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pitillogood morning00:55
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sepenjust I saw Rotwang's video05:00
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ROKO__hm crux in vmware or virtualbox doesn't up network interface09:03
ROKO__no such interface09:03
ROKO__but network interface is present09:03
jaegercan you configure it manually after boot?09:03
ROKO__no such devices09:03
slashbeastif ifconfig -a shows interface09:03
slashbeastits kernel thing09:04
ROKO__so it show only "lo"09:04
slashbeastfix your kernel mate09:04
ROKO__hm its on installcd09:04
slashbeastlspci -v09:04
jaegerhave you loaded the module for it?09:04
slashbeastwhich means that crux's livecd does not support vbox emulated driver09:04
jaegere1000 or pcnet32 or whichever you're using09:04
slashbeastor isnt auto loaded09:04
slashbeastjaeger: btw if I write git driver for ports, should I drop it on crux-users or crux-devel mailing list?09:05
ROKO__i'll check now09:05
ROKO__intel 82371AB/PIIX409:07
jaegerslashbeast: I think someone's already done that, did you check the archives? with that said, I'd think the user list, since more people who might use it would see it09:07
ROKO__so which module should i load ?09:07
jaegerROKO__: what does 'lspci | grep -i ether' show you?09:08
slashbeastjaeger: well ok, I have no idea how development looks in crux, but are you guys open for such things?09:08
jaegerthat PIIX4 line looks like a non-ethernet device to me09:08
slashbeastIf there is no way to include it in git port then I think I will not bother.09:08
slashbeastpiix4 is pata driver09:08
ROKO__intel corporation 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper) (rev 01)09:09
jaegerslashbeast: everyone works a little differently... it's not something I personally would use, probably, but others might09:09
slashbeastmodprobe e100009:09
jaegerROKO__: e100009:09
slashbeastjaeger: I see big advantage or git driver, as crux have ports trees in git, users could use it instead of rsync09:10
slashbeastsince crux does not provide multiple versions of one package, users could checkout/revert older revisions if there will be such needs.09:10
enteI use a /usr/ports/local for studff with epecial compil2e time options anyway09:12
ente. ../core/foo/Pkgfile and a custom build()09:12
slashbeastI dont follow09:13
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enteyou can override stuff from the original Pkgfile th<t way09:14
entewi4houg losing upgrades09:15
ente(sorry, netbook-touchscreen)09:15
slashbeastmy point was, someone updated port, but you need older version of Pkgfile09:15
slashbeastand with rsync you can't request older version09:15
slashbeastwith git you can just checkout older port09:16
thrice`sure, check it out, and stick it in /usr/ports/local , with /usr/ports/local/  being higher than the original opt/ repo in prt-get.conf  or so09:17
slashbeast(checkout was refering to `git checkout <target> -- file`)09:18
enteyep,exactly that09:18
enteyoucould also override version= instead of build() from local/foo09:20
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slashbeastchanging version= is not the point, again.09:22
slashbeastlook at;a=summary for example '2011-02-02Juergen Daubertgdbm: fix build in case gdbm is not installed'09:23
enteyes and no :)09:23
slashbeastif for some reason you don't like it, or you have problems with this fix09:23
slashbeastyou can just checkout older pkgbuild09:23
slashbeastinsetad of coping from web a file to your local ports dir09:23
enteand pull and it's lost again?09:24
slashbeastit is not rsync.09:24
entei think there was a git driver once09:25
ente3rd party09:26
slashbeastbut git port does not contain it.09:26
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newcruxhello to all10:55
newcruxIs there a installation manual/handbook on iso image?10:56
newcruxwhich folder please?10:57
treach"crux", iirc10:57
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jaegercrux/handbook.txt, yeah10:59
newcruxthank you.11:00
newcruxwish me luck, see you and thx11:00
jaegergood luck11:00
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treachanother happy camper. Or not. I guess we'll hear from him if the tent leaks. :>11:01
teK_orhe won't find the hammer for his kernel configuration11:02
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ente <->
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treachmacuser1: no PM please.13:34
macuser1are you good with dns13:35
treachI can't say. I haven't touched stuff like that for years. Sorry.13:36
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