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pitillogood morning01:02
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slashbeastcan I somehow display version of package in sysup --test?04:17
slashbeastI really would like see to which version it want update, before running such update.04:17
teK_maybe ports -d is what you want04:22
teK_note that there can be locked ports that won't get updated therefore04:22
Romsterslashbeast, prt-get diff04:31
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sharqhi all07:17
sharqi want to use lvm2 with crux and grub or lilo07:18
sharqhow do you create the initrd?07:19
sharqmanualy or with a script?07:19
sharqif you do it with a script which one would you suggest me to use?07:20
sharqmy /boot partition is outside the lv.07:20
sharqthe / partition is inside the lv on an ext4 fs.07:21
teK_afaik there's no script bundled with CRUX07:54
sharqany other possibility to generate initrd automaticly?07:55
teK_the setup ISO has one + script you can get it via git or gitweb on crux.nu07:56
teK_but I don't know how useful it will be for non-setup scenarios07:56
sharqhow's it called?07:56
sharqi am in a setup scenario right know.07:56
sharqi want to play a little bit with crux.07:57
sharqmaybe i switch from arch to crux.07:57
teK_setup as in install the system from cdrom right *now*07:58
teK_is what I mean07:58
teK_+ the initramfs target from;a=blob;f=Makefile;h=cff8bbbab91422b107f5b85ae2911cfaefbbbd81;hb=f13143fb80b3ad87de33b24a59a501fb9a0a435e07:59
sharqso you mean the initramfs from the crux default kernel08:00
teK_ my be of help wrt creating an initrd08:00
sharqunfortunately i cant use the default kernel08:00
teK_there's no official port for this process08:00
sharqmy sata controller wont be found08:00
teK_that's no problem, see the initramfs.lst file08:00
sharqi compiled a new kernel
teK_#KERNEL_VERSION# is replaced by the initramfs target in the makefile (2nd link above)08:01
sharqi understand08:01
sharqthe git repo for the iso image is pretty old.08:25
sharqdo you know why it isnt maintained any more?08:26
jaegerare you on the 2.7 branch?08:26
jaegerwhat sata controller do you use?08:31
sharq00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801HBM/HEM (ICH8M/ICH8M-E) SATA AHCI Controller (rev 03)08:32
sharqthis is the output of lspci08:32
sharqmissing modules were sata_mod and pata_acpi08:32
sharqmy harddisk was missing08:33
sharqso i compiled an actual kernel and made a prepared a bootable usb disk with it.08:33
jaegerI bet if you set the controller to AHCI mode in the kernel the ahci module would work but that's a guess08:34
sharqnow i am able to install crux but couldnt mount root (inside an lv) because of the missing initramfs which initializes the lvm08:34
jaegerer... in the BIOS, not the kernel08:34
sharqi could give it a try.08:35
sharqbut as mentioned before the new kernel fixed my problem.08:35
jaegerIf you have it working it doesn't really matter, I just mention it because it supports quite a few controllers08:35
jaegerIf you dual boot with windows on that machine don't change it in the BIOS unless you want to spend some time fixing windows booting08:36
sharqnow i will try to build an iso image with an initramfs initializing lvm08:36
sharqi dont use windows. ;)08:36
sharqright know i have arch standalone08:37
sharqand i give crux a chance on a seperate disk08:37
entewhat about the netinstall stuff, btw?08:37
sharqnetinstall way for crux?08:37
enteis net-setup included in the ordinary iso?08:37
jaegerI haven't updated net-setup in some time, it probably isn't in a useful state08:37
jaegerI really should do that08:37
sharqi didnt see anything pointing to net-install08:38
sharqthat would be nice.08:38
enteI had some hints on the crux page and decided to clone the iso repo to look into it08:38
jaegerthe net install has never been an official thing08:38
entethat's sad08:38
sharqcan you tell me how to clone the actual branch?08:39
jaegerif you already have the master checked out, git branch 2.7 origin/2.7; git checkout 2.708:39
sharqi checked out the master i think08:40
sharqgit clone git://
sharqis that ok?08:40
enteyes, but you'll land on the wrong branch08:40
sharqand now i have to switch to the branch 2.7, right?08:41
enteactually, the branch is called release-2.708:41
jaegereither should work for this purpose08:41
slashbeasttag, not branch.08:43
sharqwith git branch 2.7, right?08:43
slashbeastgit checkout release-2.708:43
sharqit worked08:45
slashbeastrecent kernels have devtmpfs, it could be better than mdev.08:46
* slashbeast is looking at initramfs08:46
sharqso the next step for me is to create the lvm initialization in the init scrip of the initramfs08:46
slashbeastwhat you are trying to do?08:46
slashbeastboot off lvm?08:46
sharqmounting root within an lvm08:47
slashbeastwell if you care I did universal initramfs for such things08:47
sharqboot is outside the volume group08:47
slashbeastI have lvm on dmcrypted volume08:47
slashbeastand rootfs on it08:47
slashbeastgit clone and checkout devel08:48
slashbeastand this is how I am booting it: (grub2)   linux /bzImage-2.6.37 = quiet rootfstype=ext4 luks enc_root=UUID=e4688973-dec4-4e20-856c-d3e8e78d3e1c lvm root=/dev/mapper/vg-rootfs08:48
sharqam i able to mount root within an lvm with this?08:48
slashbeast  initrd /initramfs.cpio.gz08:48
sharqbut you are using grub208:49
slashbeastit have nothing to do to it08:49
sharqgrub2 comes with an lvm module08:49
slashbeastbut my lvm is on encrypted volume08:49
slashbeastkernel loading initramfs, initramfs starts cryptsetup, then starting up lvm and booting real system08:49
sharqgrub and lilo or syslinux dont have this feature.08:49
sharqi see08:50
slashbeastyou will need busybox.08:50
slashbeastand staticly linked lvm08:50
slashbeastand sorry about README, this is a crap, but should be understandable.08:50
sharqi have to merge it with the iso repo08:50
sharqso i can install everything from scratch within an lvm08:51
slashbeastjust set initramfs into your bootloader and pass as kernel boot param 'lvm root=/dev/mapper/vg-roots' or whatever you have there.08:51
slashbeastwell, I did crux install from chroot08:51
slashbeastso you could use any livecd with lvm support.08:51
sharqi installed crux from chroot too.08:54
sharqas in the handbook08:54
sharqthe only thing missing is the initialization routine of lvm within initramfs.08:55
sharqi think i will get it work now.08:56
slashbeastcan you gimme url of the handbook where is about chroot?08:58
sharqi mean the crux handbook on crux.nu08:59
sharqnever read it?08:59
sharqits described in the installtion part.09:00
slashbeastI readed it but I dont remember anything about chroot09:00
sharqthere is a script setup-chroot which is doing the switch automaticly09:00
slashbeastnice, i wasnt aware of it09:01
slashbeastI did simple for loop with pkgadd09:02
jaegerIt isn't required, of course, just does some simple commands for you09:02
slashbeastfor p in *; do pkgadd -r /root/tmp/crux-chroot $p; done something like it09:02
slashbeastas crux iso provide staticly linked pkgutils, this is possible to do it even from ubuntu livecd.09:04
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slashbeastWhile using binary pkgadd from crux's iso I am getting multiple: pkgadd: ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/getpagesize.c:32: __getpagesize: Assertion '_rtld_global_ro._dl_pagesize !=-' failed.13:05
slashbeastglibc 2.12.1 on livecd what I am using.13:07
slashbeastOk, so I googled a bit and found that starting nscd on livecd fixing it.13:11
thrice`heh, that's funky :p]13:13
slashbeastits just reminds me how big crap glibc is13:14
slashbeast(FWIW glibc 2.13 have multiple problems, some users have problem with postfix, and if you use prelink, your system will fail hard.)13:14
thrice`yeah, I heard that too13:15
thrice`from the gentoo bugzilla or somewhere similar13:15
slashbeast the bug for 2.12 glibc and static bins13:15
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teK_sourceforge forces me to enter my job title on registration AFTER the bugtracker rejected me to file a bug (without being registered?)14:38
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sepenteK_: the index.php for logs seems fixed now, too many thanks for the report15:06
teK_you're welcome15:08
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teK_the guy losing his hat.. is this Rotwang? :>15:25
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frinnsti think so, yes15:25
teK_yeah flash just killed my firefox.. I wanted to paste the shitty translation from Google for the Video title15:29
teK_plugin-container will use 100% of my cpu15:29
frinnstso kill it :)15:30
teK_and because of the shitty design my other 3 cores are idling15:30
RotwangteK_: title is not interesting15:30
teK_actualy its not YT's flash but google translate's15:30
ulughbeghteK_, google translate crashes flashplugin15:31
teK_it does :P15:31
Rotwanghow the hell did it shoot?15:31
ulughbeghfuture is brigth, hope and pray :)15:31
teK_future.. it's 201115:32
teK_this IS the future man15:32
frinnstno its not15:32
frinnsti want my fucking flying car!15:32
frinnstand jetpack15:32
teK_haha I was about referencing these, too ;D15:32
teK_DER SPIEGEL had a Story about us being supposed to drive with cars driven by nuclear reactors by the year 200015:33
ulughbeghthat guy is lucky ? whose bere is fallen, i hope they are not using live shells, i really freaking out15:33
ulughbeghfrinnst, ?15:34
Rotwangmaybe they did it on purpose just to make the show more interesting ;D15:35
frinnstprobably blanks yes, but could still be fatal close range15:35
ulughbeghRotwang, :D15:35
ulughbeghfrinnst, yesss,15:35
jaegerI'm betting the dude behind him got the shit kicked out of him right after that video15:36
Rotwangjaeger: there is no way experienced soldier did this on accident15:36
teK_militaryreviews are bullshit anyway15:36
Rotwangmaybe it just shoot by itself?15:36
teK_big boys playing with even bigger guns :-)15:36
jaegerI said nothing about experienced, heh15:39
treachmakes me think of this one ->
enteI have a 2.4 CD floating around... I discovered that recently16:25
entethe funny thing is that I didn't manage to install it back when 2.4 was "new" :)16:26
entewhere new is "released, maintained"16:26
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