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pitillogood morning00:58
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Romsterfrinnst, if you got basic soldering skills and make sure the main capacitor is discharged. you can get replacements and recap it. they heat up the ESR goes up then the SMPS shuts down due to over voltage. most of the time the main 1 or two input filter capacitors are ok, but all the small ones arn't nor the one sitting near the controller chip. i do a lot of capactor replacing01:52
Romsterre-caped a plasma tv set recently too. all good after that.01:52
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Romsterbefore i recaped it i took a pic.01:54
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teK_jue: some arch guy sended in a patch, I just asked for a fix02:33
teK_(wrt tig + new ncurses)02:33
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jueteK_: thanks, inspired by the fix for rtorrent pasted here yesterday, I just looked at the tig sources and got it working with this patch ->
juebut I'd prefer to wait for a official fix ;)02:58
teK_that's what the archer suggested, to03:00
juecan you paste the arch-patch somewhere, please?03:03
teK_the author of tig asked me to test it  so I suppose this will become official quite soonish03:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dropbear: update to 0.53.103:08
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frinnstRomster: yep. ive done that too.. but on a motherboard03:10
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Romstercool should be no effort to you then.03:14
jueteK_: hmm, my patch is a bit different, not sure about the second chunk, the first dosn't matter IMO03:22
teK_x and y should make a difference, yes :o03:24
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ente <->
entenice, dropbear in opt04:36
enteaccording to the release announce, 0.53.1 is not worth upgrading from 0.53 except on embedded hardware :)04:37
jueente: dropbear is in opt since ages and his email announcement reads a bit different but feel free to stick on 0.5304:49
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enteah, right05:06
entecompile fixes, not embedded fixes05:07
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rutgerrhi all greetings from Brazil can someone  told me please where i can get a "good" iso image to procced the installation all images i got untill now are "broked"06:46
pitillorutgerr: do you mean all mirrors are borked?06:47
rutgerrwell i tried06:48
pitillorutgerr: and you got always md5sum mistmatches after download the images?06:48
rutgerrno just the isos i got 3 of the X86_64 all corrupted (md5sum  dont match) and a 2 usb disk images corrupted too06:49
pitillorutgerr: ah ok, sorry. I don't know about 64b, may be someone will give you a hand here06:50
rutgerrwell ihope thx06:51
rutgerrwell i hope thx06:51
teK_jue: have you tried my patch?07:17
teK_it won't even remotely apply to tig 0.16.207:17
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frinnstrutgerr: where are you downloading from? ?07:47
rutgerrbut all i got are broked even morpheus07:48
frinnstdunno.. try with wget?07:49
rutgerrnot yet07:49
frinnstno corruption locally atleast, just checked07:49
rutgerri'm downloading a torrent right now if doesn't work i will try by wget07:51
frinnsttorrent of x86_64 or i686?07:53
rutgerr[roger@slayerarch ~]$ md5sum /home/roger/isos/crux-2.7-x86_64.iso07:55
rutgerrsorry wrong window07:56
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rutgerrwith wget i got this: f70856e8da359831a95b534c87c5a6d9  the server give me this: b571a66e62ec7f243bd05069517d7c0108:50
rutgerrno one match wtf i got 5 images till now08:51
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jaegerrutgerr: I've just downloaded both 2.7 official and x86_64 from via rsync and both check out fine09:36
entemaybe you should try rsync?09:42
jaegerente: I've updated the netinst to work again, though I still need to test upgrade09:43
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jaegerheh, upgrade definitely isn't working yet09:45
enteI'll install crux on my new machine as soon as the sata-cable arrives, I'll give the netinstall a try09:45
jaegerI'll probably have upgrade fixed by then, anyway, at which point I'll feel ok to upload the netinst iso09:45
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ente;a=blob;f=iso/bin/net-setup;h=f21187041f9fb6bc000032550d34f795e35ca969;hb=2.7 <- this doesn't look like it used to be semiofficial09:52
entemore 3/4 official :P09:52
jaegerif you say so, heh09:53
entewhere are the packages hosted now?09:53
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jaegerat the moment, nowhere09:53
jaegerI'm using a local HTTP server to test09:54
jaegerI deleted the old 2.3 packages09:54
rutgerrsorry i was afk09:58
jaegerI say it's only semiofficial because I think I'm the only person who ever worked on it09:58
jaegeror supported it09:58
entenet-setup-helper had jw in the header, the net-setup from 2.3 has Copyright (c) 2001-2005 by Per Liden <>10:01
enteand according to the mirrors page tilman's ftp contains the ftp-setup mirror10:02
ente(isn't mirroring some kind of passive support?)10:03
jaegerI just copied those headers, hehe10:03
jaegerjw wrote the original setup-helper and per the original setup10:03
jaegerman, I must have been on crack yesterday, did something totally stupid with the upgrade portion of net-setup10:06
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jueteK_: sorry no, but it should work against the tig master branch10:38
entejaeger: was it late at night? :)10:39
jaegernot very10:39
entewell, maybe you were on drugs10:40
enteor lacked them :P10:40
rutgerrhi thanx for the response but im quite newbie in rsync how cant i get by this?10:40
jaegerI think I had just stared at it too long10:40
jaegerrutgerr: rsync -avzP{iso,md5} .10:41
jaegerif you have a machine with rsync available10:41
rutgerrlet me see10:42
rutgerrits working10:43
rutgerrthnx again10:44
enteadding --partial and --progress might also be a good idea10:45
entejaeger: ♥10:45
enteI didn't know there was a -P10:45
enteI hated rsync for not having a shortopt :D10:46
jaegerok, the netinst is done, I think. now I need to bootstrap a new set of updated packages10:53
entecan it download from rsync as well? :)10:54
jaegerIt uses wget so not right now, but that's on my list of things to possibly implement in the future10:55
frinnstTCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 80. Sending cookies.11:02
jaegeryay, cookies11:02
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rutgerr is this another fail?11:06
rutgerrrsync -avzP{iso,md5} .11:06
rutgerrreceiving incremental file list11:06
rutgerr   237305856 100%  374.92kB/s    0:10:18 (xfer#1, to-check=1/2)11:06
rutgerrWARNING: crux-2.7.iso failed verification -- update discarded (will try again).11:06
rutgerr          47 100%    0.12kB/s    0:00:00 (xfer#2, to-check=0/2)11:06
rutgerr   237305856 100%  303.37MB/s    0:00:00 (xfer#3, to-check=1/2)11:06
jaegerwell, it does say it'll try again11:07
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rutgerrit's impossible :(11:33
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Rotwangis it possible to change email adress in a cruxML's?13:07
frinnstyeah, via the mailman interface thingy13:08
Rotwangcall me stupid but I cant find teh link13:09
frinnstok stupid13:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: added cayman firmware.17:13
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