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ulughbeghfrinnst, real?06:59
frinnsthow should i know? :)07:00
ulughbeghmaybe yours picture07:01
ente :D07:02
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conbotis anyone here?08:50
conbotwell, when I compile the kernel on crux...08:51
treachthe "con-bot", running as root. shady.08:51
conbotI know.08:51
* treach goes back to hiding in the shadows08:51
conbotI'm compiling the kernel right now, so i hav to be root08:51
conbotwhen I tried to boot CRUX from grub, it showed about 20 lines of arguments, then said something about kernel panic.08:53
conbotwhat did i do wrong?08:53
tilmanyou forgot to build support for your root fs into the kernel08:54
tilmanor you forgot to build support for your ide/sata chipset into the kernel08:54
conbotwhere in the menuconfig is that?08:54
tilmanthese are the two most likely explanations08:54
conbotwell, where is it?08:55
conbotwhich catagory?08:55
tilmandevice drivers -> file systems08:56
conbotmy root fs is ext2, on a different partition, and I made support for ext2.08:57
conbotwait, is the root fs the place where crux is?08:58
conbotI'll try that when the kernel is finished recompiling08:58
conbotis it slightly insane to put crux on a dell mini netbook?08:59
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tilmaninsane? no. but probably not as much fun as crux on a pc with a more powerful cpu09:00
treachthe cpu is probably fine, it'll just take more time.09:01
thrice`i am having such a terrible time with 2.6.3809:01
treachI'd be more worried about the hdd/ram09:01
thrice`first graphics tearing shit, and now suspend b0rked09:01
conbotHD: 150GB RAM: 2GB09:02
* treach is very happy with .38.x; Proprietary ati stuff -> /dev/null09:02
thrice`eek, more HD than my thinkpad, and the same amount of memory :p09:02
treachconbot: I'd suggest you put up a tmpfs and use it to build on. See the pkgmk.conf file.09:03
conbotit interests me how the dell mini is one of the two netbooks that can fully run Mac OS X 10.609:03
conbottreach: I have no clue what that is09:04
treachwell, maybe you should get one then. Google is out there. ;>09:04
conbotat first i didn't know what a "FDISK" was, until I searched google09:05
tilman.38.x works for me, too09:06
tilman(radeon r7xx w/ free, slow drivers)09:06
conbothey, is tmpfs a swap partition?09:06
treachtilman: bah, they aren't that bad.09:06
tilmanfirst hit on google :D09:06
treachat least they use considerably less ram. :P09:06
tilmantreach: .38 speeds up _some_ games due to pageflipping, but the one i'm currently playing doesn't seem to benefit from it. so i'm still a bit sad ;D09:07
treachah, right games.09:07
tilmanand yeah, if you don't care about games then they're fine09:07
* treach doesn't do them09:07
thrice`doom3? :p09:07
conboti did hit on google09:07
tilmanthrice`: never touched doom3 again :D09:08
conbotDOOM? wow, i've only played the first09:08
thrice`haha, ok09:08
tilmanthrice`: though it would be interesteing how my hw + free drivers handle it09:08
tilmanconbot: those were the days ;)09:08
treachs l o w l y, I guess :p09:08
conbotI have the first doom for macintosh09:09
conbotIt's kind of slow in B2 Ubuntu09:09
conbotAnd even slower in SS09:10
conbot*Kernel still compiling09:11
conbotok, well, how does X-org run on CRUX?09:12
thrice`really well, probably the best of any distro around.  our X maintainer is just brilliant09:12
treach"In circles around everyone else, otherwise the same?"09:12
tilmanmmhkay, someone's going to ask for a favour i think09:13
thrice`oh!  tilman, while you're here09:13
conbotok, I'll ask09:13
conbotHave you all ever heard of Basilisk II or SheepShaver?09:14
conbot(They're not games)09:14
thrice` ?09:15
conbotthat's the old site09:15
conbotYou can get the new versions of SS/B2 on emaculation.com09:16
conbotThought, to use it legally, you have to have a REAL old PowerMac/Mac09:17
conbotLike mine09:18
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conbotummm, hello09:19
conbotKernel almost done!!!!!!!!!!09:19
thrice`if you didn't include FS support yet, you will be sad :)09:20
conbotor mad09:20
conbotjadcfnhejmrh,kufybgrngh vkufhvx,htkuyhugtkld09:20
treachthrice`: well, it's not a complete restart. :>09:20
treachconbot: please don't pull stunts like that, tilman might go teutonic on you.09:21
treachAnd the rest of us might not sleep for weeks :>09:21
conbotok, well I'm going to test the CRUX09:22
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thrice`later :>09:22
* Evil_Bob tries to deciper conbot encryption09:27
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Evil_Bobwhat is this strange language09:27
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conbotim back, and not happy09:31
thrice`computers are hard!09:31
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conbotha, there's two of me!09:34
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conbot_i was experimenting09:37
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conbot_Hi, in which menu can I select IDE/SATA device drivers?09:40
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conbotI said hello!09:44
conbot_God, does it take two of me to get ur attention?09:45
conbotI hav to go09:45
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tilmanthank god i didn't spew my linux-newbie questions on irc back then10:15
tilman(those are recorded in usenet for eternity :X)10:15
joacimyou just now gave me tonights entertainment10:16
jaegereven some linux newbies have patience, which that one didn't10:16
treach"you there, serf, answer my questions!"10:16
tilmanjoacim: yeah, that's what i realized just now10:17
tilmanjoacim: it's all german though *phew*10:17
joacimnorwegians learn norwegians from fourth grade =)10:17
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tilmanfrinnst: those are some other guys12:00
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andariussalutations and waffles (with sausage)13:32
treachcondoleances and biscuits (with siriracha)13:33
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conbotis anyone online?14:25
conbotummmmmm, ok, I'm leaving....... again14:26
thrice`'no, don't do it!!!'14:27
conbotpranked again14:27
conbotanyway, where are the ide/sata drivers located in the kernel config?14:27
* thrice` sighs14:28
conbotI can't find it14:28
conbotI forgot what you told me last.14:28
thrice`ok.  first, '/' is used to search14:29
thrice`you really can't find sata support ?14:30
conbotlol, no14:30
slashbeastdevice drivers14:31
conboti looked there14:31
slashbeastserial ata and pata.14:31
slashbeastyou can't overlook it14:31
slashbeastand make sure to disable old ATA support14:31
conbotok, do i have to rebuild entirely?14:33
frinnstconbot: there are docs describing the kernel build process14:34
slashbeastmake will compile only what have to be recompiled14:34
joacimi thought the linux config utilities had autodetect features these days14:39
conboti can't find out how to rebuiuld the kernel without waiting 45min again14:39
conbotwell, I dunno14:39
conbotwhen I tried to rebuild, i had to wait 45min again14:39
frinnstwait for what?14:40
frinnstare you bulding on a p2 233?14:40
conbotwhat's that?14:40
conbotI'm building on a cheap netbook14:40
slashbeast45minut is possible if you compile much in14:40
frinnstyeah, everything :)14:41
slashbeastmy first gentoo was on p3 800Mhz and took about 12 minutes to compile bare-minimum kernel14:41
slashbeasteverything is about 2h14:41
conbotoh, pentium14:41
conbotMy netbook has an Intel Atom14:41
slashbeastmy intel atom based netbook compile kernel in 20 minutes14:41
slashbeastbut I have a lot of things there.14:41
conbotOh, OK14:42
conbotWhere you using a VM?14:42
conbotI am using a solid machine14:42
conbotVirtual Machine14:42
slashbeastwell I am using virtuabox on my intel atom14:42
slashbeastquite usable14:42
conbotQEMU is better14:42
slashbeastdualcore intel atom with ht, 1.8GHz14:42
slashbeastwell, no14:42
conbotyes it is14:43
slashbeastqemu is a shit without proper support, there is qemu-kvm but it need(!) hardware virt support14:43
conbotIt emulates a full machine with less integration14:43
slashbeastqemu(-kvm) does not have any good video output support14:43
slashbeastmy friend, I am using qemu-kvm and vmware every day, I know what I ma talking about.14:43
conbotkvm works absolutely fine on my netbook14:44
slashbeastqemu-kvm is only useful on headless vms.14:44
conbotwithout problem14:44
slashbeastd525 atom does not have intel-vt.14:44
conbotwell, it works14:44
conbotanyway, how can i recompile without waiting very long?14:45
slashbeastjust type make14:45
slashbeastas I said above, it will recompile only what have to be recompiled.14:45
conboti'll try14:46
conbotOK, it's compiling...14:47
conbotAh, you were right14:47
conbotI think I did something wrong before recompiling last time.14:48
conbotCrap, I think I'm wrong.14:49
conbotOh, never mind14:49
conbotOK, see you all. I've got to test this out14:50
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conbothi, it didn't work15:08
conbotI set my root partition to hd0,615:09
conbotThough, in linux, it says the drive is /dev/sda615:10
conbotomg, HHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//15:12
jseStop that.15:12
conbotcan anyone help?15:13
slashbeastsda6 != hd0,615:14
conbotok, what does it equal?15:14
slashbeastit may be 0,5, depends on your partition table15:15
slashbeaststop trolling, start googling.15:15
conbotwhat do I type?15:15
conbotMaster Boot Record15:16
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slashbeastsomeone should put +b or +q.15:23
jseI want it all and I want it NOW.15:23
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laenDoes that conbot stuff happen a lot in here?17:46
joacimi wish17:48
enteI don't.17:51
entesomeone ban it, please17:51
joacimi guess there is a reason why i stay away from beginners help channels17:52
laenIt's gone, ban what?17:52
laenjoacim: never join #ubuntu-server ;)17:52
joacimi hope i dont have to =)17:53
joacimno need to ban it. it'll complain and leave after two minutes if you leave it alone17:53
laenAnd /ignore17:54
enteyou're right, I suck :P17:58
frinnstlaen: that sounds like a challenge :)18:37
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Romsteroh gawd that conbot, yeah ignore and it'll not figure out how to get crux to work hopefully.21:35
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