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pitillo_good morning00:55
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laenente ente ente!03:52
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frinnstwow, the chromium browser ships with an entire operatingsystems worth of libs10:22
laenCreate an entry in your MBR for your Chromium. Suprise!10:24
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/chromium-12.0.717.0$ du -sh10:27
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ rm -r chromium-12.0.717.0*10:27
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Evil_Bobfrinnst: i use the binary google-chrome for this reason10:38
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frinnstno thanks, i dont enjoy having a unique id tagged to my browser10:51
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Evil_Bobtru dat10:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: scribus: 1.3.8 -> 1.4.0.rc311:22
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thrice`anyone tried mplayer2 yet? :)12:15
frinnstwhats changed in it?12:17
frinnstany nice benefits?12:17
Evil_Bobi hope the fork of ffmpeg and mplayer doesnt affect its quality though12:18
laenThe evil takeover of ffmpeg. I think it's completely stupid. But then again, i heard they're going for code quality.12:19
thrice`frinnst, dunno, their site has a few listed things12:21
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sirmacikah, everytime I install crux it's really great fun for me (:13:15
sirmacikhi, btw \o13:16
slashbeastfrinnst: I used mplayer2 for a months (it was mplayer-uau before)13:42
slashbeastperformance better, because of multithread support, I was able watch h264 1080p on my netbook, support for ordered chapters also is awesome.13:43
lainslashbeast, have mplayer-mt a connection with mplayer2?13:44
lainor they have separate code trees?13:45
slashbeastNo idea, I used it with mplayer-build.git repo, I never saw mplayer-mt.13:45
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lainok, thanks.13:46
frinnstim currently using the mplayer-build thingy13:49
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entealso, mplayer2 got rid of mencoder16:20
enteand apparently, it's not a serious fork16:20
enteotherwise they would have come up with a better name ;)16:21
enteI guess they hope for an EGCS-like merge16:21
sirmacikente: as I've heard mencoder'll be implemented in incoming release16:29
entesomething similar to mencoder16:30
entethey say the code is "rotten"16:30
enteso I guess that's ok16:30
entesometimes you need to fork stable stuff to do feature enhancements16:30
sirmacikand speedup its development (;16:31
thrice`weird for a project like mplayer though, which has had, how many releases now, 0? :p16:31
entesirmacik: yeah, exactly16:32
sirmacikmplayer2 had two or more so far (I don't remember now)16:32
entesirmacik: like the way I'm going to fork thttpd ;)16:32
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sirmacikbtw. has ayone tried running crux on virtualbox?16:33
sirmacikmy friend has tried to run it on qemu but he (or it) failed and now he's looking into virtualbox16:34
sirmacikand asking for soem tips &tricks eventually (;16:34
thrice`not here, sorry :(  I rarely use v-box, but should16:35
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Rotwangsirmacik: crux pod vboxem jest proste jak jebanie jeza16:39
Rotwangjakie wskazowki mialyby byc potrzebne?16:39
Evil_Bobsirmacik: yeah runs fine, be wary of xorg-server versions and virtualbox though :)16:39
sirmacikRotwang: to nie mnie tylko dru1dowi mów, on się pyta, bo mu na qemu nie poszło16:39
Evil_Bobincompatible drivers etc :)16:39
Rotwangbo zjebal16:39
sirmacikthx Evil_Bob16:40
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Rotwangwill push LO to contrib later this week16:43
* Rotwang wonders if there is need for LO from source16:43
sirmacikfrom my experience it works faster than -bin16:44
sirmacikbut time of compilation was about 3 hours ;f16:45
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entelooks like a candidate for my binary packages collection18:12
enteif I get around to finish the toolchain18:12
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