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pitillogood morning00:55
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rauzi have a strange problem with my crux box after a fresh install, on system start i get an error about /etc/rc: line 14: /sbin/start_udev: cannot execute binary file03:45
teK_what does % file /sbin/start_udev say?03:48
rauzi have no shell after boot03:51
teK_have you tried passing init=/bin/sh in your bootloader03:54
prologicwhat platform is your box ?03:54
prologic32bit or 64bit ?03:54
prologicAnd did you install 32bit or 63bit CRUX ?03:54
rauz32bit thinkpad x61s i installed 32bit crux03:57
prologicbit weird then03:58
prologictry teK_'s suggestion03:58
prologicat the lilo/grub prompt03:58
prologicthen do some figuring out03:58
prologicfile /sbin/start_udev03:59
rauzin lilo at append="quiet init=/bin/bash"03:59
teK_you can do this during boot teim, too04:01
teK_IMG_NAME init=/bin/sh04:01
rauzafter booting i have a bash and when i type /sbin/start_udev i get cannot execute binary file04:02
prologicwhat does file /sbin/start_udev say ?04:02
teK_you can reinstall the udev package by unpacking the package tarball04:05
teK_it should be a POSIX shell script, btw04:05
prologicyou sure you're hard drive is okay ?04:06
prologicseems fishy to me if /sbin/start_udev isn't what it's suppose to be :)04:06
prologic(if it were me) I'd pop the CRUX cd back in04:06
prologicchroot back into the system04:06
prologicand do a pkgadd -r /mnt /path/to/udev-package04:07
prologic-but- like I said, that seems "fishy"04:07
rauzprologic: it's a new ssd harddrive04:08
prologicI can't comment04:09
prologicno experience with ssds (yet)04:09
prologiconly CF cards04:09
prologicanyway try to re-install the udev package04:10
rauzthx a lot, now it works fine04:17
teK_let's hope nothing else was broken :)04:18
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rauzprologic_: i hope my new ssd is not defect04:36
prologic_only one way to find out :)04:38
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* Rotwang is trying to find good use for posix capabilities05:26
Rotwangbut fails05:26
slashbeastsuidless binaries, nice idea.05:44
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Rotwangbut it would be nicer if we could give certain permissions for a given user05:59
Rotwangeg. give insmod ability for user foo06:00
Rotwangnot for everyone06:00
Rotwangon the other hand I can change insmod group permissions for user foo and remove global executable bit06:01
Rotwangso in theory it could work that way06:01
slashbeastwell, add cap for insmod/modprobe and chmod it to 750, root:insmodgroup06:38
slashbeastdamn I should stop answering before read all backlog.06:38
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Romsterthat's usually my syndrome.06:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: updated to 2.10.507:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.4.207:51
Evil_Bobhmm im installing x86_64 crux atm but i notice it doesnt have grub or syslinux on the iso image07:54
entechroot and build it?07:54
ente(it supposedly has lilo, btw)07:54
Evil_Bobdoesnt have the port either, default kernel doesnt support my networking, so cant fetch ports via network07:55
Evil_Bobcopied now, so its not that big of a deal, just a bit more work07:55
frinnstsry :>07:56
entethere is no real difference between 32 bit and 64 bit syslinux, btw07:56
enteyou can just install the package that was built on x86_3207:56
Evil_Bobyeah, but again, more work, if there was a binary package or source on the image it would be nicer07:57
Evil_Boband i686 crux has syslinux and grub in opt07:57
frinnstsyslinux is included on the iso?07:57
thrice`well, grub doesn't build on 64-bit07:57
frinnstif thats the case, "doh"07:58
thrice`and syslinux isn't on the 32-bit iso either07:58
frinnstgrub2 does07:58
frinnstgrub1 is brooooooken07:58
entesyslinux *should* be on the iso :P07:58
enteEvil_Bob: also note that not all opt packages are on the iso07:58
thrice`grub2 is fugly ;p07:58
enteit has a loading screen07:58
entewhat bootloader needs a loading screen?07:59
Evil_Bobi agree heh, switched to using extlinux the other day :)07:59
Evil_Bobi cant find syslinux on the iso though07:59
thrice`slackware trained me to loved lilo :>07:59
thrice`Evil_Bob, I don't think it's on the .iso by default (32-bit nor 64-bit)07:59
entethrice`: the fun thing is that slackware has syslinux and lilo in a :)08:00
enteso I never bothered installing lilo08:00
frinnstente, Evil_Bob: feel free to file a bug about syslinux and the iso08:00
Evil_Bobthrice`: ah fair enough, i used grub, then installed syslinux later on 32-bit :)08:00
entewhat about switching to grub2?08:01
entegrub 1 is upstream-dead, no?08:01
frinnstsure is08:02
thrice`grub1 was never released and abandonded, and grub2 is still in development08:02
frinnsti have a port of grub2 in my repo. still needs a lot of work08:02
entenow that extlinux supports booting from ext4, I don't see a valid reason not to use it :)08:02
ente(not that /boot was ext4 over here... :P)08:03
Evil_Bobfrinnst: whats the best section / place to file the bug report ?08:03
Evil_Bobok was there, but figured it might be in a different section since its x86_64 :)08:04
Evil_Bobok added:
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jaegerwhen you guys say grub2 has a loading screen are you referring to the single line of text that says something like "loading grub2"?08:15
jaegerthe one that's on the screen for like half a second08:15
jaegerfrinnst: I made one a while back as well, been happy with it once I learned the new syntax08:16
frinnstthe syntax/config is... ... complicated08:18
jaegerI didn't think it was terrible, though it's definitely a bit more complicated than grub108:19
jaegerI kept it pretty simple,
entejaeger: yes :P08:29
jaegerJust checking, heh. I filed that firmly under "not worth bitching about"08:30
enteit's not grub2's biggest problem, alright :P08:30
enteit sits there for 2 seconds on my hardware08:31
entegrub2 definitely takes longer to load itself than to load the kernel08:31
jaegeryou could probably patch the notification out08:31
ente... or use extlinux :P08:31
enteI think extlinux is more comfortable and consistent than grub, be it 1 or 208:32
Evil_Bobyeah i like extlinux08:37
juewhat's the problem with lilo? ;)08:51
Evil_Bobupdating the MBR everytime i update my kernel, not a big deal, but i prefer syslinux08:53
Evil_Bobsyntax is also a little bit nicer imho08:53
Evil_Bobbrb/bbl :)08:53
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entewho was responsible for the "inofficial" crux netinstall?10:10
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frinnstthe netinstall iso is generated with the normal one10:42
jaegerI suppose I was responsible for that10:44
entecan I help you debugging/fixing it?10:59
enteI want to install crux per PXE and ftp11:00
jaegerIt's been on my list to update for a while11:01
jaegerI'll try to get it updated this week. There's nothing particularly difficult, just have to update it to follow the install procedure of the current 'setup' but fetch the packages differently11:07
entewouldn't it be nice to source the code from setup and overwrite some functions?11:14
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jaegerthat's pretty much what was done originally11:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] samba: update to 3.5.711:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: swig: update to 2.0.211:48
jaegerfrinnst: that's also on my list of things to do, was gonna set up the updated ISO that way as a test11:54
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frinnstworks for me (tm)12:47
Evil_Bobwhats hybrid exactly? :)12:58
treachit goes on both batteries and a very tiny built in micro turbine. ;)12:58
jaegerEvil_Bob: it allows you to use the ISO image on a hard drive or USB drive as well as burn it to a CD13:02
ente(archlinux already has this for some months)13:02
ente(I didn't know it was possible until then, so I asked to do the same, since it seemed to be a good idea)13:02
jaegerIt's been around for a while, yeah13:04
ente(and I really like to put sentences into parentheses)13:04
ente(maybe I should learn lisp?)13:05
entethat's too short and looks like a regex13:07
ente(defun foo (hr (h r))13:07
jaegerI don't know lisp, was a joke anyway13:07
ente  (h hr hr)13:07
ente  (hr hr hr))13:08
rauzmy sysup failed by all xorg-* with libtool: link: /usr/lib/ is not a valid libtool archive13:30
rauzhad anyone simlare problem13:32
enteI think there was an issue with leftover libtool files between 2.6 and 2.713:40
enterauz: ^13:40
rauzit's a fresh 2.7 install13:43
slashbeastgentoo provide lafilefixer to fix .la files.13:44
slashbeast you may want try it.13:44
slashbeastbut I have absolutly no clue if it will work on crux.13:44
rauzis it possible that this strange error came from a defect harddrive ?13:47
enteslashbeast: they couldn't possibly make their code more readable?13:48
Rotwangdon't think so13:48
rauzmy new ssd is not so shine as i think :(13:49
Rotwangente: It is not that bad, some line are terribly long tho13:50
enteit is13:50
enteit's bash13:50
Rotwangdisagreed [;13:51
enteyou can't possibly disagree it is bash :P13:53
Rotwangbash is readable13:53
Rotwangjust like perl13:53
enteperl is, bash isn't13:53
enteat least the non-sh-parts of bash are unreadable13:53
Rotwangthey are13:54
ente[[ ${@#&YYM<@$*#Y&$RJOW@EOPYERT)JPLUH#G%)Y$pjkB)IY%pojr[qk3npf[+_$Y*{@#!_$UT#%*YUJ{+} == P#@O$IH#)(IU$YOPI$RJY&@UOEDNLMEGBF(U*IO5~UJR_PIFB ]]]13:54
entejust as readable as that :P13:55
enteI'd rather read APL13:55
* treach looks at ente 13:55
Rotwangbash: syntax error in conditional expression: unexpected token `)'13:55
Rotwangyou see, it is not bash13:55
treachente: you're the guy who writes all that v1agra spam?13:56
treachyou've got talent13:56
enteI am the guy slamming on my hands on the keyboard to demonstrate bash syntax13:56
entes/slamming/who slams/13:56
enteah, fuck13:56
jaegerthat's more trolling than demonstration13:56
entemy brain is out of coffee13:56
jaegerthere are plenty of examples of unreadable bashims, I'm sure, but that above is just gibberish13:57
enteno, it's the ${foo&someop^anotherone%whatever} that's creeping me out13:57
ente(yes, that's invalid)13:57
Rotwangparameter expansion13:58
enteand then you need three different steps anyway to modify the whole thing13:58
rauzshit more and more files get fishy i think my ssd is crap13:59
Rotwangit is good for some simple substitutions, and yes I think it is abused a bit in this script13:59
jaegerrauz: might be worth running some diagnostics on it if possible14:00
Rotwangbesides I'm not sure what is the point of "\/", haha14:01
entesorry for trolling14:02
enteI didn't know I was trolling though14:02
Rotwangand gentooers tend to abuse curly braces around viarible names14:02
treachlooked more like ranting and raving to me tbh. :>14:02
Rotwangand gentooers do suck14:03
Rotwang(now it's trolling) ;f14:03
entedone< <( find "${arglist[@]}" -name '*.la' -type f )14:04
Rotwangprocess substitution + redirection14:04
enteyes, but why?14:04
Rotwangperfectly readable ;>14:04
Rotwangwhy not? [;14:06
Rotwangit is good practice if you want to avoid pipe14:06
enteyes, but why would you want to avoid using a pipe?14:06
Rotwangas you know pipe spawns a subshell14:10
Rotwangthis tehnique avoids it14:10
enteI don't see the advantage of not spawning a subshell in this particular case14:14
entebut whatever14:14
Rotwangente: yeah, as I said gentooers tend to abuse some things14:15
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rauzmh.. smart says my ssd has no error14:22
jaegerare you seeing any errors in the system log?14:23
rauznope nothin14:25
jaegermaybe there's nothing wrong with it, perhaps there's filesystem corruption instead?14:26
slashbeasthaters gonna hate14:28
slashbeastrauz: what is with your ssd14:31
slashbeastok, /lastlog helps.14:31
slashbeastrauz: may I ask which fs you have there?14:32
rauzit's a ext3 fs for the system /dev/sda1 and on /dev/sda2 is my home btrfs14:34
slashbeastand the failing one is btrfs?14:35
slashbeastalso, did you aligned partitions?14:35
rauzno the failing one is ext314:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qemu-kvm: 0.13.0 -> 0.14.015:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fluxbox: 1.1.1 -> 1.3.115:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: freeciv: 2.2.4 -> 2.2.515:50
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Evil_Bobbtw i noticed this bug report is still open but its trivial to fix (a fix as patch is attached) :)16:32
Evil_Boband this bug report i posted can be closed if you like16:32
treach"Now I lay me down to sleep\ Try to count electric sheep\ Because #crux is soundly sleep.16:42
treachsorry. :>16:42
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teK_ok now I see.16:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus: updated to
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entewtmp begins Thu Apr 15 22:42:59 201018:41
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andariussalutations and waffles20:17
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