i _really_ need to crash now :P19:03
entetilman: night :)19:04
enteand yup, sounds interesting19:04
enteI'm still packaging xrdp19:04
enteand now my other box crashed19:04
enteso I can have fun recovering where I even stopped19:04
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Romsterwhos mirroring my site is that you slashbeast19:32
Romsteri did say to use the httpup file.19:34
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TheBeastI got crux to run on EC222:29
TheBeastkinda fun22:29
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