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pitillogood morning00:53
tilmanjue: i guess i'll create a gtk3 port in the next few days01:50
Romsterwill gtk be renamed to gtk2 ?01:55
tilmanprobably not01:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: glib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gtk: updated to
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Romsterjue, lvm2 needs bumped to 8402:20
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jueRomster: why?02:50
Romsterblimey, did you not see what i posted to the crux ML and to this channel earlier.02:52
Romsterso why not even though it's not gonna affect crux i686 directly.02:53
juei saw it02:53
jueas you said, it's not relevant for x8602:53
Romsterso your gonna skip it for the next version then?02:54
juethat was the idea, because I think it's a good idea to avoid useless downloads etc.02:55
Romsteri would agree there if it was over a few megabytes. which it is not.02:55
Romsterbut your choice.02:56
juewell, I have no strong opinion on that, so I'll do bump for you ;)02:58
jueRomster: you've seen that I've switched to libevent 2 yesterday? hope that tor works with it02:59
Romsternever mind your decision :)03:00
Romsteroh wasn't aware, i'll check that it works.03:00
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tilmanjue: dunno yet, but it's not compatible to gtk2, so we should have both ports for a while10:42
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Rotwanghai everyone11:02
Rotwangjaeger or someone with crosscompiling experience11:03
Rotwangor if someone knows any good distro for very slow machines11:03
Rotwangwould appreciate any rosources on that topic11:04
slashbeastand define slow11:04
Rotwangslashbeast: no, pld is not good for that purpose11:04
slashbeastyou did not explaind purpose11:05
RotwangI've got very slow hp thin client11:06
RotwangI need to run mplayer and firefox11:06
slashbeastwhich hp thin clinet?11:06
slashbeastI have t550011:06
slashbeastwith 733MHz transmeta11:06
slashbeastand funtoo on it.11:06
slashbeastgcc compilation took almost 8h11:07
Rotwanghp compaq t500011:07
slashbeastor maybe 5000 I have11:07
slashbeastusb 1.111:07
slashbeastand pci slot inside11:07
Rotwangslashbeast: thats why I want to crosscompile11:07
slashbeastand forgot about firefox on it11:07
slashbeastcross compile between what?11:07
Rotwangslashbeast: firefox works on those11:08
Rotwangalthough very very slowly11:08
slashbeastit also works on my dual core atom11:08
slashbeastbut unusable slow11:08
slashbeastgo with midori or opera11:08
slashbeastit is via or transmeta cpu?11:08
slashbeastif it is transmeta one, forgot about watching movies on mplayer, it is just too much for such cpu11:09
slashbeasteven ssh is challenge for this baby11:09
slashbeastI wasn't able trasnfer more than 4MBps over ssh with it11:10
slashbeastbecause encryption.11:10
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RotwangI'm thinking about uclibc or dietlibc11:16
Evil_Bobif its the same architecture as your host machine cant you just build binary packages for it and pkgadd them ?11:34
Evil_Bobi probably misread though :)11:34
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frinnsthaha, germany rules13:57
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frinnstyay, oracle does it again14:14
frinnstremoving direct-download links.. how retarded14:14
teK_buying crappy companies costs money14:15
teK_and bandwidth is expensive :>14:15
frinnstits probably just lazyness. i guess most javausers get their updates via the autoupdate thingy on windows14:16
frinnst0,001% of their users use the directlink?14:17
teK_IF and only IF it did not screw up a possible proxy configuration14:17
teK_adobe still cannot as far as I can see14:17
deus_exIt seems that E51 will be the last Nokia phone that I bought...Partnership with M$FT?wtf?14:33
frinnstmy last nokiaphone was 8210 :)14:33
teK_but I'd never give away my Siemens ME45 :>14:34
frinnstmy SE w890i was awesomly awesome14:36
frinnstmy current htc gratia is also quite nice14:36
frinnstsize is everything14:37
deus_exI desire, well. htc desire.i played a bit with it and I am stunned.Too pricey, though.14:38
deus_exhtc gratia is a cool phone, but then again HTC does not make anything but cool phones, it seems.14:42
frinnstno.. they feel solid and nice14:42
deus_exjust like my Nokia E51 ;)14:47
deus_exconfusion, thy name is HP...14:54
deus_exhow hard can it be to find out if 6-cell battery from 3100sm can be used with 3109sl (only difference between the models *is* the battery).14:56
tilmanhehe, image at the bottom14:57
deus_exdisturbing image of ballmer with 'v for victory' should be reversed v 'take that, you pesky customers!'.15:03
jseWhat else is to be expected? Elop used to work for Microsoft before getting appointed ceo at nokia.15:04
jseHe got home sick hahah.15:05
tilmani might have managed to speed up zlib's compression routine by 5% in my test case (compresing a 61 mb gettxt tarball)15:19
tilmanbut it doesn't seem to improve ssh performance (with compr enabled) at all15:19
* teK_ is scared that the debian-sshd-patcher said that once, too *ducks*15:19
tilmanyou mean openssl15:19
teK_of course I do15:20
tilmanunfortunately the guruplug's cpu (feroceon) doesn't seem to have a hw performance counter15:20
tilmanwhich makes cycle-accurate benchmarking... hard15:20
Evil_Bob*quake voice* impressive, 5% speedup on zlib :D15:27
entetilman: if the compression algorithm doesn't matter and must not be expensive, you could try liblzf15:30
entealthough that'd require patching virtually everything15:31
tilmanyeah, i could do that15:31
tilman_or_ i could try and speed up zlib for armv5, which probably runs on a zillion of devices15:31
entegood luck!15:32
tilmanprobably won't work15:32
entethe interesting part about liblzf is that it costs almost nothing15:34
tilmanhow does it compare to lzo?15:34
ente(according to it's author, but I believe him without testing it)15:34
* ente reads up on the lzo algorithm15:35
tilmanah, the urxvt guy15:35
tilman <3 gimp-fu images on top :D15:35
tilmanwhat's _the_ classic front line assembly album?15:39
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Romstertilman, there is also ucl in contrib. which is meant for very fast decompression.19:36
prologicsoftware raid with mdmadm can be done without a hw raid controller right ?21:03
prologicstick 2 disks in and raid them21:03
jaegerif you had a hardware raid controller, software raid would likely be pointless21:04
prologicjust pricing up a server21:06
prologicand their hw raid controller is $51 USD?month21:06
jaegerrenting raid?21:15
prologicit seems that way21:21
prologicdon't know why they just don't seell you the card21:21
jaegerthat's jacked up21:22
prologicyou're telling me21:23
prologicover a 12month period of havint ehs erver21:24
prologicyou'd have paid >$500 for the card21:24
prologicshit rackspace are expeisnve!21:24
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entenot only rackspace do that21:35
entehetzner also wants a certain amount of money per month for additional harddrives and raid-controlers21:36
entebecause they expect the bandwidth and power usage to rise21:36
prologicnot necessarily21:39
prologicsay you just want your hard disk mirroed21:39
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enteI know :P21:56
entetell them, not me21:56
andariussalutations and waffles22:27
TheBeastwaffles yummy22:49
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entegood night yummy22:59
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