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ulughbegh|fi|hello%20world is that correct translation?00:39
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pitillogood morning01:48
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Romsterwho knows i don't know finnish02:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dar: update to 2.3.1103:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnuplot: update to 4.4.303:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bash: update to 4.2.803:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.0703:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: tar: update to 1.2603:12
teK_this is awesome although I'd give ... xargs -n [some thousand] ... a try to avoid calling sed 10 million times03:17
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juehi sepen05:44
Evil_Bobhi, i posted a bug report for core/attr, the source url gives a 403 HTTP status code:
jueEvil_Bob: thanks05:59
Evil_Bobyou're welcome :)06:01
Evil_Bobbtw jue do you still have a multilib repo? im quite interested in it06:02
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frinnstsame with acl06:06
jueEvil_Bob: sorry, never had one06:08
Evil_Boboh heh, then im confusing you with someone else :)06:09
RomsterteK_, find . -name "*.txt" -exec sed -i -e 's/blah/blee/g' {} +06:10
Romsterdoes the same as -exec xargs {} \;06:11
jueEvil_Bob: I guess you mean either jaeger or nipuL06:12
Evil_Bobah yes, jaeger06:12
RomsterEvil_Bob, it's enough to assign the bug to the maintainer, they should gt a email notice about it.06:13
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teK_Romster: in parallel? with multiple files per sed exec()?06:15
Romster+ does the same as xargs to find.06:16
Evil_BobRomster: maintainer says "crux team", couldnt find that in the "assign to" list in flyspray06:16
teK_how many files are handed to sed, Romster?06:17
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: attr: new source url, FS#69706:17
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: acl: new source url06:17
Romster-exec command {} + This variant of the -exec action runs the specified command on the selected files, but the command line is  built  by appending  each  selected file name at the end; the total number of invocations of the command will be much less than the number of matched files.  The command line is built in much the same way that xargs  builds  its  command  lines. Only one instance of `{}' is allowed within the command.  The command is executed06:17
Romster in the starting directory.06:17
teK_I just read that, too..06:17
teK_will it check for limits?06:17
teK_i.e. no argument list too long. hm. Nice.06:18
Romsterpretty much as many as it can fit in then it'll do another instance if need be.06:18
Romsterlike xargs does.06:18
Romsteri guess that person did not read the man page to find.06:19
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RomsterEvil_Bob, ah well that's for core ports....06:19
teK_will xargs figure out the limits itself during runtime or do you have to use --show-limits?06:19
Romsteri'm pretty sure it checks at run time.06:20
teK_could not find that in xargs(1)06:20
Romsterpoke around in the source if need be.06:21
teK_last paragraph of STANDARDS CONFORMANCE06:21
teK_seems like I'll have to do that :-)06:22
Romsterit's designed to not ever do a command line too long.06:22
Romstersame deal as + in find.06:22
Evil_BobRomster: normally i assign them to someone when i can find the maintainer. but im open for suggestions on how to do it better.06:23
teK_I'm a huge fan of xargs(1) ever since I read
RomsterEvil_Bob, well core ports are crux team but opt are who ever the maintainer is unless things have changed around here.06:24
Evil_Bobi know06:24
jueteK_: xjobs might be something for you, it's xargs with some extensions06:25
Romsteri agree06:27
Romsterhmm not hard of xjobs06:27
Romsterof course jue has it packaged :)06:28
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lainteK_, thanks for article. I have always been afraid of xargs :-)08:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: x86info: 1.27 -> 1.2814:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.11.2 -> 1.1214:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: postfix: 2.5.11 -> 2.5.1214:16
teK_problem. X started forgetting about the content of my clipboard if the clipboard-filling application was closed for some time now. Is there an option to make this work again?14:19
teK_I'd like to avoid running some random clipboard manager..14:19
Evil_BobteK_: in all X applications ?15:06
teK_FF for example15:07
teK_copy the  url15:07
teK_close it15:07
teK_nothing will be pasted in Terminal15:07
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frinnstits the same with all gtk apps15:39
teK_it was caused by a Xorg update15:46
teK_I hate when this happens15:46
teK_>>> I understand the difference between X and Gnome clipboards, but this sort of thing should just work.15:48
teK_what's a standard good for it breaks about everything :o15:50
teK_and then they argue that it's a xulrunner and not a firefox bug... m(15:52
teK_ claims that this is fixed?!15:56
tilman2.6.38's SCHED_AUTOWHATEVER is _weird_15:58
tilmanwatching HD crap and decompressing other HD crap and the same time -> decompress stalls for SECONDS15:58
tilmanor maybe minutes ;)15:58
thrice`i got confused my oldconfig for 2.6.38 and gave up, I think :p15:59
tilmanpausing mplayer -> decompressing speeds up15:59
tilmanunpausing mplayer -> both jobs run in parallel15:59
entemore confusing linux schedulers!16:00
tilman"wonder patch". mmh.16:01
entemaybe it works on machines with n CPUs where n is the number of processes16:01
tilmanhopefully it's just a bug16:02
entemaybe they're serious :)16:02
teK_tilman: fix my firefox bug. :>16:03
teK_HD crap is crap :>16:03
enteI love this machine... even though the OS is from microsoft :P16:04
teK_it is16:04
entethey made bad contracts in their early days16:06
entecommodore didn't even need to mention microsoft wrote the BASIC implementation, so they just put COMMODORE there16:06
teK_my dad has this machine in his basement, too16:08
entewell, I want a floppy drive or at least a datassette :D16:08
entemy dad's first computer was a VC-20 (VIC-20 for the non-germans in here)16:08
teK_this machine has the floppy drive intergrated16:08
teK_I remember when my brother broke it16:08
teK_THAT got him into *real* troubles :D16:08
enteI'm not allowed to touch my dad's stuff16:08
teK_iirc it costed 250 DM (or 500?)16:09
entethe floppy drive or the C64?16:09
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teK_the drive16:09
enteI think they were rather expensive16:09
entethe floppy drive has the same processor as the C64, btw16:09
ente(some people made use of this by doing calculations on the floppy)16:10
teK_just like today's GPUs? ;)16:10
enteyeah, similar to that :)16:10
tilmanso there's the alternative meaning to FPU?16:10
entethe DOS-ROM was located on the floppy drive and responsible for floppy i/o16:11
teK_[tek@basra][/usr/lib/pkgconfig]% find / -xdev -name '*exo*pc' 2>/dev/null                                               :(16:11
teK_[tek@basra][/usr/lib/pkgconfig]% pkg-config --version exo                                                               :(16:11
teK_srsly... wtf?16:11
enteunlike some other home computers, where the DOS needed to be booted from a floppy :)16:11
teK_+ exo's last installed version was 0.6.016:11
entewell, that's what I like about this box so much16:11
enteit doesn't break16:11
frinnsttilman: it works great for me16:12
enteyou turn it on, and one second later you see the READY. on the screen :P16:12
ente(I bought it last week because a new arduino costs twice as much as a used C64 on ebay)16:12
ente(I think it's a nice embedded devboard, even if the size of the entire thing can hardly be called "embedded" :)16:13
enteanyway, you can actually open it and solder stuff into it16:13
enteyou can't do that with a PC16:14
enteteK_: the 8-bit homecomputer market had extreme price-wars. in the beginning, everything was expensive but they worked hard to compete against each other and cut the costs16:15
enteso depending on when your dad bought his floppy drive, it might have been either expensive or pretty cheap :)16:15
teK_I was about 6 years old at this time16:15
teK_I cared more about the games16:15
enteI need some storage -.-16:16
* Rotwang wonders about the ssd disks16:17
Rotwangwhats so awesome about them if their lifespan is very limited16:17
tilman0 seek time?16:18
Rotwangyes they are fast, but still lifespan is more important for home use16:18
RotwangI think16:18
jaegeryou'd have to write a TON of data to kill one16:21
jaegerone number I saw in an anandtech review was 100GB every day for 5 years16:22
Rotwangnot bad16:23
Rotwangmaybe I should consider buying one [;16:23
jaegerI'm using 2 now, very happy with them16:23
Rotwangjaeger: but when it finally breakes, does it break on instant?16:27
Rotwangis there any SMART data to give me info about it's imminent death?16:27
frinnstyou will probably get some silent corruption16:37
frinnstbut really. ssd's are the best thing since sliced bread16:37
Rotwangwell, thats bad16:38
jaegerRotwang: at the end the cells won't do anymore writes but you can still read16:38
jaegeras I understand it16:38
Rotwangthats good [;16:38
jaegerand they don't all die at once16:38
frinnstseriously.. get an ssd!16:39
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ente[22:23] < Rotwang> maybe I should consider buying one [;16:39
RotwangIll consider buying one whem Ill be upgrading my pc16:39
entemake sure it supports TRIM and use ext4, then it'll be alright, I guess16:39
Rotwangin 2 years or so [;16:40
entebut I never had a SSD, I'm just saying what other people told me16:40
enteyeah, they'll be a bit cheaper in 2 years16:40
enteright now, harddisks are really cheap16:40
enteso I bought 2x2TB16:40
entebut WD is crap and they want me to boot DOS if I want to turn the head-parking off16:41
entethey park the heads after 8 seconds idle16:41
laenThe only thing bothering me about SSD's is the power usage.16:41
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enteI think they use less power than comparable hdds?16:41
laenA normal laptop disk spun down barely uses any power. An SSD can't spin down.16:42
enteanyway, display backlight is the most powerhungry thing in a laptop anyway16:42
enteand I just used anyway 2 times in one sentence16:42
enteanyway :)16:42
laenIntel's X25-V's are quite okay on the power usage and performance, best of both worlds i believe.16:43
enteI wish the BASIC would understand hexadecimal numbers...16:43
enteall these 64738 are awful to type and remember16:43
entemaybe it does but I didn't get far enough in the documentation16:44
jaegerthey can't spin down but then again they never spin up =D16:47
jaegerI've got an intel x-25m and ocz vertex 2, they're both working well17:01
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andariussalutations and waffles19:55
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entecan't shit stop writing on my harddisk?!20:34
enteI can kill everything except getty, then it'll finally shut up20:35
Romsterente, you need a 5 pin din plug and some wire and rca plugs.... that's one there i fixed it screen shots.20:52
entegah, I hate h20:53
enteRomster: yes20:53
enteI know20:53
entebut find that din plug somewhere :/20:53
Romstereasy well should be but i got them like years ago...20:54
enteI don't even have a soldering iron yet20:55
Romsterget a electronics shop to build you one then, i  assumed you did since i see enameled copper wire in the picture20:56
entethat's leftover wire from my dad20:57
Romster like 90 cents aud worth20:58
entethere's more important stuff, this hack works20:58
entelike a floppy drive, for instance :)20:58
Romstermidi use them so there should be easy to find.20:58
Romsterand it's back to work for me laters20:59
entethanks though :)21:00
entehave fun21:00
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