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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpg123: update to 1.13.201:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: update to 4.3501:54
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jkramerente: I'm using your ghc port, which works fine, however I'm not able to build cabal using it. Looks like there's some dependencies missing (which I guess should be included with ghc, but probably cabal requires other versions)04:28
jkramerTried using your cabal port and also compiling manually using the latest sources, same result04:29
jkramerDid you manage to build cabal?04:29
jkramerente: The #haskell people told me to use 6.8.13 since a lot of libs don't work with 7.0.1 yet. Works fine with 6.8 so far.05:40
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entejkramer: oh06:40
entejkramer: cabal works fine :/06:40
enteI think06:40
jkramerMaybe you upgraded ghc to 7.0.1 after building cabal with the old ghc?06:41
enteI packaged the libs required for cabal-install, and it depends on them06:41
entedefinitely not06:41
enteI uninstalled the old ghc as soon as I bootstrapped 7.0.106:41
jkramercabal requires some older versions of standard libs, e.g. filepath < v1.2, but ghc 7.0.1 comes with 1.206:41
entewhich cabal version do you use?06:42
jkramerAlso the version of base mismatches,06:42
entethe one from my repo?06:42
entebecause that one compiled just fine06:42
jkramerYup, but I tried building manually using the tarball too06:42
jkramerNevermind, 6.12.3 works fine now :)06:43
enteok :)06:43
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entejkramer: consider my haskell stuff experimental :)06:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.038 -> 4.03907:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bind: 9.7.2-P3 -> 9.7.307:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.11.4 -> 0.11.607:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qemu: 0.14.0-rc0 -> 0.14.007:05
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aarchvileHello. I'm trying to install CRUX via the usbdisk method. However, the booting process will freeze immediatly when it starts loading the SCSI-module. The usb-stick just dies (no light flickers etc), and the installation wont't continue.18:15
jaegeraarchvile: try booting with the "nosmp" command line option18:16
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jaegerI have one machine that does the same thing, disabling SMP there solves it... no idea why so far18:18
aarchvilejaeger: "nosmp" did the trick. thank you :-)18:19
jaegerno problem18:20
jaegerout of curiosity what hardware are you running?18:20
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jaegermine's a hodgepodge of custom parts over the years18:24
jaegerhrmm, ok, not exactly the same CPU. I thought it was but it's a 4850e18:26
jaegerMine freezes on the ahci module, too... very odd18:29
jaegerwould you mind checking which module causes yours to hang at some point? Doesn't have to be now18:29
jaegerif you boot with the "debug" option it'll print out each module as it loads18:30
aarchvileyeah sure. just a minute18:30
jaegerMine will eventually unhang but it does take a while18:30
jaegerNo rush at all18:30
jaegerEven more fun is that on mine, if I let it continue after the hangup, it will not find any drives18:31
aarchvilejaeger: after sd_mod18:35
jaegerwow, that early18:35
aarchvileyeah. it was the second module after the SCSI-text if i remember right18:36
jaegerdidn't expect that... thanks for the info18:37
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jaegerstill have no idea what could cause it but good to have more info18:37
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jaegerdid anyone try that grub2 port I made?19:11
Romsternot yet19:18
Romstercold be buggy bios?19:20
Romsterer could19:20
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jaegerRomster: I can't speak for aarchvile but there's no newer BIOS available for mine =/20:49
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