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pitillogood morning01:58
laenMorning pitillo.01:59
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tilmanwhat's with that new status bar in firefox 4?02:18
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Zabatilman, what about it?02:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: exim: update to 4.7503:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mdadm: update to 3.1.503:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samhain: update to 2.8.303:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tnftp: update to 20100108, FS#69803:02
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frinnstlibreoffice \o/05:20
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thrice`yean, +1 to libreoffice too :-)07:06
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Rotwangyeah, loffice seems the way to go08:21
Rotwangbut OOo is still there08:21
Rotwangdon't want to do anything hotheaded08:22
thrice`maybe add an 'echo "you should be using loffice!  Reconsider now" ' && sleep 1000000   to the port ;)08:26
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enteis sleep 1000000 even enough?12:26
entemaybe a forkbomb? :P12:26
ente"remove this forkbomb from the port if you want openoffice instead of libreoffice"12:26
frinnstRotwang: you could just add libreoffice and let openoffice slowly die off12:29
frinnstmaybe do a ML announcement12:29
Evil_Bobimho its probably more clear to just remove it and add libreoffice12:33
Evil_Bobi dont like outdated / dying ports12:33
enteit's not outdated12:33
enteor dead12:33
Evil_Bobi know12:34
frinnstthe port would be12:34
enteI think you should keep it for some time, but add a line to README12:34
Evil_Bobhmm yeah i agree, and ML announcement like frinnst said12:34
enteand maybe remove it as soon as 2.8 is released12:35
entebecause people will have more important things to do than whining about missing openoffice :P12:35
enteso they won't even notice :D12:35
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Rotwangit would be much better if you guys replied to my mail not just posted here on irc15:31
frinnstwill do in the morning15:32
Rotwangwhat I'm going to do is simply drop OOo and put LO in play after notifying at the ml15:32
enteI don't give a damn, I don't use it, and I don't want to reply to the ML for something I don't use ;)15:33
frinnsti dont really use it either but that doesnt stop me from cramming my opinion down everyones throat :D15:34
Evil_BobRotwang: cant speak for everyone obv, but i like thatm so you got my seal of approval :P15:37
Evil_Bobfwiw :P15:37
RotwangI've hoped that someone might wan't to give us some more insight on current OOo and LO status15:38
Rotwangthe situation seems weird for me, two big office suites15:38
Rotwangwhere is it heading ? [;15:39
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frinnstOO will be dropped by all major distributions15:48
thrice`I think most already have15:49
thrice`it is your civic duty to drop OO, or we may get CRUX is dying threads ;)15:49
entethen drop it asap, if you think so... :P15:51
entebut it's nice to see oracle fuck up like this15:51
entealways the same when people try to make previously open-source projects closed source15:52
enteit always fails the same way15:52
laenMmmm someone on #ubuntu-server told me it's not nice to ask people if they're on drugs if they ask a question.15:52
enteand they don't learn from it15:52
entewho did that?15:52
thrice`depends on the question :p15:52
ente'weeeee mushrooms?' - 'are you on drugs?'15:53
laenNaw, someone asked if you need a hardware router, or if it's possible to do a route on a pc as well.15:53
enteno, of course it's not possible!15:54
enteyou need a router with a closed-source firmware for routing, that's obvious15:54
laenWent into #ubuntu-server for work, as we ran into troubles with LTS upgrades. Got an answer from a dev, that the currently supported 8.04 LTS release, is not supported anymore.15:54
laenSo, i guess i'm done with it and close the channnel and never go back into it anymore. Never seen such amounts of idiots grouped together.15:55
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entewell, ubuntu15:55
entethey told me they don't support me because I'm logged in as root15:55
entewhich is not the default15:55
entehence I'm a dumbass15:55
enteeven if it's unrelated to the fact that consolekit doesn't work15:56
ente"ohhh... I can't figure it out... hey! you're logged in as root, I stop supporting you"15:56
Rotwangubuntu LTS, Y U nto supported?15:57
thrice`yuno upgrade!!15:58
laenAha, multiple IP's on network card is a fscking mess as well. And to make a router you need a lot of physical network cards.15:59
laenJust left the damn channel.15:59
jaegeror VLANs16:05
jaegerout of curiosity, for what did you need to log in as root? something that wouldn't work with sudo?16:05
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enteI didn't need it, I pasted something and my prompt contained #16:09
enteI prefer not to prepend sudo to every line I type16:09
entesudo su would have logged me in as root as well16:09
enteso he would have stopped supporting me, I guess :P16:10
jseThat root prompt is clearly a red flag to ubuntu people. :D16:11
jse...because root is evil!16:11
enteroot is evil because windows has an administrator account16:11
enteand ubuntu try so hard not to be windows, they end up imitating mac os16:12
entewhich has an administrator account as well, but who cares?16:12
jseJust sudo it.16:12
Rotwangold ;f16:13
entejse: well, microsoft patented sudo :D16:14
joacimsudo -s16:15
jseomg lol. That means a lot of people use it. Someone's gotta pay for patent violation!16:15
frinnsti used to have "root" as my irc username. that usually got lots of funny reactions from ppl16:18
frinnst"dont irc as root n00b!" etc :)16:18
frinnstalso got me banned from some freenode servers16:18
jseHahaha. No root user, ever! :P16:18
entefrinnst: yep16:18
entefrinnst: I wait for "don't irc as daemon" ;)16:19
frinnsttry joining some hax0r channel on efnet and then watch the login attempts in your log :)16:20
enteyou have this nasty coreutils patch for uname17:18
entewhich is based on the faulty assumption by some gentoo people that uname is broken17:19
entewhich is wrong17:19
enteand breaks bmake17:19
ente(for instance)17:19
entethis is nasty shit :(17:20
enteoh, and having test in /usr/bin looks a little strange as well17:26
entebut debian does it the same way, I guess17:30
entemaybe poettering is right about having /usr on a "seperate" partition being pointless -- on GNU/Linux17:30
entethe uname thing is stupid though17:37
entebecause the patch doesn't fix the bug mentioned in that ML post17:37
enteI know arch and gentoo have it (because I helped debugging bmake on arch), and I'm very surprised that it's present on crux :/17:38
enteSunOS otter 5.10 Generic_118822-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440 Solaris17:40
enteThe "sparc" and "SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440" correspond to the --processor and17:40
ente--hardware-platform options that are unknown on Linux boxes."17:40
enteas you can see, the SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440 doesn't have spaces17:40
enteheilagr ~/nvidia # uname -p17:40
enteIntel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz17:40
entethis does17:40
entepatching uname like this is a bug17:40
enteespecially on a distro that "patches as little as possible" :OP17:41
thrice`if only there was a place for such things17:41
entewhat kind of things?17:41
thrice`bugs, relating to CRUX17:41
enteyou mean I should post to the ML?17:42
enteor open a bug report?17:42
enteI wanted to discuss it first17:42
thrice`:-)  jue is probably the person to ask - not sure here17:42
entejue: probably read the backlog, please :)17:44
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