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ThePuball systems go, now to build everything up :)10:06
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Hedonistaafter you install crux do you have gui desktop?10:20
thrice`yeah, it installs at least openbox, xterm, and firefox with the iso10:23
Hedonistaoh great , thanks thrice`10:30
frinnstbut you need to set it up. you wont boot into a gui10:30
thrice`so, you can at least start up X and open a terminal while you install other things :)10:30
Hedonistaand what is crux based on?10:32
Hedonistaderived from10:32
thrice`nothing really :)  kinda slackware-ish with a ports tree10:32
Hedonistaall righty then10:32
thrice`but it was done from scratch10:33
Hedonistasounds good10:33
Hedonistayeh i have booted the disk already10:33
frinnstyeah. if youre used to slack you'll feel right at home10:33
Hedonistanot slackware but i have installed gentoo from scratch10:33
Hedonistacant be worse than that10:33
thrice`no, not at all :)  much simpler10:33
frinnstno. its simpler10:33
Hedonistathats good news then10:34
Hedonistahey thank you both frinnst & thrice` for the help10:34
thrice`sure ;)  most are pretty friendly here, except for the germans of course10:35
frinnstyes, they are horrible10:35
tilmankeep smiling dude :>10:54
thrice`oh, I mean..hum10:54
tilmantested gcc 4.6 yet?10:58
frinnstyes, running it now10:58
frinnsthavent really used it much yet10:58
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thrice`frinnst, I'm pulling the crux ISO from  at 13.3 kb/s btw :p11:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: depends on glib.11:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wireshark: updated to
frinnstdont steal my bandwidth when im downloading porn!11:55
thrice`:-)  sorry, done now11:56
frinnstcurrently 10mbit upload11:57
thrice`ah, i didn't know it was out of your home - sorry :>11:58
frinnstheh, no problem11:58
Evil_Bobwrote a silly RSS script :)11:58
frinnst100/10mbit. cant just let it sit and do nothing11:58
thrice`I think I am 6/1 , and soon to be capped by the ISP11:59
frinnstus isp's really do suck, dont they?12:00
thrice`it's the trend here in the states12:00
frinnstseems like it is in more and more places, uk too12:00
thrice`250gb monthly cap, because some people 'use too much and it strains our poor pipes' :p12:00
enteEvil_Bob: sh & sleep 2; scrot ;)12:03
enteEvil_Bob: there's either & or ;12:03
frinnst-rwxr-xr-x 1 root bin 88K Apr 22  2005 /usr/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc-4.0.012:03
frinnstfrom my old slackware install :D12:03
entedefine "old"12:04
Evil_Bobente: i know, typo'd12:04
enteit didn't look like you know12:04
entebecause you were doing the same thing in a subshell afterwards :P12:05
Evil_Bobthe last one is correct though12:05
Evil_Bobonly forgot ()12:06
entethe last one is correct and not equivalent12:06
thrice`frinnst, wtf, that's nuts12:06
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* treach thinks is pretty amusing. Apparently it's pretty popular too. Vector even have a gui for it. O.o
frinnstthats pretty much how i migrated. installed all the pkg and ports stuff12:27
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thrice`that's kinda goofy13:00
thrice`the kernel compile was the last thing I sucked at.  after that, the move was easy13:00
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thrice`arch seems so nice on paper13:52
treach..and still their users drop out and come here. :>13:52
RotwangI'm still wondering why LO is the best choice here13:54
thrice`Rotwang, every other distro has pretty much dropped OOo.  OOo had a habit of rejecting people's patches and improvements I guess, so the non-oracle guys got upset and forked it into a project that would accept people's work.  in the end, it will surely win13:56
treachassuming you're refering to "libre office", it's presumeably because that's essentially what everyone else have been using before13:56
thrice`your port works fine, btw :)13:57
treachlibre office is basically what was refered to as go-office or whatever the novell people decided to call it, afaik.13:57
treach(which I guess was what everyone was using, plus their own eventual patches since it has better support for ms file formats afair.)13:59
Rotwangyeah, but go-oo was only improved version of upstream OOo13:59
Rotwangbut LO is full open source project on its own13:59
thrice`so, you are nervous about LO maybe not surviving ?13:59
thrice`I would say, put time and effort into an LO port in contrib, but leave OOo around still, but maybe not update it :-)14:00
thrice`leave it for people as a reference, if they want, and maybe dump it after a certain period14:00
treachafaik it's basically the same as go-oo, and go-oo will probably go-oo away. :>14:00
treachsince everyone seems to be on the LO-bandwagon14:01
treach(execpt oracle, that is. :o) )14:01
Rotwangthrice`: OOo and LO can't be in contrib at once, imo14:01
thrice`treach, I think it's alot more than go-oo.  didn't alot of guys actually leave OO with the LO introduction?  I think it has a much greater dev backend than go-oo ever did14:01
Rotwangjust looking for some killer arguments against OOo14:02
treachquite possibly, I only meant that go-oo was afaik pretty much the starting point for it, in reality.14:02
Evil_Bobi would definitely go for libreoffice14:09
Evil_Bobalso i dont see openoffice being more popular in the long run, but who knows i guess :D14:09
frinnstwhy cant oo & lo coexist in contrib for a while?14:17
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Evil_Bobi see no technical reason why it cant14:25
thrice`sudo: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: crypt     :(14:26
thrice`maybe kernel related14:31
tilmanare you saying that undefined symbol might be kernel related?14:41
thrice`could it be missing crypt stuff in my kernel config?14:42
tilmanthis is entirely userspace stuff :)14:45
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tilmanthrice`: crypt should be defined in libcrypt14:46
thrice`but sudo doesn't depend on that, surely?14:46
tilmanthrice`: ldd /usr/bin/sudo and see if it a) is linked against libcrypt and b) if ldd complains that libcrypt isn't found or something14:46
frinnstit is14:47
tilmanthrice`: it does, in order to verify passwords14:47
thrice`nope, seems sane14:47
tilmanyou punch in "mypassword", then sudo hashes it (using crypt()) and compares it to the crap in /etc/shadow14:47
thrice`so, sudo in core depends on libgcrypt in opt?14:48
tilmannot libgcrypt14:48
tilmanlibcrypt :)14:48
thrice`aah, oops14:48
tilmanlibcrypt is part of glibc14:48
thrice`yes, I have that locked at 2.12.1 still14:48
thrice`probably it :)14:49
tilmanyour runofthemill crux system shows this problem?14:49
tilmanor did you do something screwy? ;>14:49
thrice`this is a new instal on a laptop, but yes, just a sysup after locking gcc + glibc14:50
tilmancan you paste 'ldd /usr/bin/sudo'?14:50
thrice`so 'sudo prt-get sysup' worked, and then refused afterwards14:50
frinnsthave you rebuilt sudo? :)14:51
thrice`sure -
thrice`yeah, of course, it was bumped to 1.8.014:51
tilmansee, no reference to libcrypt14:51
tilmanfakeroot pkgmk -kw14:52
tilmancd $work_dir14:52
tilmangrep makefiles for libcrypt14:52
tilmanand figure out why it thinks it doesn't need to link to it14:52
tilman(some libcs define crypt())14:52
tilman(eg the BSD ones iirc)14:52
thrice`lets try without as-needed14:55
thrice`that did it14:56
thrice`sorry for the noise14:56
thrice`I guess as-needed screwed with the linking order14:58
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tilmanjust looked at some phoronix headlines15:31
tilmanmy IQ dropped by 1%15:31
Evil_Boblol only 1% ? :o15:32
Evil_Bobi still follow the RSS feed of it because it rarely has an interesting article =(15:33
frinnstcheck out the links in the article15:41
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xproto: updated to
tilmannice videos16:01
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frinnstholy shit16:26
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Evil_Bobthats... alot of water16:40
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andariussalutations and waffles21:28
ThePubwas hoping joe and wmii would be in contrib :)  is there a ports with them, or suppose I need to build them mysefl?22:03
ThePubah, it doesn't surprise me I missed that unassuming little search box at the top of the page.  my appologies :(  little eee screen can be hard to read22:25
ThePubhave my user directory restored, xorg build, x actually running (no xinerama yet, but that's lack of support in nv and nothing else).. just need to get a window manager rolling.  off to build a ports repo for wmii requirements I suppose!22:26
ThePubafter work, unfortunately.  it's too late now :(22:26
* andarius would be happy if there was something usefull to replace xinerama22:27
ThePubtoo many ideas on how to make it work correctly to b22:29
ThePube useful22:29
ThePubstill remember moving from a macos multiple-display machine, to windows 95 (big downgrade in the macos 8 days imo), then finally seeing for the first time with dual displays in like 97 or so.. bug there was no concept of "screens"22:30
andariuswell, xinerama works correctly now for the most part. just incurs a massive performance hit and breaks a few things22:30
ThePubso from that perspective xinerama was a big upgrade, hehe22:30
ThePubidk details, I'm just a user of technology mostly.  doesn't randr in some way improve on this?  or maybe it just automates things?22:31
andariusrandr does not work with multiple screens on multiple GPUs22:32
ThePubinteresting.. I can, almost, use my archlinux PKGBUILD files under crux.22:35
andariusinteresting indeed22:39
ThePubwill save some time, lol, have a whole long list of desktop software and patches being maintained.  will make it a little easier, I hope.22:41
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