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pitillogood morning00:53
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prologic <--- this is really weird02:48
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vilepersonwould anyone care to help me find the correct module for my onboard audio?09:22 <--- lspci -k09:23
Evil_Bobrandom guess:
vilepersonI'm pretty sure I have the modules built into my kernel, but I think I have conflicting ones as well, maybee. I will post my menuconfig as soon as I remember how.09:25
Evil_Bobvileperson: .config in your linux source directory or zcat /proc/config.gz09:26
jaegeryeah, that should be intel8x009:27
vilepersonEvil_Bob: ahh09:27
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Evil_Bobseems like you have it enabled (if that is the correct module)09:33
vilepersonit looks like I've got intel8x0 built in, could it be related to one of my bus controllers?09:33
jaegerperhaps intel8x0m and intel8x0 don't play nicely together? total guess09:34
Evil_Bobvileperson: is the card visible in alsamixer or w/e ?09:34
jaegeror in 'cat /proc/asound/cards'09:34
vilepersonEvil_Bob: alsamixer won't start. cannot open mixer: No such file or directory09:35
* ente wonders, looking back, how he made his usb soundcard work09:35
enteI need to start writing shit down09:36
vilepersonproc/asoundcards = no soundcards09:36
entelooks like the driver is either missing or not loaded09:38
Evil_Bobprobably a typo, but its /proc/asound/cards09:38
jaegervileperson: how about 'dmesg | grep -i 8x0' ?09:38
vilepersonEvil_Bob: yes typo09:39
vilepersonjaeger: dmesg = nothing09:39
jaegerhrmm, interesting09:40
vileperson'dmesg | grep -i sound' yeilds Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.23. No soundcards found.09:42
jaegeralso interesting09:42
jaegernot sure what to tell you there, haven't seen that09:43
vilepersonjaeger: and of course it worked in distros that do the work for me09:43
Evil_Bobvileperson: you could copy the output of lsmod when using those other distros09:46
jaegerMy guess is you have more stuff in the config than is necessary but not sure09:46
vilepersonmy pci to pci bridge, isa bridge, and smbus controller, do not appear to modules in use either. I think that might have something to do with it.09:46
vilepersonEvil_Bob: maybe I will live boot something and do that.09:47
jaegerthen again it looks like I'm wrong, checking out a virtualbox config I have around09:47
vilepersonjaeger: about the 8x0 and the 8x0m?09:48
jaegerwell, I'm still not sure about that but drivers usually don't cause conflicts09:49
jaegerfor reference, here's a config I use in virtualbox:
vilepersonjaeger: thanks. that will come in handy10:03
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ente hidden gems on twitter10:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.6210:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lvm2: update to 2.02.8310:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_perl: update to 2.0.510:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: squid: update to 3.1.1110:51
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vilepersonO.K. I am officially the biggist idiot you folks have ever seen in here...13:51
vileperson*biggest lol13:51
Evil_Bobwhat was the solution ? didnt unmute sound heh? :P13:52
vilepersonall that troubleshooting to get my soundcard recognized, I was forgetting to copy my new image over after recompiling. I was running on the original image with no support.13:53
Evil_Bobheh, did the intel8x0 module work for you ?13:53
vilepersonthe one that shows now is INTEL ICH13:55
vilepersonI'm still trying trying to test it, but I did get static with 'aplay some_song.mp3' (don't have mp3 codec yet)13:56
tilmanaplay cannot decode mp3s13:57
tilmanyou want mpg12313:58
jaegervileperson: sadly I was thinking about asking if you were SURE you had the right kernel image installed13:58
jaegerI thought for sure you had, heh13:58
jaegerso I didn't ask13:58
entevileperson: I think alsaconfig plays some music13:58
vilepersonjaeger: total picnic13:58
enteor some beeps13:59
jaegervileperson: we all have those14:00
vilepersonente: actually alsaconf says no drivers still, but alsamixer runs now14:01
vilepersontilman: what about if I want to run mpd with ncmpcpp, I will need a codec, right?14:02
Evil_Bobcat /dev/random > /dev/dsp :)14:03
Evil_Bobdsp isnt always present though, i think it requires OSS compatibility14:04
vilepersonEvil_Bob: you just totally lost me :)14:04
jaegervileperson: that command would pipe random data to the sound devices14:04
jaegerer, device14:04
jaegermake static, basically14:04
jaegerit's a nice simple test if sound works14:05
Evil_Boband make your head explode :)14:05
jaegerIt's not bad if you don't have your volume too loud :)14:05
vilepersonhmm... doesn't appear to be working. I did hear static from aplay though...14:08
vilepersonmpg123 is working, though. good call tilman14:10
tilmanaplay will either try to decode the mp3 as a wave file _or_ it will just assume it's a s16-2-44100 raw audio file14:11
tilmaneither way, you'll get only crap :D14:11
vilepersonwhat about ncmpcpp? should I just use ncmpc from /ports/opt ?14:12
vilepersonor /ports/contrib, actually14:13
slashbeastncmpc != ncmpcpp14:14
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vilepersonslashbeast: true, ports search came up blank for ncmpcpp14:17
vilepersonor build ncmpcpp myself?14:19
slashbeastwrite pkg for it14:19
slashbeastand push to contrib repo14:19
aubicthere is an ncmpcpp port14:23
aubicoutdated though14:24
vilepersonslashbeast: I guess that could be my little slice of giving back, huh?14:25
enteI like dd if=/dev/hdaN of=/dev/dsp, btw :P14:34
aubicoh wow!14:37
aubici only ever listened to /dev/urandom14:37
aubicbut this is sort of like music14:37
vilepersonI don't like the idea of typing anything I don't understand that starts with dd ;)14:40
enteaubic: yes14:41
entevileperson: then don't14:41
frinnstpeople still use hdN ?14:41
enteat least my kernel does14:42
enteI don't have sata, so...14:42
frinnsti thought most(all) drivers had been ported to libata14:42
entewell, yes14:42
entebut it doesn't matter for me :P14:42
slashbeastente: old ata support will be removed soon propably14:46
slashbeastso better switch to libata.14:47
entewill probably do it as soon as I upgrade my kernel14:54
enteLinux heilagr #5 Wed Jan 12 23:11:21 CET 2011 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux14:54
enteI don't see too many reasons to do it though14:54
entemy system runs, and I'm happy with performance14:55
enteit's also about 10 years old, so I don't benefit from new drivers which are not yet in
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ncrfgshi all15:56
ncrfgsis there any way to switch between resolutions other than <Ctrl+Alt+Plus and Minus> in
tilmanxrandr --output foo --mode bar15:57
ncrfgsgrymt, tack15:58
* tilman rolls eyes16:00
ncrfgsmmm I tried with 'xrandr --output 0.0 --mode "1024x768_0.0"' (there is a modeline by that name under Monitor in xorg.conf)16:03
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ncrfgsbut nothing happens, the screen flickers for a fraction of second but nothing else16:03
tilmandon't use modelines16:03
tilmanuse the modes that "xrandr" shows you16:03
slashbeasttry lxrandr16:04
slashbeastgtk2 frontend for xrandr16:04
ncrfgshere's what I get (may I paste here?)16:05
ncrfgsor want me to use pastelisp?16:05
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Evil_Bobuse pastebin or pastelisp or a similar tool :)16:07
Rotwanglxrandr is crap16:08
slashbeasthow so?16:09
Rotwangit is16:09
slashbeastwhat making it a crap?16:09
Rotwanghave you ever used it?16:09
slashbeastofc, from time to time when I connect external monitor16:09
Evil_Bobtilman: seen it, but its so awesome, love arpeggio mode he shows :)16:11
tilmanncrfgs: use --output DVI-A_116:12
tilman"foo connected", "foo disconnected" are your outputs ;)16:12
ncrfgsawesome, it works16:16
ncrfgsis there any way to make it the default?16:16
ncrfgsregardless of how I configure xorg.conf16:17
ncrfgsit always seems to choose 1240x1080 as default16:17
tilmanthat's probably the "preferred" mode16:17
tilmanone of the modes stored in EDID has the 'preferred' bit..16:17
tilmanusually it's the native/best mode for the display ;)16:18
ncrfgshow can I override it?16:18
tilmanthe preferred mode is the one with the + next to it16:19
ncrfgs* you mean?16:19
tilmanman xrandr16:19
tilman* is the currently active mode16:19
ncrfgsthere isn't any with +attached next to it16:20
tilmanmaybe broken EDID data or something...16:20
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frinnstcute quitmsg aubic :)16:59
aubicrecompiled my kernel, now i have in-kernel msn messenger support17:09
ncrfgswhat's wthat?17:17
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Evil_Bobaubic: are you joking? if not how? :)17:37
Evil_Bobjust curious about this abomination17:38
aubicit's in the new JavaLinux!17:39
Evil_Bobyou're messing with me are you ?17:43
Rotwangjavalinux is real17:43
Evil_Bobim kinda dumb when it comes to sarcasm sometimes17:43
Rotwangit comes with biultin internel explorer17:44
Evil_Bobhah :)17:44
Rotwangand avast antivirus17:44
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andariussalutations and waffles18:45
krisik28how to 'remove' that error in xorg? :
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enteI get this footprint mismatch when building exim:
entethis is strange22:26
enteaccording to /usr/ports/core/exim/exim-config.patch, SYSTEM_ALIASES_FILE is set to /etc/exim/aliases22:27
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enteI'm overriding core/exim :P22:46
TheBeastsometimes you gotta modify those checksums22:49
TheBeastno biggie22:49
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