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pitillogood morning01:01
entegood morning01:02
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0d01:40
enteyay openssl01:41
entejue: do notifications automatically get posted if you include [notify] in the log message?02:07
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tilmanente: yes they do02:17
enteah. makes sense I guess02:22
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Romsterany one in here on PPC using LVM2 I have an important announcement?06:27
Romsterversions 2.02.75 to 2.02.83 inclusive calculated metadata checksums incorrectly on big endian archs06:27
Romster2.02.84 corrects this06:27
Romstermetadata created with those versions can't be read on little endian archs or on earlier or later versions06:28
Romsterworkaround for folk affected is to make sure their metadata backups are up-to-date before upgrading to 2.02.84 then after the upgrade restore the metadata from backup06:28
entebetter post that to the ML, I guess06:31
Romstergood idea..06:32
Romsterthough i arn't on any crux PPC list nor know where they lurk.06:33
enteI guess they subscribed to the other list too? just add a hint they should forward it to the right ML06:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: fix error in url06:42
Romstersurprised no one even noticed that mistake.06:43
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vilepersonwhat group do I add my user to in order to have access to usb drives?09:14
vilepersonor is it simply permissions on the directories they are mounted to?09:26
slashbeastmountpoints have own pemirssions09:27
slashbeastso if it is linux partition09:27
slashbeastchmod it after mount09:27
slashbeastor specify user in fstab09:27
slashbeastdepends what you want use09:27
slashbeastI wonder if crux have udisks.09:27
slashbeastyou may want try pmount.09:28
Evil_Bobpmount is not necesary, you can just set the user or group as a mount option09:29
Evil_Bob(and add it to /etc/fstab if the partitionnames are consistent)09:29
slashbeastyes, but if you work with removable media you may want mount sdb sdb1 sdc2 or sdd09:30
slashbeastadding all possible options to fstab would be overkill09:30
vilepersonit's removable media, thums, portable drives, etc.09:31
vilepersonand most of those are going to be some fat-crap fstype09:34
slashbeastI am happy with pmount09:35
vilepersonpmount, huh? I'll give it a look.09:35
slashbeastI just plugging mp3 and 'pmount sdb1'09:36
slashbeastand it will mount it into /media09:36
slashbeastthere is ivman, some gui crap like pcmanfm with udisks support etc09:36
vilepersonI'm still X-less at the moment, trying to stay as command line as possible to get used to everything09:38
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Evil_Bobyou can also set some things with udev rules09:39
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Evil_Bobi have some udev rules file for automounting (not used it yet, got it from someone)09:39
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entemoritz@niflheimr ~ % grep 'bind [Q-Y]' .tmux.conf | xargs -L1 tmux21:22
entereload keybindings, the ente way21:22
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zesterHello, Everyone one question what the hell happend to xorgconfig?21:45
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