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ThePubinstead of using a floppy for a custom kern, I should be able to just replace /boot on the usb stick right?00:55
pitillogood morning00:57
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Romsteryeah DST ends this weekend for me.02:05
Romsterwill hate adjusting my body clock yet again.02:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lm_sensors: updated to 3.3.002:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: updated to 2.12.002:05
sepenI just updated gnutls but still depending on libgcrypt instead of libnettle02:07
sepenRomster: could you see if will be problems with libsoup against this new gnutls02:08
Romsteri only just got home... in a moment.02:09
sepenahh there is no hurry02:09
sepenbut if you find something strange I could try to build a new release of gnutls against libnettle02:10
Romsterlibnettle i haven't heard of that one new dep?02:10
sepenand same for the other ports depending on gnutls: claws-mail and filezilla02:10
sepenit was introduced in 2.11.x though02:12
Romsterdownloading gnutls now02:14
Romstersepen, libsoup at least builds fine.02:23
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sepenthanks for testing it02:35
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ThePubwouldn't it be great if we could just run graphical programs from the console?  :)  like the console was a backdrop and the programs themselves ran on a layer above directly on the framebuffer.03:19
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Romsteravoiding X11?03:27
ThePubbasically.  still remember when the framebuffer came out, for those who could use it, and there were libraries attempting to do just that.03:28
Romsternot many use it sad.y03:30
ThePubbrb :)03:39
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ThePubI think the console would be more useful, at least for me, if there was a decent browser for it.  W3M and Links2 just don't quite cut it for the day-to-day, longterm use.03:46
Romsternone of them do picture rendering.03:51
ThePublinks will render tiff, jpeg, png if you've compiled it on an svgalib or framebuffer capable machine.03:57
ThePubof course, since it doesn't obey css rules or let javascript modify the dom it can be pretty funky :)03:57
Romsteroh i see.04:02
Romsterseems firefox can be done in frame buffer04:07
ThePubhehe, cute04:16
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ThePubno actual files under "core" after cloning ports/core.git?04:43
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pitilloThePub: have you selected the branch and checked it out?04:45
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Rotwangfor fucks sake04:46
ThePubRotwang: I would say!  :)04:47
ThePubpitillo: of course not :)04:47
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ThePublinux kernel doesn't appear to actually have a port in core, so you wouldn't ever need to list it as a dependency for core items?04:58
ThePubnm, found my answer.  thanks.04:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: monit: updated to 5.2.506:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.24.3406:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: doxygen: updated to 1.7.406:40
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ThePubcan it really be called mobile computing when turning on your wifi drains the battery so quickly?  hmm, maybe it should be "zonal computing", "computing within the zone of a wallplug!"06:52
teK_wrong battery/laptop?06:53
Romsteryeah i know what you mean my phone doesn't last more than a day and a bit with wifi on07:01
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ThePubbudump, budump, building an ISO is boring.. there should be a tetris game or something!  :)07:39
teK_if you have a zsh at hand you can do: autoload -U tetris07:41
Romsterinstall frozen-bubble hours of fun.07:44
Romsteror one of the other games.07:44
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ThePubjust hope I did this right, would suck to have missed something :)07:51
jaegerWhat are you doing?07:52
ThePubjust building an iso with updated kernel and nilfs-utils07:54
ThePubdoing something silly, puting nilfs on the root :)07:56
jaegerspeaking of fs support, I didn't know until yesterday you actually have to enable TRIM support in ext4, it's off by default07:56
jaegernothing silly about that if you don't mind experimenting :)07:56
ThePubwhat's more disturbing was not having sata on by default, hehe07:57
jaegerwhat doesn't have that by default?07:57
ThePubthe 2.7 default kernel config just has the basic sata modularized.  at least on this machine it meant kernel panic.  my own fault for assuming a sensible default for this hardware.07:58
thrice`you used the default config as your installation kernel config, eg?07:59
jaegerwell, it's intended for use with the initial ramdisk07:59
jaegerSo if you built one of those for your install it'd work :)07:59
jaegernot worth the trouble, though07:59
ThePubthrice`: no, more like rushed through saying "yes, no, yes, yes" and missing the block driver.08:00
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jaegerman, so much babysitting is required for gnome packages to find nss/nspr includes sometimes10:28
jaegereww, hard dep on pulseaudio now10:31
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sepenlol, childintime is now known as deeppurple10:47
sepensee ya'10:47
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sirmacikhi there \o11:14
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ThePublibdevmapper fails with "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ludev" during pkgmk, killing the bootstrap compile.  Looking at what goes on in Makefile it seems, since I'm still in the 0 stage, that it just is simply compiling everything under each collection.  I'm trying to look over the mail archive but am not finding anyone else reporting a similar issue.  Apparently the port for libdevmapper is screwed up in some way though?13:03
entejulianj: *poke&13:15
ThePub2.7 branch should be correct and what is used currently, no?13:27
jaegerente: up to 85/192 for gnome 2.1.93 :P13:41
jaegerThePub: yes13:41
entejaeger: hm?13:41
jaegerente: we were talking about jhbuild yesterday, right? or did I mix you up with someone?13:41
enteI just noticed that they have their own build system :P13:42
entewhich seemed redundant13:42
jaegerWhat do they use now?13:42
enteor wait, jhbuild is a metabuildsystem, right?13:43
entewrapping around all the other stuff13:43
entewhatever ^^13:43
jaegeraround autotools and all13:43
enteand what's with 85/192?13:43
jaeger85/192 packages built13:44
jaegersorry, I was unclear13:44
entenice :)13:44
enteso, it wasn't hard at all?13:44
jaegerI've had to babysit it a ton so far13:44
jaegernot hard but it's definitely nowhere near flawless13:45
enteah, well13:45
enteI guess they'll sort it out until final?13:45
jaegerperhaps, or it might just be that CRUX and whatever they build with are so different that accounts for the changes13:47
ThePubwhen has gnome ever compiled without lots of help?13:47
jaegernot recently, for me13:48
entewell, people expect binary packages, I guess :P13:52
entestill, I believe it's a little bit unfriendly to make the packagers do extra work13:52
jaegerthat's pretty much why I abandoned the CRUX gnome ports13:53
entertorrent's UI sucks >.<13:53
enteit makes me want to patch it out13:54
jaegerheh, you could just look for an alternative13:54
entejaeger: that's also pretty much why slackware abandoned gnome, I guess13:54
entewell, rtorrent does have rtcontrol13:54
enteI used to patch another UI in anyway13:55
entebut this is debian :P13:55
enteactually, rtorrent sucks in any regard13:55
enteI want to make my own torrent client! ;)13:55
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enteI wonder if btg is any good13:57
jaegerI like utorrent the best but it's windows only14:00
jaegerI use rtorrent when I need one in linux14:01
enteI usually have >100 torrents, that's plain horrible with rtorrent's default UI :)14:01
jaegerI usually have 4 going :)14:05
jaegerthey're all CRUX14:05
enteoh, the joy of private trackers :P14:17
enteI used to seed freebsd 8.0 from uni14:24
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ThePubhaving missing characters is rough15:10
ThePubkb really must have all its keys  :)15:10
enteit doesn't?15:11
ThePubhave a dead "d" atm so have to use an external usb kb.  it's just not much of handheld when you have to juggle an additional typical device :\15:12
thrice`ThePub, does that mean your input is now working?15:23
ThePubno, this machine uses debian15:25
ThePubcrux is compiling bootstrap again atm15:26
thrice`again! :o15:26
ThePubseveral packages did not compile as advertised15:28
ThePubtook the opportunity to go ahead and remove vim and add joe and some other things15:32
ThePubI assume it will still fail though, will have to figure out why libdevmapper cannot find udev.  appears some things were recently done to packages surrounding that which maybe is why it fails now, and didn't at the time of the cd iso compile :)15:33
frinnstThePub: what are you brewing?15:36
jaegerwoot, got my postgresql 9 streaming replication working, finally15:38
jaegerThePub: are you bootstrapping an ISO just to add kernel stuff?15:38
jaegeryou could reuse the official or update ISO packages15:38
jaegersave a lot of time15:38
ThePubhad to add nilfs-utils, updated kernel version since it's an experimental filesystem type.  yeah, just updating the kernel and adding 1 package is the only real requirement.15:39
jaegerok, so if you copy the packages from an already-created ISO into their places in your ISO tree, you can skip the bootstrap step15:41
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ThePubwouldn't the updates to libdevmapper be a little better?  from the read it appears they might be.15:49
jaegerit's probably good to update at some point but I'd wait until I had a running system, probably15:50
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frinnst*oops* better late than never:16:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] nss: mark several fraudulent HTTPS certificates as unstrusted.16:20
teK_ /216:21
frinnstmozilla upstream sucks balls16:21
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ThePubjaeger: ok, so I've copied the core from 2.7, added a "custom" with nilfs-utils and will update the makefile with the kernel and add the config and source archive to the kernel directory.  should just be able to run "make iso" then after that?16:22
jaegerthe makefile will want the opt and xorg packages as well16:28
jaegeryou might also take a look at the iso packages list in the makefile, nilfs utils should be added if you want to use them during the install without adding the package manually16:28
ThePubyeah, I did that and removed xorg from the list of collections16:31
ThePuboops, syslinux is not the version the makeful thinks it is :)16:34
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ThePubutil-linux-ng replaces util-linux I would assume?17:30
ThePuband iirc devfs is deprecated isn't it?17:31
thrice`other way around, util-linux-ng was renamed to util-linux again.  the crux port is up to date, but the name isn't changed yet (since there isn't a great way to change the user db)17:33
ThePubwell, the makefile is asking for util-linux and util-linux-ng is supplied, so for now I'll just adjust the makefile17:35
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Rotwangis there a difference between assembling into raid array two ata ant two sata disks?18:07
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ThePubso I need mkisofs but cdr tools isn't in core or opt :(18:43
sirmacikthere is cdrkit in opt18:57
sirmacikIt has replaced cdrtools few years ago18:58
sirmacikThePub: ^18:58
ThePubcdrkit does not container mkisofs.  at least not after a "prt-get depinst cdrkit"19:04
ThePubtried that ages ago :)19:05
enteThePub: it's called genisoimage in cdrkit19:10
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sirmacikhe didn't seem to be convinced :/19:21
sirmacikgood night \o19:21
thrice`hehe, later19:21
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ThePubah, cute ascii art as you login to Freenode now20:08
thrice`that almost has me tempted to log out ;)20:08
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ThePubI wonder if dependencies are just "made up" sometimes :)20:22
ThePubsoftware package that depends on "j2re" but it's not anywhere in the list on the ports search, not even in the same ports list :\20:22
* ThePub is being cynical20:23
ThePubI can be pretty dense sometimes, but the more I play with it it seems that the 2.7 iso I originally intalled one can't possibly be the 2.7 branched git repository20:27
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andariussalutatins and waffles20:30
* ThePub hands andarius some blueberries20:30
ThePubfor BETTER waffles :)20:31
andariushmm, why thank you sir!20:31
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ThePubtmux is a little better than screen, whomever said that.  never used it before.  idk if it's "faster"21:09
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