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pitillogood morning00:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: updated to 0.27.9002:26
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entefrinnst: that's a GNU, isn't it? :D04:28
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frinnstno, a gNU04:31
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* Rotwang is bored06:18
teK_tell me where sepen is06:28
pitilloteK_: working and really busy...06:29
teK_meh ;)06:29
pitillohe looks to the emails if you want to contact him06:30
teK_wish him the best of luck :]06:30
teK_it's not thaaat important06:30
teK_its wrt his repoverifier pages06:30
pitillome too... I hope he finish soon and gets more spare time again06:30
pitilloah, throw him an email, I think he'll happy to have news about that too06:31
teK_it's kinda bad news :P06:33
teK_we'll see :)06:33
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enteRotwang: <- watch brilliant people being brilliant :D07:06
RotwangI'm at my workplace atm07:08
Rotwangwill watch home07:08
Rotwangat home*07:08
enteask your boss for more work if you're bored? :D07:10
Rotwangente: If I ask him for more job he will give me either more shitty work or fire me07:27
entewhere are you working?07:27
Rotwanginternal helpdesk07:28
Rotwangwhat are good anti ddos measures?07:39
teK_2cm air -_-07:40
Rotwangis it possible to somehow start dropping packets under heavy system or memory load?07:40
teK_syn cookies against syn flooding07:41
teK_otherwise I'd say that blocking traffic due to routing policies would be a good idea07:42
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sepenteK_: pong?10:24
entehi sepen10:26
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teK_hello sepen10:59
sepenteK_: what about reports?11:07
teK_lets talkt about taht in the dev chan11:09
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jamesmillsHeya all17:19
jamesmillsWhat fonts does anyone recommend I install on a server (non-desktop) so that graphviz can render fonts nicely17:19
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