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pitillogood morning01:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mailman: fixed homedir in pre-install script06:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
enteI heard rumours about the new X being broken :S06:15
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Romsterjue said X breaks stable nvisia blob so i'm holing out for the beta nvidia to become stable.06:29
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seanjhi, I'm having trouble getting my installtation of crux 2.7 to boot... I'm pretty sure I followed the handbook correctly, but when booting I get "unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (8,18)" thought ext4 was built-into Linux and sysfs is enabled... I do not see any option for "devfs", also I have windows on sda1 and crux on sdb208:09
seanjIf I try to boot with the cd, CRUX root=/dev/sdb2 it says "mounting on /newroot failed: invalid argument"08:10
teK_sounds like your missing the correct driver for your hdd controller08:11
teK_-your + you're08:12
seanjthat didn't even occur to me... I'll take a look at that. thanks, teK_08:13
seanjerr wait... how could the CRUX installation system even work if my hdd controller wasn't supported by its kernel. ?08:13
seanjsorry to complicate things08:14
teK_you're building your own kernel08:14
seanjyes, but trying to boot with the cd kernel fails too.. or am i missing something08:14
teK_so make sure to include the controller statically (i.e. not as a module) in your config08:14
teK_if the CD won't boot I recommend to boot via a USB pendrive08:15
seanjit does boot, it just can't boot from my new partition with the CRUX system installed on it08:15
seanjeverything else worked great, installing the packages, building and installing the kernel, the chroot, everything08:16
seanjthat's why I'm confused08:16
teK_that's got nothing to do with the installation media08:16
teK_you are using your own kernel right after the first reboot when you finished setup08:16
teK_btw .. you can use lspci -k to see with kernel module is used for your hdd controller08:17
seanjand also booting with the kernel on the cd, typing CRUX root=/dev/sdb208:17
seanjah okay08:17
teK_00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) SATA AHCI Controller Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Device 7519 Kernel driver in use: ahci08:17
seanjthank you08:17
teK_you're welcome08:17
seanjwish me luck!08:17
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teK_Romster: did you give nvidia 270.30 a shot?08:18
teK_or do you just not want to use a beta driver at all?08:18
teK_I just switched to nvidia 270.30 and xorg 1.10.0 without any noticeable glitches08:19
RomsterteK_, not yet08:21
teK_I had to recompile evdev (I think), though..08:22
teK_fscking shit :p08:22
Romsteryeah you need to redo that or mouse and keyboard don't work08:22
Romsteri learned that one long ago.08:22
teK_I experienced that )once again)08:22
teK_I keep forgetting about08:23
Romsterany time i bump xorg-server i recompile evdev for good measure.08:23
teK_is it just me or is my english just crappy today08:23
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seanjhi again teK_, I built in support for the SATA controller in my system, Intel 82801, re-installed kernel and modules and ran LILO again, but the same error message occurs when I try to boot it08:28
teK_but you specified root=/dev/sdb2?08:29
seanjLILO gave a warning that the boot sector and system map are on different devices.. because I need to boot from sda08:29
Romsterseanj, correct driver si built in filse system partiton type msdos/that new one that my mind just went blank. if your using that.08:29
seanjyes I did08:29
Romsteryour lilo.conf correct?08:29
seanjit appears to be correct08:29
seanjboot=/dev/sda root=/dev/sdb208:30
Romsterboot=/dev/sda root=/dev/sda208:30
Romsterit's on sda2.08:30
seanjwindows is on sda1 and crux is on sdb208:30
seanjthe swap is sdb108:30
Romsterok so boot=/dev/sdb root=/dev/sdb208:30
teK_which module did lspci -k list, btw?08:30
jaegercan you pastebin your .config file somewhere?08:31
seanji cant really get to it...08:31
seanjlspci -k said there were 2 sata controllers, "intel 82801"08:31
seanjand there was a matching kernel option that i marked to be built in08:31
seanjbut yes I can boot another live cd and pastebin the .config file08:32
teK_my controller can act as IDE or AHCI for the S-ATA drives.. this always sucked :-)08:32
jaegerusually not both at once, though :)08:32
seanjokay, I'll be back in a minute with that .config information.. thanks for helping08:33
Romsteroh yeah be sure your using the new libata subsystem and not using the old pata interface crap.08:33
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jaegerseanj: not sure what else to suggest, that message is almost always a case of missing either controller or fs driver08:33
teK_it should be more explicit, imho..08:33
Romsteror having generic controller compiled in with the specific sata driver.08:33
teK_windows will work with IDE or AHCI set in my BIOS, Linux won't (although that's due to the missing driver I guess).. this is humiliating :p08:34
Romsterisn't thee some configure option in kernel to include all drivers detected on system yet?08:34
teK_or a make target?08:34
Romsteri know there is one to exclude modules that arn't modprobed.08:35
Romsterdetect hardware with lspci and include those drivers in the .config.08:35
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seanjhi once again... here is the paste of my .config file:
Romsteris that your config or the live cd one?08:46
seanjthat's mine, on the installed system08:46
Romsterif it's thelive cd one it's likely to use initramfs so it won't exactly work on your system without changing modules to compiled in.08:46
seanjI compiled a kernel with built-in support for the root filesystem, but also tried to boot using the cd kernel, neither worked08:47
Romster82801 isn't grepable in that config.08:47
teK_this you should be yes imho08:47
seanjneither was devfs, though tthe handbook mentioned it08:47
seanjthanks teK_ .. where in the menuconfig woudl that be listed?08:47
Romstertype / in menuconfig and you can search08:48
seanjsata drive?08:48
teK_device drivers - >  SCSI device support08:48
seanjoops, my mistake08:48
teK_this part of the kernel configuration is a mess :-)08:48
seanjguess I better look closer at all the options before asking for help again, huh08:48
Romsterif i'm realyl peed off i sed all the M's to a yes... sometimes works then dig out the junk later.08:48
seanjI coudl see myself doing that08:49
teK_hehe Romster08:49
jaegerugh, that would drive me nuts08:49
Romsteri was so mad i went bugger this sed....08:49
teK_give it a shot an report back08:49
seanjthe last time I compiled a kernel was when I tried Mandrake 7.1.. years ago08:49
seanjwill do, thanks teK_ and everyone08:49
Romsterlater i found out my mistake and redid it correctly.08:49
seanjyes hehe08:49
teK_that must have been 5+ years ago08:49
seanjdefinitely a long time.. and it seemed simpler08:49
teK_device support has grown08:50
seanjRomster: I'm going to try to skip that step and get it right the first time, I hope08:50
seanjany other advice before I try this again?08:50
teK_don't think so right now. Romster / jaeger?08:51
jaegersorry, been working and hadn't had a chance to look at the config yet08:52
Romsterother than event for evdev for xorg later.08:52
seanjit's okay08:52
Romsterbut that's nothing to do with getting it to boot now.08:52
seanjthank you Romster08:52
seanjthe help is appreciated, I'll be back when it's running08:52
seanjtake care08:53
Romsterbit sketchy on the settings as i reuse my old config and do a make oldconfig08:53
seanji will do that once i get it right!08:53
seanjsee you soon08:53
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teK_I have a script for that..08:53
Romsterit can be the most annoying part about setting up crux. or another other source based system.08:53
Romsterscript todo?08:53
teK_% -t08:54
teK_System up-to-date.(local:2.6.38 remote:2.6.38)08:54
teK_+ automatic update in case there's a new kernel at .org08:54
Romsteri got lazy and botched it into Pkgfile i used to unpack it manually after using ketchup to fetch the kernel patches for updating.08:55
Romsteri see08:55
teK_yeah you can go that route, too08:55
teK_that's the thing with kernel-patches.. you cannot stay *current*08:57
teK_2.2.1- for grsec.. *sigh* :-)08:57
Romsteri have a few small projects happening.08:57
Romsteryeah but i haven't looked if they released a new one and i like to hold off a little anyways for in case a bug is spotted.08:58
teK_I almost never run into bugs, funny thing :)08:58
Romsterplus i'm a bit lazy to bump it at every new version that comes out, unless something interests me or some major bug fix.08:58
teK_yeah, that's what my script is for. Laziness.08:59
Romsteri rarely do but when i do it's usually a big one.08:59
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Romsteri'm working on a update script that'll bump Pkgfiles and try to rebuild them for me. in a chroot then i can review the progress.09:00
Romsteredit as needed test. finally commit when they are ok.09:00
Romsterproving to be a big task to do but i'll get there.09:00
teK_there are quite some big tasks waiting to get finished ;)09:01
Romsterfunny that i'd sped more time building something so i can be lazy later.09:01
teK_that's the criticism I hear all the time when I talk to windows users :]09:02
teK_or even binary-distribution users09:02
Romsterironic arn't it.09:03
Romsterwork gets most of my time now.09:04
teK_setting the kernel/system up once is some work, yes. Afterwards.. almost every action I have to take is due to interest/trying things out09:04
Romstercan always revert silly mistake if something breaks.09:05
teK_at least you know where to look..09:05
teK_c'mon.. strace(1) as a last resort almost always will save the day09:06
frinnstwtf, massive backlog09:11
Romsterand dbg09:11
Romsterwhat backlog this is normal09:11
Romsteri used to monologue for ages before someone would say a thing :P09:12
thrice`less chatter!09:34
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teK_yes sir09:47
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laenIs the Crux 64bit thingie officially supported nowadays?10:40
teK_no but quality-wise equal, I'd say.10:41
laenSame repos though right?10:41
teK_not 100%10:41
teK_there's a overlay approach wrt repos10:41
teK_i.e. i have {core,opt,contrib}{-x86_64,} folders in /usr/ports10:42
teK_and prt-get is set up to search the 64bit repos right before there i686 counter-parts10:42
teK_works just fine10:42
Evil_Bobsome sort of multilib might be nice maybe, although i switched back to i68610:44
teK_I think there's something coming up10:44
teK_multilib is good for two things.. wine and flash-player10:45
Evil_Bobyeah :)10:45
teK_with FF 4 most YT video is html5 and I don't need wine, so screw i68610:45
teK_the 64bit flash-player is awful (YT video == 70% cpu usage + ff + Xorg)10:45
Evil_Boband youtube-dl + mplayer is pretty win10:46
frinnstteK_: really? i dont see any real performance issues with flash + yt10:51
frinnstalthough it is pretty buggy :)10:51
teK_I used nouveau AND nvidia ..10:51
teK_would be better10:52
teK_XOR :P10:52
teK_aka nouveau AND nvidia AND false10:53
entecheck if either of the conditions is true, throw the result away and continue execution10:53
enteyep :P10:54
laenteK_: Nice, so the x86_64 repo has a higher priority, i like that. Don't care about multilib tbh.11:26
laenHow well are the x86_64 repos up to par with the x86_32?11:26
Evil_Bobyeah x86_64 is definitely good quality in my experience11:27
laenI mean up to date compared to the 32bit.11:55
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frinnstlaen: they should be identical12:35
frinnstmostly its just .footprint fixes12:35
frinnstif you find something lagging behind, let me know12:36
Evil_Bobopt/wine isnt in 64-bit opt, it should compile with --enable-64 though12:40
Evil_Bobhmm atleast the 1.3 branch :)12:40
frinnstcool. how usable is it?12:41
frinnstchecking whether gcc -m32 works... no12:42
frinnstnot very12:42
frinnstoh. wrong configoption12:43
Evil_Bob32-bit stuff wont work then, so pretty unusable i think :)12:43
Evil_Bobhavent tested it much12:43
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laenfrinnst: not using Crux jet, considering it though. Currently using Gentoo.12:57
laenSo there's a good reason ;).12:58
tilmanfrinnst: "... to google stuff on the internet" ;D13:17
Evil_Bobor "to msn" == "to chat" :P13:19
frinnstmsn.. ICQ!13:19
tilman"my UIN(?) has 9 digits!!"13:19
frinnstnewbie! mine has 813:20
frinnst10480762 :D13:20
frinnstfrom -98 i think13:20
tilmani used icq in 97/98 too, but of course i don't remember the stupid uin13:20
tilmanand i had more than one account anyway13:20
thrice`uh huh13:20
* tilman is updating firefox13:21
entemine was 23250461813:21
enteEvil_Bob: just buy it on a msn13:21
enteI got rid of ICQ years ago13:22
frinnsti had to close icq whenever i played q2.. took too much ram and bandwidth :>13:22
enteall of a sudden, my friends stopped talking to me :P13:22
cobra-the-jokerEvil_Bob: you are the one from #fedora ?13:22
Evil_Bobno :)13:22
entemezcalero? :D13:22
Zabafrinnst, but it could run alongside QuakeWorld just fine, right? :P13:23
cobra-the-jokerthen its your brother lol13:23
frinnsti never really played qw.. i bought my first pc in -98 pretty much just to play q2 :)13:23
frinnstcool. found a torrent with q2 demos13:27
frinnstone is from my pov13:27
Evil_Bobthere is also quakelive which is free as in price13:27
laenJust firefox, or xulrunner as well?13:35
laenWow, late reply, nevermind it :)13:35
thrice`pkgrm !13:41
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tilmanlol, cannot resume the firefox 4 source download14:24
teK_they are not that fond of http I guess :>14:29
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enteeverybody hates http, even the firefox guys :P15:21
teK_it's not that bad15:21
frinnstthe port uses ftp though :D15:21
enteteK_: it is15:21
enteit's not XML based15:22
teK_thank god it is not15:22
entenot being XML-based is a serious flaw in every protocol's design15:22
teK_it was not invented by xzibit15:23
teK_yo dawg I heard you like XML..15:23
entereminds me of that one15:24
tilmanso i put some xml in your xml?15:24
laenTag-based gopher please.15:25
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entegopher is far too simple15:27
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enteit must be XML based, otherwise it's no good for computing :P15:28
laenMake the website one big Java app, using XML.15:29
Evil_Boblol ente :D15:29
Evil_Bob"The vendor's response: it's actually better this way for future compatibility and, regardless, several customers already use it tihs way."" :o15:29
laenente ente ente ente ente ente! ..sorry just made me think of a german Simpsons moment.15:30
Evil_Bobente ente ente ente ente ente mushroom ushroom15:30
frinnstsimpsons in german15:32
laenAnd a nice remix for ente as well:
tilmanlike the voice acting? ;)15:32
ente[21:29] < laen> Make the website one big Java app, using XML.15:32
entenot just the website, everything behind and in front of it15:32
entestarf ~ $ cat /etc/blkid.tab15:32
ente<device DEVNO="0x0801" TIME="1296399159" UUID="a2117c9d-50bb-4ae8-afc6-45bfb6a98c9d" TYPE="ext2">/dev/sda1</device>15:32
ente<device DEVNO="0x0802" TIME="1296399933" UUID="oW8Agg-25Cr-6rLO-Q3xK-1fH9-nIq2-diM5H9" TYPE="LVM2_member">/dev/sda2</device>15:33
ente<device DEVNO="0xfe02" TIME="1296399933" PRI="45" UUID="02d79a61-904d-4140-bed5-362e8cb4caf8" TYPE="ext4">/dev/mapper/system-home</device>15:33
ente<device DEVNO="0xfe01" TIME="1296399159" PRI="45" UUID="aed7a312-fa99-40af-8834-5f721c7ae748" TYPE="ext3">/dev/mapper/system-root</device>15:33
ente<device DEVNO="0xfe02" TIME="1296399159" PRI="45" TYPE="swap">/dev/mapper/system-swap</device>15:33
tilman<sometag someattr="/path/to/whatever;randomotherattr=XYZ">15:33
entelaen: yes15:36
entelaen: who else? :)15:36
thrice`I agree with lennart, separate /usr  is retarded15:36
thrice`in fact, I'd love to see things like /bin  and /share  die15:37
thrice`er, /sbin , not share15:37
enteyou can put / on a ufs and /usr on a zfs15:38
entein terms of BSD :)15:38
thrice`systemd only supports linux of course15:39
enteit's pretty bad code in general :P15:40
entewhy would you want to depend on dbus for your init-implementation?15:41
thrice`I guess you haven't yet tried it :)15:41
enteyes :)15:42
thrice`I think it's pretty awesome personally.  that wiki article explains why /usr separately is often broken (and even that systemd does actually support it)15:43
enteit *did* check if /usr is separate and fail in that case15:43
enteI think15:44
entemaybe I'm wrong15:44
thrice`"One thing in advance: systemd itself is actually completely fine with /usr on a separate file system. "15:44
entewhat about a system that doesn't have /usr?15:45
enteis systemd fine with that too?15:45
thrice`systemd itself sits in /bin I think15:45
enteso? it checks for a hardcoded "/usr" that's none of it's business15:46
enteunless of course you want to write the emacs of inits15:46
entewhich might be preffered by some, but not me :P15:46
thrice`you really should read that wiki page, it describes all of this :p15:47
enteI'm tired :)15:47
entenew exim is out, btw15:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ii: 1.5 -> 1.6 (fixes #699)16:34
laenente: hehe didn't know :)16:35
laenDid anyone, ever try minit btw?16:35
Rotwangany libreoffice pkgfile around?16:42
Evil_Bob(thats not mine though)16:44
Evil_Bobi packed 3.3.2 today for myself, but im not on crux atm16:44
Evil_Bobhere this is mine:
Evil_Bob(32-bit version)16:47
Evil_Bobwelcome :)16:48
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entedurr, dumb shit16:53
teK_Romster: seanj didnt report back, didnt he?16:53
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Rotwangdid my mail get to the crux-contrib ML?18:13
Rotwangit did, great18:15
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* Rotwang is going to sleep, bye18:21
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seanjHi all.. been trying to get crux installed since 6pm last night.. can't get the kernel to mount my / file system... here is my .config:
seanjif anyone knows what I've done wrong, I'd love to know... I went over every kernel setting and it looked correct19:04
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seanjI think crux is probably too advanced for me19:12
seanjthanks for the help yesterday, take care19:13
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ente :D19:16
DaViruzthat can really get my blood pumping19:51
RomsterteK_, yeah seanj never returned20:24
Romsteroh right then i look up and he was here...20:26
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