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newcruxhello to all05:18
newcruxjust installed Crux not without problems but its not on crux.05:19
newcruxDidnt know udev requires inotify in kernel.05:20
newcruxMaybe it should be in crux FAQ?05:20
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slashbeastudev need also tmpfs.07:28
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frinnstoi, xorg-server 1.1009:06
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jkramerI'm trying install google chrome once again, and I remember that some here had a cool hack for the gconf dependency09:48
jkramerSome empty .so file or something.09:48
jkramerGot it, I just compiled an empty file with -shared10:05
jkramerBut there's still a bunch of libs that chrome doesn't find :(10:05
Evil_Bobi got an updated google chrome pkgfile if you like10:06
jkramerSure, thanks10:06
Evil_Bob :)10:08
Evil_Bobits a modified version from the google-chrome pkgfile in user ports10:08
frinnsti just installed chrome for the first time on my debianbox10:09
Evil_Bobbuilding chromium is a big pain imho, i just use the binary version from chrome10:10
jkramerEvil_Bob: Getting a syntax error :)10:11
Evil_Boboh i copy pasted the contents, hangon :)10:11
jkramerYup, that seems to work :)10:13
Evil_Bobgood, i stripped the locales except en_US btw, if you dont like that, just comment those lines :)10:14
Evil_Bobalso i changed the path to /opt/google10:14
jkramerGreat, just the way I like it :)10:14
Evil_Bobi should probably add my ports tree online in a while :)10:19
Evil_Bobmaybe its of some use to someone10:19
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jkramerEvil_Bob: The sandbox binary didn't have mod 4755 yet, but beside that it worked great, thank you10:52
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Evil_Bobjkramer: ah good, did you build chrome with fakeroot or as root ?11:21
Evil_Bobhere it has the correct permissions11:21
Evil_Bob(i build it with fakeroot)11:22
jkramerAh, ok11:59
jkramerI built it as user and installed with sudo pkgadd12:00
jkramerGuess that's the problem :)12:00
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RotwangFirst off, I'd suggest printing out a copy of the GNU coding standards,16:54
Rotwangand NOT read it.  Burn them, it's a great symbolic gesture.16:54
teK_haha I know that part16:55
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