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pitillogood morning00:58
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Rotwanghao r u guyz doin?12:11
* Rotwang is extremely bored12:11
* Rotwang sits at his desk in the office and does nothing 12:11
Evil_Bobgood :D12:11
enteRotwang: lucky you12:16
Rotwangnot really12:16
enteI'm procrastinating math12:16
enteand it's fucking silly12:16
Rotwangente: what exactly?12:16
enteanalysis 112:17
enteI fucking hate studying and I fucking hate exams and I fucking hate myself for being a procrastinator12:17
Evil_BobRotwang: ii is still 1.5, did you upload the Pkgfile for 1.6 ? :D12:17
Rotwangit is probably one of the hardest courses on my uni12:17
RotwangEvil_Bob: definately not12:18
RotwangI dont have time12:18
entewell, I failed the last time because I did *nothing*12:18
enteit's not the real ana1, you know? it's a reduced version for cs-people12:18
entemfi1, "mathematik für informatiker 1"12:18
enteit's not really hard12:19
enteit's just cs people bitching about "it12:20
entes so hard"12:20
entebecause they are clueless. CS is trivial.12:20
Rotwangabout 80% people didnt pass analysis 1 on my year12:20
Rotwangente: disagreed12:20
Rotwangcs isnt trivial12:20
enteit is12:20
enteit's easy if you look behind the cascade of buzzwords12:20
Rotwangit isn't12:21
enteI better get going12:21
enteI wanted to start 4 hours ago12:21
enteand before that, 4 weeks ago12:21
Rotwangcs is very broad field12:21
Rotwangeg. look at the p = np problem which isnt solved (officially) until now12:23
entethere is some nontriviality, but studying it is definitely trivial12:23
* ente stfu12:23
* ente clueless12:23
* ente moron12:23
* ente off12:23
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