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pitillogood morning01:02
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entedebbugs seems nice06:34
entecompared to these horrible web bugtrackers06:34
ente"But the upstream change is not enough to make me completely happy. I'd06:35
enteprefer if this line contained just a neutral URL instead of an URL that06:35
enteexpresses the wish to let me choke on cookies ;)06:35
ente  * allow hunspell-dictionary-de in hunspells Depends:, thanks06:39
ente    Gerfried Fucks (closes: #359628)06:39
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raph_aelis there a way to have more drivers other ways than booting on floppy ?13:08
raph_aelat install, my intel sata controller is not included13:08
jaegeryou could use a custom kernel or boot from a different CD but which controller do you have?13:09
raph_ael00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801HBM/HEM (ICH8M/ICH8M-E) SATA AHCI Controller (rev 03)13:09
jaegerthat should be supported by the 'ahci' module, I think13:10
jaegerdoes lspci -k show a module used for it?13:10
raph_aelhmm, i'm not on the install13:10
raph_aeli reboot to try13:12
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enteyou could try one of the slackware kernels13:23
entehuge.s or hugesmp.s13:23
enteI don't actually see the point of making the boot cd kernel minimal13:24
enteof course it won't need audio drivers etc :P13:24
jaegerI don't consider it particularly minimal, it has a lot of drivers in it13:24
raph_aeljaeger: ahci loaded, no more luck, i tried almost all drivers13:29
raph_aelwell i would agree that a kernel with almost all drivers loaded is useful :)13:30
raph_aelwould it be possible to boot another live cd, mount the usb image and get itworking like that?13:30
raph_aelor even use my main system, chroot the image13:33
jaegerwhat did lspci -k tell you?13:33
jaegeryou should be able to boot some other live CD, yes13:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libmpc: update to 0.913:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.0613:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: update to 1.8.013:44
raph_aelmy lspci -k, sata seems supported, though nothing in /dev13:49
jaegerKernel driver in use: ahci13:53
jaegerthat's the important line13:53
jaegeryour controller is definitely supported and the driver is loaded13:53
jaegerso there's something else wrong13:53
jaegeryou might also want to try booting with the 'nosmp' option13:54
raph_aeljaeger: ok thanks13:54
jaegerthat seems to fix some weird issues with AHCI13:54
raph_aeli'll try it, otherwise i'll find some tricks13:54
jaegerIt looks like ata_piix is also in use, it's possible that the drive is controlled by that one instead of the AHCI controller13:54
raph_aeljaeger: thanks a lot for help13:54
jaegerthough it's more likely that the AHCI (SATA) controller controls the HD and the ata_piix controls the CDROM13:55
raph_aelit should be like that13:55
raph_aelstrange thing, on my debian partition, ahci is also loaded for the sata controller13:56
jaegerIt should, that's definitely the appropriate driver13:57
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raph_aeleven stranger, when booting on the cd, i can't use the 's' key though it works otherwise and all other keys work14:11
raph_aelso no "nosmp"14:12
mahoganyHello folks14:12
jaegerthat's extremely odd14:13
jaegerhello, mahogany14:13
mahoganyDo you know of any tool in the Crux ports repo to show information about an acquired DHCP lease? I'm unable to find anything.14:13
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jaegerwhat kind of information? dhcpcd prints some info in the system log and you can always see the ip info via ifconfig14:14
raph_aeljaeger: never seen that before, i don't think that an azerty keyboard should make problem14:14
mahoganyBasically only for how long I've been given the lease. :)14:14
mahoganyBah, yeah, there it is. Silly me.14:15
mahoganyI've looked everywhere, except there. Thanks jaeger. :)14:16
jaegermahogany: no problem :)14:16
jaegerraph_ael: yeah, new one to me, but I use qwerty14:16
jaegerthough I suppose you can't load a keymap at that early point14:17
raph_aeljaeger: well kernel hasn't even booted :)14:17
raph_aeli'll try some other way14:17
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raph_aelso it seems to work using qemu15:18
ente[21:11] < raph_ael> even stranger, when booting on the cd, i can't use the 's' key though it works otherwise and all other keys work15:21
enteI've had that too15:21
entewhen netbooting using pxelinux15:21
enteI renamed my image netbzd but that won't work for you, I guess :P15:22
entemaybe this particular syslinux version was broken?15:22
raph_aelit's quite nice to see i'm not the only one :)15:23
entetried hugesmp.s?15:23
enteI had someone else complaining about being unable to boot the crux cd15:24
ente(kfx, I know you hang out on #suckless too :P)15:24
raph_aeli'm also there yes15:30
raph_aelwell i used qemu to boot the iso and install to the partition15:30
raph_aelless hassle than booting thousand times15:31
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raph_aeli forgot how long it is to configure a kernel16:14
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andariussalutations and waffles17:44
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TheBeastis down?18:49
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andariusappears so18:49
enteappears so18:50
TheBeastI need a mirror lol18:50
TheBeastit's fast18:52 is up again18:55
enteit seems18:55
TheBeastis there official 64bit install media?18:58
TheBeastI found some stuff that's been contributed by a community member but meh18:58
enteI think frinnst also helps building the normal iso19:00
entebut not sure :P19:00
enteat least it's mentioned on the downloads page19:01
TheBeasti'll give it a try see how it goes19:05
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TheBeast *19:13
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TheBeastthere's something fscked up about those x64 images19:26
TheBeastI'm booting off' a usb stick and it takes forever to load the initramfs image19:26
TheBeastit's beel loading for 20 mins lol19:26
entepoke frinnst19:26
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TheBeastit worked after ~15 mins19:28
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entenever tried it :)19:30
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