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Romsterlike push the magic button and it's fixed... pastebin the error would help00:42
Romsteralso this isn't the cruxppc channel.00:42
Romsterthey have there own channel.00:43
in-udsif I use no arguments, or a bad argument, it displays usage but anything else it just says "Segmentation Fault"00:58
in-udsis the cruxppc channel on freenode00:58
Romster any one read this, i seem to have missed that.01:20
Romsterhrmm i have no idea where01:23
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: jfsutils: update to 1.1.1503:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.0.1003:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission: update to 2.2203:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.2203:19
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pedjatilman: you might want to update gtk to 2.24.108:29
Romsterpedja, that requires glib >= 2.27.308:31
Romsterwhich makes me wonder why is it wanting a dev version of glib... for a stable gtk version.08:31
pedjareally?i haven't noticed that.08:32
thrice`Romster, which glib version do you have?08:33
entes/a dev version of//08:33
thrice`opt is at 2.28.0 already08:33
Romster2.28.1 glib08:34
RomsterRequested 'glib-2.0 >= 2.27.3' but version of GLib is 2.26.108:35
Romsterhuh wtf is going on here.08:35
Romsterglib 2.26.108:35
entebroken pkg-config file?08:35
Romsterffs no wonder i must of forgot to install the new version....08:35
entebroken .la?08:35
enteor that, heh08:35
pedjaso, since 28 > 27, gtk should be safe to update :)08:35
Romstereven number is stable yes08:36
Romsternow i'll get somewhere.08:37
Romsteri was tired when i bumped glib so i guess..08:37
pedjaaren't you using glib from opt?08:38
pedjaapparently not.08:39
enteI still think sourcing ../../opt/glib/Pkgfile from local/glib and only overriding build() should be the best way to deal with this kind of override :)08:40
Romsterpedja, nope...08:46
pedjaany particular reason for that?08:46
Romsterbumped my gtk now.08:46
Romsternot really.08:46
Romsterjust like to maintain my stuff that i use.08:47
Romsterand i modifyed the gtk package a little to do /usr/bin/gtk-register in post-install than to pre-generate the thing and include it in the source.08:48
Romsterwhich i think is silly08:48
pedjaI run gtk-register manually after updating gtk, when I update the port big deal.08:50
pedjayapo is awesome :)08:50
Romsternever noticed that one..08:51
Romsterit's in opt...08:51
Romstermust be fairly recent addition?08:51
RomsterJuergen creation08:52
entelet's see08:53
entejue: can you use /usr/bin/env ruby instead? :)08:54
enteoh, that doesn't work with -KN08:55
ente     -K kcode       Specifies KANJI (Japanese) encoding.08:56
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entemakes me think of aptitude :)09:00
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pedjahmm, why does stable version of gtkmm require unstable version of pangomm to build, I wonder...09:04
enteit's supposed to make you say "hmm"09:05
entebecause hmm has 2 m as well, and the pangomm people like that :)09:06
Evil_BobRomster: when trying to build contrib/tidy it seems to not be able to connect to for me10:09
jueRomster: it's not silly but required because ports that ships as packages with the ISO cannot use pre/post-install stuff10:20
juehmm, dunno exactly how old yapo is, but the first release was around 2003/200410:34
Evil_Bobhmm i wonder, is there a way to rename sources in a Pkgfile when it downloads it with wget ?11:49
Evil_Bobi have a source with ?something appended and it doesnt use a nice filename11:49
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enteare you packaging dzen? :PP11:58
Evil_Bobnope, html tidy :$12:01
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enteEvil_Bob: if it isn't avoidable, host the tarball elsewhere14:19
entelook where other distros get their tarball14:19
enteEvil_Bob: and contact the developers14:19
Evil_Bobyeah, was just curious if it was possible, not a huge deal ofcourse :D14:20
enteno, it's not14:21
enteyou can download it inside build, but that's ugly14:21
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RomsterEvil_Bob, no time now i'll fix it later it should of been updated to
Evil_Bobok, no rush :)16:04
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frinnstjue: new dovecot17:25
entewhat's funny about dovecot?17:26
thrice`it was just bumped today already17:26
entewell, at least you can't blame them for being slow at bugfixes ;)17:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tidy: fix source url, thanks Evil_Bob19:34
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