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pitillogood morning01:00
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ThePubgood morning!03:16
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ThePubIn a pkgfile that will utilize a git or mercurial repository, just leave the source array empty and do the work of checking out in the build function I assume?03:26
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ThePubis it possible to update the programs which depend on a program if you update it?08:46
ThePublike if I install an updated library have the system after updating the library, recompile those programs which depend on it.08:47
thrice`ThePub, you can probably  use 'prt-get dependent foo' to get a nice list, and pipe that to 'prt-get update -fr'08:47
thrice`ThePub, there is also a tool to check linking in prt-utils08:48
ThePubthank ylou'08:50
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ThePubbizarre.. depinst xscreensaver and it's installing cups08:56
Evil_Bobtry checking the deptree to see which package requires cups :)08:58
Evil_Bobit sounds strange indeed08:58
ThePubwell, I assume (without looking) it's GTK.  GTK has the printing setup, which depends on cups, and xscreensaver's pref window is a gtk app.08:59
frinnstnah, netpbm depends on ghostscript and that depends on cups08:59
frinnstghostscript can be compiled without cups though09:00
ThePuboh, I'm not complaining :)  would've had to get around to installing it as it was otherwise my laser printer would be sad.09:00
ThePubit's just a funny turn of events that you install a screensaver and get a printing daemon :)09:01
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* jaeger sighs10:21
Rotwangsup jaeger?10:25
jaegerjust sighing because a user filled up his hard drive and then was surprised that he had no space10:25
jaegerwe have network storage specifically for this reason and we taught him how to use it10:26
RotwangI'm working in a call center10:28
jaegerMy condolences10:28
Rotwangsometimes we have to send some recorded talks to our partners10:28
Rotwangso we download them from our storage, convert to mp3 pack with rar and password10:29
Rotwangthen send archive via email, and password via sms10:29
Rotwangtoday I got an email from one of the people I sent archieve to with attachemen10:30
Rotwangwhich was a .doc file10:30
Rotwangcontaining a screenshot10:30
DaViruzmy head hurts already10:31
jaegerat least they didn't print the doc, scan it, then email you the pdf10:31
Rotwangwith a mediaplayer message window: "mediaplayer can not open rar file"10:31
DaViruzsounds preferable to me, i always have a pdf reader but rarely a .doc reader10:32
enteI always love when people send me empty mails with .doc attached10:32
Rotwangor something similar10:32
jaegerhaha, nice10:32
enteand the content of the .doc is plaintext10:32
jaegerI've considered writing some documentation on how to capture and email screenshots... windows 7 (which most of our desktop users use) has a nice snip tool built in10:32
jaegerjust not sure people would read it and remember10:33
Rotwangsometimes one of our workers come in and says "computer is broken"10:33
Rotwang"computer is broken, it wont turn on", then I come to the computer, push the power button10:34
Rotwangand guess what? It works10:34
Rotwanghelpdesk is one hell of a job10:35
Romsterno one in there right mind is that dumb that they don't press the power button...10:36
Romsterthough i've had ones forget to plug it in10:37
jaegerI've been pushing to get actual helpdesk staff hired, I don't want to be helpdesk people10:37
jaegerbusy enough with infrastructure and networking10:37
RotwangRomster: it is usuallu women who has problems with simpelst things10:37
Romsteri do help for isp among other tasks10:37
Romstermost of it is emails not working....10:38
Rotwangbut most of my companys employes are women10:38
Romsterah might explain it..if they arn't tech savvy10:38
Romsteri got anything from businesses to home users.10:39
Romsterthough i've had quite a few dumb questions10:39
RotwangRomster: my job is similar to "IT Crowd" tv series10:40
Rotwang"have you tried to turn it off and on again?"10:40
frinnstARE YOU SURE?10:40
frinnstARE YOU SURE?10:40
frinnstARE YOU SURE?10:40
frinnstARE YOU SURE?10:40
Romsterand when i tell soemone to bring there router and pwoer pack they either foget the power pack or bring me every god damn cable they can lay there hands on including the phone!10:40
Romsteri pressed the reset button... on modem... oh gawd bring it in so i can reprogram it...10:41
Romsteranyhow enough BOFH for me to night, heading to bed g'night.10:42
* Rotwang is looking for a better job but it is not easy to find10:46
jaegergood luck!10:51
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Rotwanganyone from czech rep.?12:12
entefucking headache12:14
frinnsthave some coffe12:15
frinnstusually helps :)12:15
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Rotwangor maybe some nice cheap place in the east of germany worth visiting? ;f12:27
Rotwangbtw. germans has cheaper sugar imported from poland, than polish sugar in poland12:28
Rotwang(just little digression)12:28
entefrinnst: getting new glasses would help, I guess12:28
entealthough it might be the blood circulation12:29
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lainjoin #wmfs12:33
lainooh, forgot /12:34
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frinnstanyone running multilib these days?13:06
jaegernot me, currently. I'd like to but haven't had enough time to fix my toolchain, never got it working properly13:08
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jaegerI wish there were some more accessible documentation on multilib building from scratch... CLFS is great for showing you exactly what commands to run but they don't explain what's actually required to make everything work15:48
frinnstyeah. there was a guy from the crux64 (yes, it exists!!) ml talking about that15:49
frinnsthe had a hard time finding relevant info15:49
jaegerDid he end up finding it or is he still in that position?15:49
frinnstdidnt find anything, thats why i asked here15:49
jaegerI should probably subscribe15:49
jaegerAh, ok15:49
peter99I'm downloading ppc 2.7 source iso15:49
frinnstheh. its a low traffic ml :D15:49
jaegerfine by me :)15:49
peter99seem to have a multilib compiler15:50
peter99nice :)15:50
jaegerhrmm, nice15:51
jaegeryeesh, had a user with a 73G .xsession-errors file15:52
frinnstno quota's ?15:54
jaegerNope, his personal workstation15:54
peter99LFS-BOOK-6.8 looks real good16:17
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frinnstthat was probably the ML guy btw16:20
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entefrinnst: where's the crux64 ML?16:36
RotwangI'm subscribed,but i doesnt get any new mail16:36
frinnstits archive will fit on a floppy :)16:37
RotwangI do, just did not notice it16:37
thrice`omg, I didn't know such a thing existed :p16:38
enteah, crux-arm is sepen's and pitillo's thing16:38
entemaybe a wiki page about all the ports would be good16:38
ente <- ah16:40
entefunny how there are 2 ports to x86_6416:40
enteis the other one still active?16:41
frinnsthannes port returns a 403 forbidden :o16:42
ThePubso "Footprint mistmatch found" says that I don't apparently have some files in waht would be installed.  if that' sthe case, wouldn't it be the same for whomever put the package in the xorg port?16:55
frinnstdepends. did you do a depinst with prt-get?16:58
frinnstif you just cd'ed and did a pkgmk you might be missing some optional dependencies16:58
frinnstwhat are you building?16:59
treachshouldn't that be "the packager obviously had some optional dependencies installed"? ;)17:00
frinnstyes, but as someone pointed out earlier.. if you depinst xscreensaver you also get cups installed :)17:01
treachindeed. The question seemed to be if the packager shouldn't notice.17:03
ThePubI ran depinst on gtk, which is what finally kicked back the error.  everything else worked, gtk failed because of missing files.17:04
treachWhich - as most of us know - isn't the case, since you don't have anything to compare with17:04
ente[00:01] < frinnst> yes, but as someone pointed out earlier.. if you depinst xscreensaver you also get cups installed :)17:05
treachThePub: failed to build, or failed to install?17:05
treachente: look at the deptree ;)17:05
ThePubtreach: failed to installed because of a footrint mismatch.  no, it seems to have compiled fine :)17:06
enteit's a prt-get builtin17:06
entexscreensaver depends on fortune17:07
enteshouldn't the dependencies be kept minimal?17:07
thrice`ThePub, it depends :)  are there alot files ?  anything obvious?17:07
treachThePub: that will happen now and then, since it's pretty hard to keep track of _everything_ including dynamic dependencies picked up at build time.17:07
entei.e. only "real" dependencies, not just something optional?17:07
treachente, too ^17:08
entetreach: hm?17:08
entesorry, I'm a little bit tired17:08
ThePubfootprint errors can happen for both missing and additional files?17:08
treachente: dynamically picked up dependencies.17:09
ThePubok, so that makes sense then17:09
entetreach: eh?17:09
enteThePub: you can optionally ignore additional files or all footprint mismatches17:09
ThePubsince cups installed with xscreensaver, when gtk built it also added the cups backend which wasn't in the footprint for the opt/gtk port17:09
thrice`the file list may have been the same still17:10
enteactually, PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW is pretty useful imo17:10
entetreach: I still don't get it :D17:11
treachnever mind then.17:11
enteI'm just too tired17:11
enteI think no optional dependencies should be "picked up"17:11
treachbut they are. thank the configure scripts for that.17:12
ThePubwith the autotools isn't that a bit difficult in some cases?17:12
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ThePubmaybe, always ignoring the footprint isn't such a bad idea.17:45
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ThePubinteresting, wmii compiles fine but isn't reading any events so while my keyboard works (prestart an xterm and it'll work for example) the window manager doesn't process any events since there's no input being captured.19:38
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ThePubmust be me.  requiring ruby to install a C library seems a little counter-intuitive :)20:12
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