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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xextproto: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
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Romsterglib 2.28.1 and gtk 2.24.1 is out07:15
Romsterhas anyone built gtk 3.01 yet and does anything even use it yet.07:18
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev additions/tidying11:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: fix md5sum of start_udev script11:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.0511:05
Evil_Bobbtw there is also binutils 2.2111:38
jueEvil_Bob: thanks, we know, but that has to wait for the next CRUX release11:50
Evil_Bobok cool :) it also has the somewhat experimental gold linker which speeds up c++ builds i read11:53
Evil_Boboh nvm, im lying heh it already existed before that11:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dropbear: update to 0.5312:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imagemagick: update to 6.6.712:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vsftpd: update to 2.3.412:00
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andariussalutations and pancales12:46
andariuspancakes even :|12:46
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enteglibc 2.13 breaks on 32 bit archlinux13:40
ente(i.e. segfaults)13:40
enteI'm glad crux doesn't push this kind of changes13:40
Rotwangwho has configured recent kernel for capabilities?13:41
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Evil_Bobglad i switched to crux from arch :)13:51
Evil_Bobi still think binary packages might be nice, but its superior everywhere else imho :)13:52
* thrice` has not tried arch13:53
enteI can't reboot, as I already said13:53
Evil_Bobyeah i know13:54
enteI'm fixing the other sysadmin's shit right now13:56
enteand I have the feeling that everything I do breaks it more13:57
frinnstente: 2.13 works fine for me (64bit)14:03
entefrinnst: arch?14:05
frinnstno, crux ofcourse14:07
entearch probably patched it anyway14:07
enteit's unlikely that the glibc guys fucked it up so badly14:08
Rotwangno one uses capabilities?14:08
enteto me, that sounds like arch :)14:08
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frinnstRotwang: i use my capabilities every day :)14:13
Rotwangwhich kernel?14:13
frinnsti call it my brain :D14:13
Rotwangfrinnst: im asking posix capabilities14:13
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entebrice__ allmighty!16:43
brice__I come to ask some questions about crux16:45
brice__xorg doesn't works16:45
enteI'd say, you're not in the wrong channel;16:45
entehm. that's not very precise :)16:46
brice__I can launch it16:46
Rotwanggive us the error16:46
brice__(I installed nvidia proprietary drivers)16:46
brice__no errors16:47
brice__but mous and keyboards doesnt works16:47
brice__so I have to hard reboot16:47
enteyou need to install and configure the correct drivers16:47
Rotwangbrice__: you still should be able to alt+ctrl+f116:47
brice__I tried16:48
brice__it didn't work16:48
brice__ente: generic drivers will not work?16:49
Rotwangto be honest I'm confused about xorg relation to udev hal and the like16:49
brice__Rotwang: I tried to install hal and udev16:50
brice__and to launch them before xorg16:50
Rotwangyeah udev is pretty much on your system by default [;16:50
brice__not udev16:51
brice__i installed dbus16:51
brice__yes udev wad installed by default16:51
Rotwanganyway see link from topic16:51
Rotwangmaybe that will help16:51
RotwangI am off to sleep16:51
brice__thank you for the help16:52
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