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pitillogood morning00:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxklavier: updated to 5.103:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xterm: updated to 26803:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jdk: fixed to use manual downloads and fixed task #65804:52
Romsterya know has the jdk mirrored... could just point to that.05:19
Romsteri guess not no more dlj in the filename go figure... why must they make things so difficult.05:30
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nipuLLocal time 1am. I'm on call and our bastion SSH server stopped talking to the outside world... FML08:04
nipuLto top it off an oracle server has crapped itself08:06
nipuLand we have no DBAs as they are all away sick08:06
nipuLso the remote support we contracted while they are way cant get in to fix it08:06
thrice`which means you jump on the kangaroo and ride over?08:09
nipuLnot yet08:10
nipuLi get paid the same to stay in my house where it isn't raining08:11
jaegerthat sounds less than fun08:14
nipuLi do a host lookup for the bastion server and the address is backwards08:15
nipuLip address still works though08:17
nipuLnot the backwards one08:17
jaegerI'd be very surprised if that worked :)08:20
nipuLfixed itself :\ worse new is contractor DBAs still don't know how to log into the affected server08:23
nipuLnot my fucking problem08:23
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deus_ex'--with-xkb-base=/etc/share/X11/xkb' <--shouldn't that be /usr/share/X11/xkb ?09:32
deus_ex(libxklavier Pkgfile)09:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxklavier: fixed configure options10:58
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Evil_Bobanyone seen the direct link to jre i posted yesterday?11:28
Evil_Bob should work i think11:28
jseThat's one nasty link...11:34
jseGood job, sun!11:34
teK_you'd love the msdnaa11:34
Evil_Bobjse: true dat :)11:36
treachtinyurl ftw. (At least if one'd dare to click on  a link from someone called "Evil_Bob"...)11:39
Evil_Bobyes, Good_Bob would make me much more trustworthy on the internets :)11:39
jseEvil_Bob is docile enough. :P11:39
treachofc ;)11:39
Evil_Bobim not docile :(11:40
jseDarn. Wrong again. ;)11:40
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jueEvil_Bob: thanks for the link, even though it looks a bit unreliable to me ;)11:57
juethey scheduled release 6u24 with a security fix for this week, will wait for it12:05
jueEvil_Bob: would be great if you could track down a working link for 6u24 as well12:08
Evil_Bobjue: i will, heh yeah its a really ugly url :D12:11
Evil_Bob(stripped some redundant stuff of actually :D)12:11
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deus_exHow is this for java d/l link ?14:45
deus_exnah, it is repackaged slackware-style...14:58
teK_email oracle14:58
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Evil_Bobmy link works fine, but yeah a cleaner url would be a bit nicer, i wouldnt obsess over it personally though :)15:05
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andariussalutations and waffles17:58
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Romsterdeus_ex, i mirrored jdk on
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