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pitillogood morning00:57
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teK_hi folks01:35
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Rotwangis sepens script for converting iso into usb image still valid?04:08
frinnstyeah i think so04:09
frinnstor you could just use hybridfs04:09
frinnstisohybrid from syslinux04:09
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RotwangI'm not sure if I asked that before04:58
Rotwangbut is sepens script to create usb image stil valid?04:59
Rotwangand if yes, where can i find it?04:59
pitilloRotwang: yes, you did it. And I think it's valid (here I have 2.7 setup). You can find it here
Rotwangbuilding own spinoff is really great fun05:08
RotwangI'm trying to make crux-like distro based on uclibc05:08
pitilloummm 2 weeks ago I rebuild the crosstools to link with uclibc... but I got lof of problems cross-building lot of core-ports (may be due a bad uclibc build or directly related with uclibc support too)05:10
Rotwangpitillo: I use buildroot to bootstrap initial system05:12
Rotwangand I'm going to build from there05:12
pitillohere we use custom toolchains, for eabi/noeabi... now I'm working on a toolchain bump to the current versions05:13
Rotwangpitillo: do you have any good resources on building own toolchain crosscompiling etc.?05:13
pitillothere are lot of info out there... reading other cross enviroments is a good resource too05:15
pitilloa very big world which grows more when you deep in...05:16
Rotwangfor a practical reference  eg how to create bootable iso I look into git05:16
pitilloyes, there are lot of resources really05:18
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krisik28devede's port is out-of-date10:31
entequestion on serial consoles: what programs do you use to connect to them? :D10:32
enteI tried urxvt -pty-fd 3 3</dev/ttyS010:33
enteit shows the text, but it doesn't get newlines right10:33
Zabapicocom/minicom? I dunno, I only used non-null modems.10:34
Zabaalso, do you set TERM? That might help with something.10:34
Zaba(you've got to do it manually over a serial link, or it will assume dumb, I guess)10:34
entehow does a terminal tell a host what kind of terminal it is?10:36
Zabait doesn't, that's why you've got to set TERM manually10:37
enteah, you mean on the host10:37
enteurxvt also doesn't seem to send anything I type10:39
Zabamaybe it just doesn't echo it correctly10:39
entenope, I tried to pause the NetBSD bootloader by hitting space10:40
ente(I set it up to use serial console for system boot)10:41
entemaybe urxvt is the wrong thing to use, but minicom looked horrible when the other guys used it to communicate with their sensornodes10:41
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enteI think screen can do similar10:42
Zabayeah, minicom is pretty horrid.. the interface is always clumsy, but at least the extra features it has are useful for modems10:42
Zabamaybe picocom is better10:42
entethere's also cutecom (uses Qt), but it has similar quirks10:43
Zabapicocom worked for me when I used a serial console of a virtual machine once10:43
Zababut that was a while ago, so I don't remember anything about it :P10:43
entehm :)10:45
entemaybe HyperTerminal in wine ;)10:46
Zabathat would be worse than minicom10:46
* ente is dumb10:47
enteif I just 3< /dev/ttyS0, it can't redirect it's output :)10:48
Zabaoh right :P10:48
jaegerI use minicom for serial stuff, it's generally solid10:54
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jaegerinterface isn't great but it works well10:54
enteI give urxvt another try10:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dnsmasq: update to 2.5610:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sane: update to 1.0.2210:56
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: update to 16610:56
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entegrml :(12:13
enteI think the hardware is brolen12:14
ente fu12:17
enteserial console is damn useful to copypaste errormessages though :)12:19
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Rotwangdoes opt/grub support ext4?15:37
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jaegerRotwang: no15:39
jaegergrub2 does but grub 0.xwhatever doesn't15:39
Rotwangok, i think I've found a patch15:39
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Rotwangor I'll just install grub 2 [;15:41
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entegrub2 makes me sad15:43
enteit has a loading-screen15:43
Rotwangyeah I'm not a big fan of grub2 either15:43
jaegerit's a lot more complicated than grub... it's on my list to check out  sometime but I've not gotten to it yet15:43
enteI use it on debian15:43
enteit displays "Welcome to GRUB 2" for 1 second before finally showing the menu :P15:44
enteI think it even has an embedded lua interpreter15:44
enteand it consists of 150+ files15:44
enteI personally use extlinux15:44
jaegerI "use" it on my ubuntu machines but haven't bothered to dig into it yet15:44
entebut... well.. that doesn't do ext4 yet, I think15:44
ente2010-06-28 : Syslinux 4.00 released. This was a full rewrite of all filesystem code to C, and adds support for the ext4 and btrfs filesystems.15:45
enteI can definitely recommend sys/extlinux :)15:46
Evil_Bobusing grub 0.97 atm, might try extlinux :P15:47
enteit's easy15:47
entebut it has some pitfalls15:47
jseente: yeah. Just a nice bootloader and that's it. :P15:47
Evil_Bobpersonally like grub atm though, grub2 not so much15:47
entejse: not true, it's also very extensible :)15:47
enteit also shows graphics, you just need to tell it to do so15:48
enteit doesn't have the graphics core built in :P15:48
enteI think, grub did take longer to load than the kernel, but grub2 definitely does :P15:49
Rotwangso i just need to cat mbr.bin into my /dev/sda and set partition containing extlinux install active?15:50
enteRotwang: and a config file15:50
entebut yeah, that's it15:50
enteif you want a menu, you need to copy one of the additional files15:52
enteotherwise it's just a commandline15:52
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entecan anyone recommend a router? :>16:21
enteI think this box is screwed16:21
entesome ARM thing with 2 ethernet ports16:22
enteany recommendations?16:22
jaegerI use an ALIX. It's not ARM, though. No ARM experience to speak of, sorry16:24
enteMIPS is ok as well16:24
entejust some embedded thingy that doesn't need much power16:24
enteideally also low-cost16:25
jaegercould it be done with a sheevaplug or something similar?16:26
Evil_Bobi have a wrt54gl running tomato16:26
Evil_Bob(mips and runs linux)16:26
entejse: yep16:26
Evil_Bobalso some variants have usb ports, so nice for a tiny NAS or other uses :D16:26
jaegercould maybe even use a sheevaplug with a usb NIC16:27
jaegerer, USB NIC16:27
prologicI highly recommend www.routerboard.com16:27
prologicI've been running a 493AH at home for years16:27
jaegerlooks very similar to WRAP/ALIX16:28
enteI don't care, as long as it runs whatever linux distro I want :]16:28
enteor NetBSD16:28
jaegerI've run pfSense and linux on WRAP/ALIX, works well... they're not very cheap, unfortunately, for a whole kit16:29
prologicjaeger, it is16:29
prologicWRAP/ALIX are very similar16:29
prologicand can run the same OS - RouterOS16:29
prologicente, then I don't recommend a routerboard for you :)16:30
prologicit runs RouterOS - a full-fledged routing OS16:30
jaegerI've no experience with RouterOS but pfSense does all I need it to16:30
prologicIHMO it is the nicest mis of Linux, and OSS bundled together in a very affordable product16:30
prologicit "does everything"16:30
prologicjaeger, *nods*16:30
prologicI've been using RouterBoards and RouterOS in the field commercially for years16:31
prologicI swear by em :)16:31
prologicdoes everything an expensive Cisco router/AP might do16:31
prologicwithout the expense :)16:31
jaeger <-- use this :)16:32
prologicEthernet Bonding, EoIP, VPN (PPtp, L2TP, OVPN), Firewall (NAT, Filtering), BGP, RIP, OSPF and Static Routing, Radius, User Manager, PPP and PPPoE, etc16:32
prologiclists goes on :)16:32
jaegerente: might be cheaper to buy an older used x86 machine from a local used shop or ebay or something16:35
RyoScheck this out, works pretty fine with recent am2+/am3 boards too with pretty much "low budget" for what you get as a router16:37
enteI can't have a router that's faster than my desktop! :P16:42
jaegerso promote your desktop to router and replace it :D16:42
RyoSor somehow, older am2 work almost as well for that too16:42
entejaeger: low power!16:43
jaegerbah :P you're so needy!16:43
enteyep :P16:43
RyoSintel sucks with energy consumption at desktop boards, you can really downfire that amd and still have full 64bit arch, unlike atoms ;)16:43
enteI don't want to have that p4 running all the time :D16:43
jaegerI suggest a routerboard, ALIX, or sheevaplug with an extra USB NIC16:43
enteRyoS: thanks, I considered buying an atom/ion :D16:43
entejaeger: screw that, I don't need a router :D16:44
RyoSme too, a friend showed me that articel and it got me thinking already a hundred times16:44
jaegerjust plug straight into the internet!16:44
jaegerfull speed ahead!16:44
prologicwhat was wrong with my RB suggestion ente ?16:44
entenothing :)16:45
prologicdo you really need/want to run your own ?16:45
prologicit's low-power, low-cost16:45
entewell, I thought of using it as server as well16:45
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RyoSente: you should get hdmi working as well on it ;)16:46
enteI hate buying hardware16:47
jaegerdon't remember who was around when I talked about my HTPC but I did get it all working, HDMI and surround :)16:47
entetoo many options :P16:47
jaegervery happy with it16:47
enteyou always know you're eventually be throwing it all away again in a few years16:48
enteI can't stand that16:48
enteyes, it's against my morals :P16:48
RyoSmine is a p3 slot a16:49
jaegerI don't throw much away, I still have some pretty old hardware16:49
RyoSreally time for a upgrade...16:49
RyoSone could still use it though for something16:49
enteI got a p3 slot a around here as well16:49
jaegerthe stuff that I do get rid of usually gets donated unless it's actually broken16:49
enteit was my second computer16:49
RyoSwell, i should at least renew the psu fan, starts to make annoying noises nowadays :D16:53
enteI removed the one on the K616:54
RyoScpu fan? or psu?16:54
entecpu fan16:54
RyoSme too16:54
enteit doesn't get hot if it's idle16:54
RyoSdoesnt heat up at all, not even in summer16:54
entethat's the reason why I replaced the MMX by a k6 :)16:55
RyoSbut a new psu fan should do the job16:55
entethe psu is hearable16:55
entebut the newer psus I have lying around are even louder16:55
enteso I could in fact just switch the mainboard16:55
RyoSconsider fetching used hardware from ebay? am2+ boards are thrown out like nothing actually..16:58
enteI'm into used hardware :)17:00
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andariussalutations and waffles19:06
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Romsterjaeger, probably was talking to me about that HTPC19:53
Romsteri just use a old P3 for my router.19:53
enteI care about power consumption19:55
entedunno how much my p3 would need, but it's too loud anyway19:55
Romsteri barley notice it on the other room19:56
entethere's only my room. I'm still living with my parents :)19:56
Romsterhave been looking around for a replacement board though19:56
entewhat requirements do you have?19:57
enteand what do you run on it?19:57
Romsteri'm in iwth my mum atm since they decided to throw all the residents out of a block of flats.19:57
Romstermaradns, squid, apache, QoS with tc xtables-addons, IMQ, openntpd, rp-pppoe, i'ts not a very fast line but it does what i use it for.19:58
Romsteri could throw znc on it and even deluge torrent app but i got another quadcore i'm turning into a huge nas19:58
entea quadcore for a NAS? sounds a bit like overhead19:59
Romsterand migrate most daemons off my desktop pc.19:59
Romsterit'll double up as a meda center for the tv and a tv tuner card.19:59
enteis your desktop faster than your nas? :)19:59
Romsterand as distcc node too.19:59
Romsternas is 2.2GHz and desktop is 3.4GHz20:00
enteI never had a SMP system before20:00
Romsterthough it's not running atm getting a SAS card soon20:00
Romsterand figure out a nice hot swap enclosure.20:00
Romsteri'd love to find a google file system replacating instead of making multiple raid6 arrays.20:01
Romsterbut the only one i found open source so far is in java ewww20:01
Romsterand i really just want it for one node that'll house anything from 10 to 512 hard disks.20:02
Romstergotta go back to work later.20:02
entesee you20:03
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