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pitillogood morning01:03
slashbeastRomster: I did nothing.01:58
slashbeastRomster: whoever riping your site, its not me.01:58
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mwolfHi Hapsbanan02:32
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mwolfHi Tomss02:34
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mwolfHi LarsM02:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: minicom: updated to 2.504:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: bash-completion: updated to 1.304:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sharutils: updated to 4.1104:23
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Romsterslashbeast, ah well i thought it might of been you, not too worried.05:13
Romsterjust was rather inefficient whoever did it.05:13
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Rotwang_anyone around?07:16
Romstermaybe :D07:16
Rotwang_I've got question regarding X server and x through network07:17
Rotwang_so x server listens on tcp port07:17
Rotwang_how can i use that07:17
Rotwang_can i run clients without local server?07:17
Rotwang_the problem is I've got a thinclient with debian07:19
Rotwang_i'd like to run graphical apps on it07:20
Rotwang_but it's performance is poor07:20
slashbeastmaybe ssh with x forward07:21
Romsterx11vnc ?07:21
Romsterwith a client to connect to it.07:22
slashbeastrun remote x app and display it local07:22
Rotwang_yeah vnc seems to be good idea07:24
jaegerprologic: just saw your mail, welcome back. :)08:21
jaegerRotwang_: vnc should work but you might find that x by itself performs better, not sure08:26
TheBeasttry freenx08:32
jaegerDoes FreeNX or NoMachine really make much of a difference? I haven't used it, just curious08:33
Rotwang_jaeger: what you mean by "x by itself"08:37
Rotwang_I would like my x apps to be executed by server ona remote machine08:38
Rotwang_and my thin client to show them only08:38
Rotwang_any pointers appreciated08:38
jaegerRotwang_: I mean without vnc. you can run X apps over the network without vnc08:40
jaegerRotwang_: the easiest way is probably ssh08:40
jaegerssh -X -l user server, then run your X app on the server08:41
jaegerI use "ssh -XC -l user -c arcfour,blowfish-cbc server", seems to be the best speed I can get for X apps08:41
jaegerover a gigabit network08:41
Rotwang_jaeger: is it going to be faster than vnc?08:43
jaegerI'm tempted to try FreeNX now, though, after reading a bit about it08:43
jaegerRotwang_: not sure but I would guess yes, VNC seems pretty clunky to me08:43
Rotwang_is it possible to run window manager through ssh?08:44
Rotwang_freenx looks nice too08:48
enteVNC and RDP is what I'm working on right now09:33
enteRotwang_: and yes, that's possible09:33
entenote that RDP is not only remote framebuffer09:34
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vilepersonthanks for your help theother day. Screen patched, compiled, and installed perfectly.10:11
entevileperson: try tmux10:11
vilepersonente: your not going to let me get away without trying tmux, are you :)10:12
enteit's simple: it's better than screen10:12
vilepersonente: ... building it now10:14
entewhen you switch windows in screen, there is a slight dely10:15
entenot at all in tmux10:15
vilepersonente: now I've got some new keybindings to learn10:19
enteor change them10:21
entewhich is easy in tmux, because .tmux.conf is not as broken as .screenrc10:21
Evil_Bob_vileperson: you can set the keybinds to be like screen10:21
enteand features consistent command names in the rc file, the command line and :commands10:22
ente <- here's mine, btw10:22
enteit's a bit outdated10:22
entemy new prefix is `10:22
* Evil_Bob_ bookmarks10:23
Evil_Bob_might steal some stuff, it looks nice :)10:23
enteEvil_Bob_: <- there you have some version history as well. use RCS to check them out :P10:29
jueindeed, tmux is very nice, I'm using it for a long time now and never looked back to screen10:30
jseente: RCS ftw haha.10:43
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vilepersonente: Thanks. Looks like I'm gonna like it.11:27
Evil_Bob_the tiling mode in tmux is also kinda nice11:34
enteit's one of the features I don't use11:45
entebecause I dislike the wm-in-a-wm-philosophy11:45
Evil_Bob_yeah true11:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mc: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libaio: initial release11:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] mysql: update to 5.5.911:52
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vilepersonI keep getting no such file or directory when trying to creat a package with prt-get. It keeps breaking cd $name-$version. Do I have to manually create a directory for the build? What am I missing?13:53
vilepersonI've placed the Pkgfile in /usr/ports/vileperson/name-of-package/ and added a line to prt-get.conf for that dir.13:55
jueuse either 'prtdir /usr/ports/vileperson:name-of-package' or 'prtdir /usr/ports/vileperson'13:59
vilepersonI'm currently using prtdir /us/ports/vileperson14:09
thrice`vileperson, which package?  'build'  will automatically use bsdar on the archieve, and typically $name-$version  is how the source tarball will look like after it is extracted, but not always14:10
pitillovileperson: do you have fakeroot installed?14:17
vilepersonpitillo: yes, and I've used it on opt and contrib packages already14:18
thrice`vileperson, that creates "fbterm-1.7"14:19
thrice`so, cd $name-1.7   instead :)14:19
vilepersonthrice`: "cd fbterm-1.7: no such file or directory14:22
vilepersonI'm wondering if I skipped something in setting up the ports dir for vileperson14:28
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vilepersonwhen I patched screen, I had to leave it under /ports/opt/ I kept running into the same problem.14:31
thrice`vileperson, I still don't understand what you are trying to do :(  you create a /usr/ports/vileperson/fbterm  Pkgfile, added prtdir /usr/ports/vileperson  to /etc/prt-get.conf, and trying 'prt-get depinst fbterm' ?14:36
vilepersonyes. prt-get install fbterm14:37
juevileperson: would be helpful if you paste your Pkgfile somewhere, and what happens if you use plain pkgmk instead of prt-get?14:38
thrice`ok, can you maybe do some pastebin'ing ?  stuff like "cat /etc/prt-get.conf" , "cat /usr/ports/vileperson/fbterm/Pkgfile" , "prt-get install fbterm" ?14:38 <---prt-get.conf14:46 <---Pkfile14:48
vilepersonjue: pkgmk -d yeilds the same output. cd fbterm-1.7: no such file or directory14:57
juevileperson: s/sources/source/ ;)15:00
slashbeastvileperson: maybe tarball have different structure?15:01
slashbeastadd before cd: pwd && ls -l15:01
slashbeastor even better, pwd && ls -l && exit 115:01
teK_frinnst: as son as I get to update.15:02
thrice`vileperson, what jue is saying, is that it is "source" , not "sources" :-)  that is why you have a failure - it's not downloading the source tarball15:05
vilepersonjue: thrice` thanks, man I feel stupid.15:08
vilepersonlooks like I've got some dependancy issues, too, but that's for me to figure out.15:14
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SegF4ulthey guys ^_^17:17
SegF4ultI have a question regarding the use of initrd images, how would I go about setting one up?17:21
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entecreate a tree and put everything you want to put into your initrd into that tree, setup a script that runs in your preferred shell, loads the modules you need, does other fancy initialisation stuff and then switches the root directory17:47
enteand then cpio and compress everything17:47
enteI'd say the easiest way would be a statically linked busybox17:48
entetheoretically you can put your entire system into an initrd :P17:49
SegF4ultthat's where I got so far... except, this is my first time building a kernel so.. which modules I need 'exactly' is quite hard to determine at this point17:50
enteI don't have an initrd at all17:51
enteI'm happy it is that way :P17:51
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SegF4ultmy kernel kinda refuses to boot at this point17:51
enteSegF4ult: are you installing crux for the first time and not planning to have / on a lvm partition or encrypted?17:52
SegF4ultI don't even want lvm :P17:52
ente"kernel refuses to build" is rather unspecific, sorry17:52
SegF4ultI know it's unspecific17:52
SegF4ultand my kernel *is* built17:52
entemaybe you forgot something?17:53
SegF4ultI may have forgotten a tiny little thing17:53
SegF4ult"Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"17:53
entedo you have append root=/dev/foo of some sort?17:54
SegF4ultI'm using grub, so yes, I append root=/dev/disk/by-label/ROOT17:54
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entehm... maybe your kernel is missing your FS driver?17:56
enteor SATA driver or something like that17:56
SegF4ultit's compiled as a module.. should I recompile with it built-in?17:56
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SegF4ultthat's where it went wrong xD17:56
enteyeah :)17:56
enteI made the same mistake when I did it the first time17:57
andariussalutations and waffles17:57
ente\o/ andarius17:57
enteeveryone loves you because of your waffles :P17:57
andariusI love me for my waffles also, so I understand ;)17:58
SegF4ultI actually found Crux through Linux Format, wanted to give it a try :B17:58
SegF4ultrecompiling, hope it works18:02
aubic"2010-04-17: Announcing downtime for hardware maintenance"18:05
aubicthis is burned into my brains forever18:05
SegF4ultlol, how so?18:05
aubicit's on the site18:06
enteLinux Format?18:06 :)18:07
enteSegF4ult: what is Linux Format?18:07
enteaubic: why is it burnt into your brain?18:07
andarius <-- is actualy a decent read from time to time18:08
andariushard to find here18:08
aubicente: always see it when i go to crux.nu18:08
SegF4ulthm.. still unable to mount root fs on unknown block18:09
SegF4ultente, it's like andarius said, quite a decent magazine from time to time18:09
enteaubic: I rarely go to directly18:09
enteSegF4ult: if it mentions crux, it must be decent ;)18:10
enteaubic: mostly and and
aubicit's /portdb for me almost all the time, but i don't know the other stuff's link18:11
SegF4ultente: hahaha, maybe, for now I just want to get my Crux install working :P18:11
enteSegF4ult: do you have a link to the page?18:11
SegF4ultente: I have a physical paper magazine here ^^;18:11
thrice`compiling a kernel was the toughest part for me, when I moved to crux too18:12
aubicthat's where you got your name from?18:12
SegF4ultoh well, it's already late ^_^ I'll see you guys at a later time18:27
enteand there he goes and never returns :P18:28
enteSegF4ult: good night :)18:28
SegF4ultnever returns?18:28
SegF4ulthave a good one guys ;)18:28
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