IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2011-02-17

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Romstergrub2 seems to work on lvm2 until you do something complex then it breaks.00:55
pitillogood morning00:59
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enteRomster: computers seem to work until you do something complex, then they break :)03:33
* ente finds it rather pointless to rotate empty logs03:56
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jueente: why not just test for file size greater zero, "test -s" ?04:45
jueI agree that it's useless to rotate logfiles that _never_ get rotated, but it may be possible that we have only none messages within one cycle, in that case it makes sense to rotate the log file04:49
juein the first case I'd suggest to remove the file from the rotatelog control-file ;)04:51
jueoops, s/get rotated/get filled/05:09
jueFYI, new bash 4.2 has some serious issues, seems advisable to wait a bit with the update, I'm rather sure the author will offer the first series of patches soon05:14
surrounderwhat kind of issues?05:15
juewell, I found one while trying to build xterm05:16
jueit breaks with something like ${a:-'/foo/bar'}05:17
juebash 4.2 dosn't like the / char within single quotes in character expansion05:18
surrounderaha, "handy" :P05:18
juethere are some more, see the bug-bash ML05:21
surrounderI see, thanks for the info05:22
jueit's kinda scary, he had some beta- and rc-releases, but never ann them on the mailinglist, than he announced a rc2, which was unusable slow because of excessive debbuging stuff, and three or four days later the final release ;)05:25
surrounderI'm not surprised, kinda sucks that shell is used that much though05:26
teK_we need to get rid of the bin bash shebang :x05:26
surrounderbeen using mksh lately, quite a nice shell05:27
juewell, never had problems with bash, but he should make his development model a bit more open05:28
juee.g. there's no public repo for bash :(05:29
surrounderthe only good and honest thing about bash is the first entry under BUGS in it's manpage05:29
jueyeah, indeed05:29
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juehi sepen06:00
sepenhey jue06:00
sepenjava days you know, hehe06:01
sepenI'm also waiting for adobe to release a fix for adobe-reader06:02
sepenthe update is expected to be available by the week of February 28 or so06:03
sepensurrounder: are you using mksh from my private repo or do you have your own?06:05
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juesepen: installed it from your repo right now, will try how it works as /bin/sh06:18
sependid you read the README file?06:19
sepenyou need to have a line in shells06:19
sepenok, I think mksh is the one used in openbsd06:19
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sepennop, pdksh maybe06:20
sepenwell a kornshell :P06:20
surroundersepen: I've build my own06:20
sepenhmm, many differences with mine?06:20
surrounderno idea to be honest06:21
surrounderwill give yours a shot when I reinstall my netbook06:21
sepenok and thanks06:28
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entejue: for no particular reason. didn't know about test -s ;)07:44
entejue: actually, a bunch of empty files more or less doesn't matter :)07:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: clamav: 0.96.3 -> 0.9709:16
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sepenoops, just I read the new about Steve Jobs, pfff10:32
sepenaround 6 weeks of live due to his cancer10:53
sepensorry it's time to go back home10:54
sepensee ya'10:54
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rmullAnybody made the move from gentoo to crux, and is happy with the switch?12:03
jaegerI didn't really move, I use both, but yeah12:05
rmullI've been using gentoo for five years or so, and I'm happy enough with it. Crux just looked kind of interesting12:05
rmullIs crux ports more or less similar to BSD ports?12:06
jaegerI'd suggest playing with it virtualized, then... no need to jump ship or anything12:06
jaegersomewhat similar, yeah12:06
jaegerless complicated/featureful than ebuilds/portage12:07
rmullOkay, thanks. I'll lurk for a while.12:09
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jamesmillsDo we still have http access to our core/opt/contirb ports ?17:24
jamesmillsThe vm the guys (in another office) whom setup our vm -- apparently there are firewalls in place on the network preventing rsync access :/17:25
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entejamesmills: that's horrible17:31
jamesmillsshoosh :)17:31
jamesmillsI know!17:31
* ente 'd like anonymous ssh over port 2217:31
jamesmillshttpup repos of core/opt/contrib ?17:31
enteyep :)17:31
jamesmillsdo we still have them ?17:31
enteI don't think so17:31
jamesmillsyou might not know anyway :)17:32
enteyep :D17:32
enteI didn't see them listed anywhere17:32
jamesmillsI can't remember if we still do17:32
jamesmillsI was 99.9% sure we still provided them17:32
ente <-17:32
entethere's a post from you :P17:33
entelooks like they still exist17:33
ente <-17:34
ente <- a little outdated though :D17:34
ente(only the httpup files, I checked the portscollections themselves, even my recently-commited usb_modeswitch is there, so it can't be that far off)17:35
entemaybe I should shut up17:35
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jamesmillsno no  :)17:40
jamesmillsthank you ente !17:40
jamesmillsyou've saved me 5mins of searching :)17:40
enteyou're welcome :)17:40
jamesmillshow do you update your ports without httpup :)17:43
jamesmillschicken 'n egg problem17:44
jamesmillsgah :)17:44
jamesmillshave to go get thtat one port manually by hanad17:44
entehold on17:44
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jamesmillsall good ente :)17:50
jamesmillsyou're a good man though - thanks for helping :)17:50
Evil_Bobjamesmills: you can also clone ports using git :)17:52
entelike funtoo!!117:53
jamesmillsthanks but that means installing git17:53
jamesmillsand I think our git repos use the git protocol/port17:54
Evil_Bobsnapshot linky:;a=snapshot;h=3109e5e0ff465d4603cce629356e8007893c03ff17:54
Evil_Bob.tar.gz :)17:54
entewhat company is that, if I may ask? siemens? :P17:55
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jamesmillsno I work for ComOps Limited17:55
jamesmillsand in case there's confusion, jamesmills == prologic17:56
entethey are microsoft gold certified partner, they can not support git or rsync, because they are opensource :P17:56
Evil_Boblol flash banner17:57
jamesmillsshhh :)17:57
jamesmillsdon't diss the company I work for :P17:57
jamesmillswe're actually developing a new product for them17:57
jamesmillswell I am17:57
jamesmillsusing open source technologies17:57
enteyou can diss my university all you want :D17:58
jamesmillsPython, SQLAlchemy, ExtJS, Postgres17:58
jamesmillsI know this channel is logged17:58
jamesmillsso I have to be careful what I say :)17:58
enteofficially logged?17:58
enteor just people keeping private ~/irclogs?17:58
jamesmillsI'm pretty sure it's officially logged somewhere18:00
jamesmillsby cruxbot iirc18:00
jamesmillsI could be wrong :)18:00
entewell, the stupid shit I say is all over the internet anyway18:00
jamesmillsanyway I should get back to work configuring this vm18:01
jamesmillsI'm actually really impressed that they did it18:02
jamesmillsI'm pretty sure they even compiled and configured the kernel too18:02
jamesmillsbeing a Microsoft Gold Partner and all18:02
jamesmillsI'm impressed :)18:02
jamesmillscyas later - well next week - going away on the weekend18:06
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enteserious business, I tell you :)18:53
Rotwangwhat can i use to open djvu file?18:54
* ente wonders if it’s a virtual printer18:54
entedjvulibre? djvu2pdf?18:54
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Romsteryeah it's logged to
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andariussalutations and waffles19:43
enteRomster: thanks :)19:44
entethe world already knows I'm an idiot anyway... there's absolutely no need for me to be paranoid19:45
Romsterhehe likewise19:45
Romsteri don't try to but i seem to drive people crazy19:46
entesame here, but only some people :)19:46
Romsteryeah some others can handle me just fine.19:46
enteI get along very well with the mad ones19:47
Romsterwell i think you've been here long enough to know what i've gone though in here.19:47
Romstermy crazy ideas drove the devs here crazy.19:48
Romsterand my mood swings don't exactly help.19:49
enteah.. I know what you mean19:49
Romsteri need to do another check of my ports in contrib too i know a few are broken and some need a version bump19:52
Romsterman i hate scratched dvd's at least ddrescue can recover them.19:57
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Romsterok back to work later.19:57
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enteRomster: have fun :)20:09
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