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kristian-aalborghello, sorry00:57
kristian-aalborgI'm fairly confident in the command line and I've installed Ubuntu and the like dozens of times on a variety of computers... would Crux be realistic for me to install?01:01
Romstercrux requires far more skill than ubuntu01:35
Romsterbut if oyu can compile a kernel the rest should be fairly easy.01:36
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thrice`yeah, the kernel compile is the toughest part imo08:19
teK_it's not THAT hard imho08:19
teK_but well..08:20
frinnstwell, depends on what you know about your hardware :)08:20
teK_dmesg(1) and lspci -k to the rescue08:21
frinnstthe other setup is pretty easy.. basically just set up fstab and reboot08:21
joacimI always forget something08:37
joacimand it is usually the scsi, sata, or filesystem drivers08:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: t1lib: removed, FS#70208:57
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* thrice` turns up the dial on obra.se09:48
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frinnstgcc 4.609:59
tilmanbuilding gcc 4.5.2 gave me10:00
tilman=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:10:00
tilmanNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.5.2/lto110:00
tilmananyone know what's up with that?10:00
thrice`mm, I think I still have gcc locked in prt-get :(10:00
tilmanrelease notes for 4.6 look nice10:11
juetilman: building gcc now ...10:11
Rotwangwhat about this one:
tilmanlol, greek?10:21
frinnstslackware 13.3710:23
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thrice`so 4.6 is safe ? :>10:30
frinnstbuilding now10:31
frinnstlets see what other packages break :)10:32
juetilman: works for me, no footprint error10:39
thrice`funky cflags ?10:42
thrice`is that the gold linker stuff?10:43
tilmanit's link time optimization stuff (probably)10:52
tilmanremember the nam of the lib that's required for lto?10:55
juehmm, not sure, but possibly libelf11:09
jueyeah, it's libelf11:12
thrice`ah, didn't know if that came along after enabling it in binutils, and rebuilding gcc or something11:14
thrice`anyone tried libjpeg-turbo yet ?  supposed to be up to v8 standards now, making it a drop-in for libjpeg.  rumor is better upstream devs, more open, and a lot quicker.  seems many distros are switching to it lately11:23
tilmanjue: ah, i have libelf, from the elfutils port11:28
frinnstA new general optimization level, -Ofast, has been introduced.11:59
frinnstthey should have called it -Ogentoo11:59
* thrice` edits pkgmk.conf and rebuilds his packages at least 3 times to be sure12:08
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Evil_Bob:o is 4.6 out ? or is it still some release-candidate-like ?12:27
thrice`    :>12:28
Evil_Bobsweet :)12:29
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slashbeastsome people saying that it produce slower code than 4.5.x13:01
slashbeastand also 4.5.x produce slower code than 4.4.x13:01
treachthe source is out there. A few builds of gcc/mozilla/gnome/kde would probably give a good indication. ;) It's also dot.Oh.13:09
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tilmanwho are these people and how did they come to this conclusion?13:29
Rotwangslashbeast: yeah, some more info would be appreciated13:30
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slashbeastit was on phoronix forums I believe14:17
slashbeastthere is also topic about 4.4 vs 4.5 on gcc mailing list 'Massive performance regression from switching to gcc 4.5'14:18
tilmanuh, phoronix14:22
slashbeastare you one of phoronix heater?14:22
tilman(that's the thread you mentioned)14:22
tilmanslashbeast: hater is probably the wrong word ;D14:23
Evil_Bobmost phoronix postings arent worth posting imho14:23
thrice`phoronix is mostly trash14:23
slashbeastyou just don't give damn I presume14:23
Evil_Boblike "project <somename> is coming along"14:24
tilman"random developer posting this on their blog"14:24
tilman"random gsoc student proposed doing $whatever this summer"14:24
Evil_Bobyeah :)14:24
tilmanthe low point was when he recently wrote bout this plans to visit chernobyl ._.14:25
tilman(and i don't mean the fact that he wants to go there)14:25
treachprobably the only way to get any shining articles on that site. :>14:27
tilmanhorribly inappropriate timing + that bit about "us/europeans overeacting about nuclear power" o m f g14:28
treachI heard germans in the eastern part could start eating mushrooms again.... in 200 years or so.14:29
* thrice` was in east germany weeks ago14:30
thrice`no mushrooms, though :)14:31
treachgood idea. :>14:31
treachpretty good illustration though why nuclear isn't such good idea really. Chernobyl was only 25 years ago - yet I think most people except for maybe the locals would realize that picking mushrooms etc wouldn't be a good idea.14:32
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frinnstphoronix is great and yet so aweful14:44
frinnstthe amount of self-advertising is appalling14:44
frinnstjust try reading an article and find the root source.. its impossible. all links are just searches on phoronix.com14:45
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andariussalutations and waffles14:49
treachwaffle day was yesterday. your calendar is off. ;)14:50
andariussalutations and pancakes?14:51
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andariuswith bacon!14:51
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thrice`mm, noone has an apvlv port yet16:46
Evil_Bobi prefer zathura :)16:47
entezathura has some quirks, I went back to xpd16:48
thrice`hum, not heard of that one :>16:48
entezathura is definitely nice16:48
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treach"Only in America"18:04
tilmanland of the free, home of the gun nuts18:15
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jaegerwow, that article makes them sound like the most ass-backward fucks alive18:35
jaegermaybe they SHOULD be let to settle things with their guns18:35
jaegerpeople suck18:35
jaegersadly I doubt the article exaggerates them18:40
treach"I'm surronded by Assholes!" :>18:41
jaegerindeed, heh18:41
enteand yes, people suck18:44
ThePubjust using dd into my usb device should be enough for this usb img I assume?18:59
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frinnstfucking pointless daylight savings19:59
ThePubvery much so.20:00
Rotwangfrinnst: haha20:11
Rotwangso true20:11
Rotwangcrappy idea20:12
Rotwang"we have nothing better to do today so lets fuck with everyones biological clocks"20:13
frinnstits totally pointless this far up north20:14
frinnstits already daylight 24/720:14
frinnstwell, not yet.. but it will be soon :)20:14
treachyou've got to love the fact that the whole idea - which was fricking stupid to begin with - is pretty much mooted thanks to the EU stepping in and "standardizing".20:15
treachie, we're changing too late for it to have any real effect, both in the autum, and in the spring, just to "harmonize" with the rest of the gang. :/20:16
ThePubWhat I love in the US are the handful of towns which have opted out of daylight savings.  It's interesting to cross city-limits only to step back an hour or two :)20:17
Rotwanghaha, nice20:17
treachdang, I guess it's kind of hard to avoid speeding there. :>20:19
treach"sir, you drove so fast time moved backwards, I'm afraid that'll cost you."20:20
Rotwangc + <your current speed>20:20
Rotwangevery policemen has to be physics major up there20:22
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Rotwangmy dog sleeps with eyes wide open20:25
Rotwangit creeps me out20:25
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jaegerhrmm.... another xbmc issue21:32
jaegercan't play DVD ISO images properly, sound is just static21:32
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andariussalutations and waffles21:54
ThePubhmm, must've missed something.  ran lilo and it added my partition.  rebooted and here grub still came up, but of course didn't work.  hehe22:19
jaegerwas grub installed to the MBR and lilo to a partition instead, perhaps?22:19
ThePubthat's what I'm thinking.  haven't used lilo in years, so just have to make sure of things I suppose.22:20
jaegerjust need to check the root= and boot= settings22:22
ThePubiirc I need to append something22:29
jaegerhave an unusual setup?22:30
ThePubsince /dev/sda1 = /boot and /dev/sda5 = /, in my lilo image append= needs to have a "root=/dev/sda5" maybe?22:30
jaegerah, you don't need append for root, no22:30
jaegeryou could do something like this:22:30
jaegerplus whatever other options you might like22:30
ThePubyes, that doesn't work.  which is why I seemed to remember needing to tell the kernel after it's loaded some more detail.22:37
ThePubthere it is22:37
ThePubno, there it isn't22:37
ThePubI know what it is now22:38
ThePubso the "root" device is your boot partition, then you tell the kernel where to boot from with the append command :)22:41
ThePubanyways, time to go waste away at work.  ^_^22:41
jaegerI suppose that's one way to do it, heh22:42
jaegerif it works, great22:42
ThePubit's the only way to do it as far as I know.22:43
jaegerwell, for reference, I have a different setup22:43
jaegersda1 is swap, sda2 is /boot, sda3 is /22:43
jaegerin lilo.conf, root=/dev/sda322:43
jaegerthe only append statement I use is "quiet"22:44
jaegerI can pastebin the lilo.conf if you want to look at it22:44
ThePubnope, this works great :)  thanks though.  leaving anways.22:45
jaegertake care22:45
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