IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-02-12

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tilmanoh shit10:17
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Code_Bleucan i run DRBD in CRUX?10:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: fix library location for x86_6410:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ghostscript: update to 9.0110:53
jaegerCode_Bleu: I haven't used it myself but I don't see why you couldn't10:59
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enteEvil_Bob: the build box runs 32-bit crux on a 32-bit kernel12:22
enteit's sufficient for me12:22
Evil_Bobsame, im running 32-bit crux too atm12:25
Evil_Bobcould build 64-bit if you like12:25
entenot required atm12:25
enteI'll set up another uni box with 64 bit crux and compile the 64 bit stuff there :P12:25
entethey have more than just that i712:26
Evil_Bobwhich packages are you building ?12:26
entethe other ones are AMD quadcores, but whatever12:26
Evil_Bobnice, i have a i5 750 as my desktop :)12:26
enteEvil_Bob: possibly all of them12:26
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* ente thinks it's kind of ironic that runs postfix, while the MTA shipped as part of core is exim15:42
frinnstrehabdoll@crux:~$ crux16:16
frinnstCRUX version 2.416:16
enteoutdataholic ;)16:17
entereminds me of my debian woody box I'm supposed to upgrade16:17
frinnstthe default mta in crux 2.4 was sendmail?16:19
* thrice` can't remember16:19
frinnstin that case, postfix is prefered16:19
prologicwe should ship with esmtp by default :)16:19
prologicwho needs an MTA anyway :)16:20
prologicpfft :)16:20
jseLet me guess.. it should be handed over to google!16:20
prologicobviously :)16:20
frinnstyes.. id love to have my mails trolled for keywords to have my searches with customized ads16:21
prologicI never notice :)16:22
prologicbeing legally blind helps :P16:23
prologicyou only see your inbox, not the ads on the right :)16:23
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Rotwanganyone with directfb experience?18:50
RotwangI can't get the concept of directfb18:50
Rotwangis it xorg alternative for embedded systems?18:51
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