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pitillogood morning00:59
Darknekrosmorning pitillo & everyone ;)01:20
teK_hi there01:20
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Romstergood evening and pizza01:29
DarknekrosRomster, enjoy your meal ;)01:34
Romsterthanks will do01:35
teK_just entered the office @work :>01:35
* Darknekros preparing to go to work :<01:35
Romsteri just knocked off work like half an hour ago01:35
* tilman preparing to _not_ go to work for another 30 minutes01:35
Darknekrosas I say, working is not safe for my health :p01:37
DarknekrosI have to stop working :]01:37
Romsterhow so?01:38
teK_work interferes with spare time, stop going to work01:38
Romsterdepends what work01:38
Romsterno money in spare time is equally not fun.01:39
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: mesa3d: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-util-macros: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xkbcomp: updated to
Darknekrosmoney doesn't care of your health, it aids, but it doesn't cares :p01:40
Darknekrostime to go :<01:40
Romsteri wouldn't work at a job if the job put my health at great risk01:41
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jaegerhrmm, very odd... xulrunner can't find gtk.h in a bootstrap now08:27
Evil_Bobi noticed opt/mtools requires X but it hasnt listed it as a dependency08:32
Evil_Bob(due to --enable-floppyd flag)08:32
Evil_Bobill file a bug report08:34
entejaeger: how's the netinst iso? :)08:37
frinnstasdf, mozilla has released a new firefox tarball (3.6.15)08:37
frinnstno announcement yet08:37
jaegerthe ISO is done, I believe, but I want to test it with a freshly bootstrapped set of packages08:37
ente@^&$ mozilla08:37
entejaeger: ok... I'd like to help testing :)08:37
jaegeronce I get those packages built and uploaded that would be great08:38
Romsterwtf 3.6.15 already.....08:38
frinnstyay, almost all my extentions are working08:38
Romsterhow far away is firefox 4.0 anyways08:39
frinnstso.. next year? :)08:39
Romsteryeah it's beta12 now..08:39
clbente: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.08:45
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enteemile ~: uname -v11:23
ente#55-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 10 22:34:08 UTC 201111:23
entewhat does the #55 mean?11:23
entethey recompiled 55 times? :D11:23
entethat's useful :)11:28
enteI recompiled 5 times :)11:28
frinnstim at #6 from the current kernel-tree11:31
enteI'm still on
frinnst2.6.38-rc7 :>11:32
enteis it stable? :D11:32
frinnstno disasters11:32
frinnstit did manage to kill it with a usb-stick during rc5 or so11:33
Evil_Bobi use :)11:40
enteI download the latest kernel on every reinstall or upgrade11:44
enteand maybe on serious security issues11:44
enteit's not that I need any hardware support that's not already in there ;)11:44
enteright now I need to get a DOS boot floppy, but all my floppies are borked11:45
frinnsti dont even have a cd/dvd these days11:46
enteI have a 5ΒΌ" drive somewhere12:00
enteand I'm going to get a C64 borrowed sometime soon :D12:00
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ente <- is it normal to begin writing a tutorial this way? :D14:43
enteI agree14:46
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slashbeastyeah, horrible, use rst15:28
* slashbeast dive! dive! dive!15:28
enteactually, rst is the horrible one15:28
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frinnstget ready to hate17:06
entewhat did you do?17:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to
frinnsthave fun rebuilding17:08
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thrice`Fixed an issue where some Java applets would fail to load in Firefox 3.6.1417:45
thrice`(that's the *only* change) :p17:45
treachapparently they didn't get the memo. :>17:48
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entemaybe they did it to piss people using source-based distros off ;)18:30
frinnstthere are some more fixes:
frinnstReported: 2011-01-26 09:45 PST18:36
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entehow does prt-get determine the location of a package it installs?18:43
thrice`repos listed higher up in prt-get.conf  get priority18:43
entethe package, not the port18:44
enteor does it just tell pkgmk to install it afterwards?18:44
thrice`pkgadd :-)18:44
ente(I need to know which one I need to debug :P)18:45
entepkgadd doesn't figure out where the built packages are stored after build18:45
entesome people leave them in the ports dir, some people move them elsewhere18:45
thrice`I think there is a bug about package dir being separate from the port-dir, where prt-get will always build it, even if packages are available in the package dir18:45
enteI am hitting that bug18:45
enteand I think it's a pkgmk bug, hence my question18:46
thrice`hm, really?18:46
entebecause prt-get.conf contains no reference to the package dir18:47
thrice`to me, prt-get should never call pkgmk, since the package is already there18:47
entethere is no reliable way to parse a shellscript, aside from running it18:47
enteand pkgmk.conf is a shellscript18:47
enteI didn't export mine18:48
enteI have a strange setup to split them by ports collection18:49
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Romsterente, i split them by $name or $group in my setup and it works fine though i've patched pkgmk to do this.20:36
entetoo tired to do anything about it right now :)20:37
Romsteri could give you the code bloc for that.20:37
Romsterthat's how i get all the files separate in
enteI plan on making an All subdir and hardlinking them all20:39
entebut I'll need to patch pkgmk20:39
enteI don't want to do that right now20:39
Romstereasily done with find and -exec ln20:39
enteI'd prefer to make it with pkgmk20:39
Romsteri don't see much point in doing that.20:40
entenot for the distfiles, for the packages20:40
entedepending on find is an additional step, but I'm too tired to explain why I don't like it, sorry :)20:41
Romsterwell it is interesting but explain the reason behind it when your not tired.20:42
Romsteralso i have a ton of C64 stuff including a datacassette and i've transfered files to my pc ages ago from a 5 1/4 and datacassete20:42
Romsterthough i haven't played any on the real thing or emulator in some time.20:43
enteC64 was before my time :(20:45
enteI sometimes get nostalgic feelings when I unpack my DOS stuff, but even DOS was actually before my time20:45
entethe first OS I ever used was Win 9520:46
Romsteri even have a apple ][e here and a mac classic II, C128D and two Vic 20's20:52
Romsterms-dos 3.3 was when i played with.20:53
Romsteroh and some old tandy computers and amstrads.20:53
Romsterbut i never owned any of those.20:53
Romsterthough they were out before i was.20:54
Romsterbut i liked exotic hardware.20:54
Romsterand i have a passion for dos games and c64 games and the awesome sid chip.20:54
entemy dad has a VC20 (they didn't call it VIC over here to avoid being called names)20:54
Romsteroh wonder what they called it there.20:55
Romsteri ahev soem of the older style C64 breadbox and about 4 of the newer style ones, only tested one as fully working though.20:56
entea friend of mine has a breadbox, he said he fished it out of a garbage can after a storm night, there was dirt and sticks stuck in it, he cleaned it out and it worked like new20:57
enteit's the one I'm going to borrow :P20:57
entehe screwed up the RF modulator though, it sends a strange frequency now20:59
enteI don't have a TV though21:00
ulughbeghi love c64 ;)21:08
Romsteri used to be on lemon64.com21:10
Romsterbefore the site was great gina sisters21:11
ulughbeghlately, thanks to youtube and other streaming sites, it is fun to watch, current demos,21:16
ulughbeghi used to use emulators for that, but emulators usually sucks.21:17
Romsterthere not too bad.21:17
ulughbeghi know but not hundred percent same as real c6421:23
Romstercan never get the sid sound exactly right though21:27
enteyou can get it right21:33
enteby using a real c64 :)21:33
enteor even better: more than one, because every SID sounds different they say :P21:33
Romsteri thought about a catwesel card.21:35
ulughbeghwhat is it for?21:38
ulughbeghit is like hardsid?21:39
Romsterit's for reading images off 5 1/4 and 3 /12 inch disks and has provision for a sid chip21:47
Romsternot jsut c64 but a bunch of formats that the usual ibm controller can't decode.21:48
ulughbeghhmm, i got it, do you have old floppies as archive ?21:49
joacimsome peopel always get butthurt mad at me when i say i prefer the real hardware over emulation :/21:49
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enteI agree21:56
entereal hardware rocks :P21:56
enteI hope this makes you feel better :)21:57
joacimit does indeed =)21:57
Romsteri like real hardware but it's nice to be able to fire up a emulator instead of setting up something that's been boxed up.22:00
joacimi can agree with that22:02
joacimplayed some games in a NES emulator just a few weeks ago, but I prefer real hardware when I have the device already hooked up and ready to go.22:06
ulughbeghi agree that too ;)22:07
enteyeah, sure22:12
enteit's just that I prefer real hardware, if I can get my hands on it :)22:13
Romsteror if you lack the hardware.22:16
Romsterlike i have no nes22:16
entethe guy I told you about, who fished that c64 out of the garbage has a NES :P22:17
enteand a SNES, and a dreamcast and some other funny stuff22:18
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joacimI'd get NES myself, but people want an arm and a leg for theirs.22:18
enteI buy another gameboy advance, I broke mine and they are dirt cheap22:19
enteactually, the gameboy is fine, but the LCD isn't22:20
joacim170 euro for a used PAL region NES with 3 games22:20
joacimin norway22:20
joacimi'm sure i can get one for free, if i keep my eyes out22:21
Romsterfunny that, they must be very popular.22:21
entemaybe try your local flea market22:22
joacimyeah. that or ebay22:23
enteebay is likely to be more expensive22:24
joacimcheaper than my norwegian options actually22:30
joacimbut a flea market or a dumpster would still be better22:30
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* ente nods22:31
enteor US ebay22:31
entemaybe it's still cheaper with additional $30 shipping :)22:32
entealthough then it'll be NTSC22:32
joacimthats my thinking too22:32
joacimthe internet tells me that PAL releases from that period tend to be horrible, so ntsc is prefered22:34
jaegerI've still got a NES around here somewhere22:35
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entejoacim: still up or up again?22:59
joacimi'm still up22:59
enteso am I :)23:00
entegood morning23:00
joacimcouldnt sleep23:00
enteI can. I'm awfully tired...23:01
joacimi'm getting there.23:01
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joacimshould close my laptop and try to sleep again, but...23:02
enteyeah, same here23:11
joacimIt is time. Good night =)23:12
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andariussalutations and waffles23:44
* Romster eats the waffles23:48

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