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entesadly, you miss out what people say to it, if you just ignore it04:48
enteand maybe someone will reply04:48
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teK_anyone using an intel wireless-n 1000 chipset? I'm having a hard time loading the firmware07:37
Evil_Bobmaybe a silly question, whats faster:   cat somefile | dosomething07:45
Evil_Bobor:         dosomething < somefile07:45
Evil_Bobi think the last one could be faster, just wondering :)07:45
tilmanEvil_Bob: in both cases, 'dosomething' will read crap from stdin. in the former case, another process (fork + exec) + pipe is involved, so the latter has less overhead07:59
tilmanEvil_Bob: in practice you probably won't be able to measure a difference :p07:59
Evil_Bobyeah couldnt measure the difference, but still good to know :D08:00
Evil_Bobthanks :D08:00
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ThePubsince there's no subprocess involved in either and they utilize the same library calls (iirc), it should be the same speed, right?  (not actually tested or ever cared *that* much)08:24
tilmanfork(2), pipe(2), fork(2)->dup(2)+exec(dosomething), exec(cat)08:30
tilmani think08:30
tilmanfork(2), open(crap_to_read_from), dup(2), exec(dosomething)08:31
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teK_Romster: maybe you want to look into this09:44
teK_% bsdtar -p -o -C /tmp/x264-work/src -xf /usr/ports/distfiles/x264-20110206-7313bb5.tar.xz09:44
teK_bsdtar: Failed to set default locale09:44
teK_bsdtar: Error opening archive: Lzma library error: Invalid options09:44
teK_maybe it's something with libarchive, give me a second09:44
teK_yep, updateing it fixed this09:46
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Romsterwas watching red drawf.10:06
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teK_do have any plans for updating your bnary ports repo?13:25
teK_we've been compiling qt4 for HOURS13:25
entewhen I get around to it :)13:25
teK_okay :-)13:25
entethe buildbox needs some work13:26
enteI want to make things work semiautomatically13:26
treachdoes anyone know how much diskspace a qt4 build needs these days?13:26
treachie, how much free space is needed to build the sucker, not how big the footprint is when it's installed.13:27
Rotwangfew gigs should suffice ;f13:28
RotwangI built it few days ago, but didn't look at the space it took13:28
treachok, I was thinking in the direction of a tempfs.. :p13:29
teK_% du -sh /usr/ports/opt/qt4/qt4/src13:30
teK_1,1G    /usr/ports/opt/qt4/qt4/src13:30
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teK_but it's not yet complete13:30
treachiow if you can set 3G aside for it, a tmpfs would probably suffice.13:32
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Rotwangwill someone explain to me why if I create a file as root in user's directory, teh user can remove the file?13:52
teK_because he's the owner of the parent directory13:52
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thrice`what are perms on HardDisks ?14:32
Rotwangthrice`: you can see it on the paste14:32
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enteteK_: I can build one14:41
entejust not semiautomatically :D14:42
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slashbeastRotwang: you may be interesed in sticky bit.14:51
Rotwangslashbeast: no I'm not14:51
slashbeaststicky prevent from removing other users files/dirs even if they own or have full access to parent dir.14:52
Rotwangyes, I do know what sticky bit does14:53
slashbeast20:52 |       Rotwang | will someone explain to me why if I create a file as root in user's directory, teh user can remove the file?14:53
slashbeastthat was info for it.14:53
slashbeastanswer: because parent dir does not have sticky.14:54
Rotwangslashbeast: teK_s answer was fully satisfying14:54
slashbeastsorry then.14:55
RotwangI somehow always thought root files was untouchable by users14:56
slashbeastroot-owned files aren't different from others files, owned by regular users.15:01
enteroot is just another dood15:08
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enteI don't get rsyncd working in that lxc-jail15:10
enteit's a little bit screwed15:10
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enteI have to upload the package elsewhere15:10
andariusgreetings and salutations15:16
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enteqt failed at or something like that15:22
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enteis there a lightweight, usable, noob-friendly distro?15:45
treachdepends on what you mean. usually that's mutually exclusive anyway. :>15:50
enteyes, usually15:50
enteusually people think so15:50
treachand lightweight distros tend to become heavyweights anyway when you start loading apps.15:50
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entethen replace lightweight by good :P15:52
slashbeastwell most binary distros are far from being lightweight15:52
treachsounds suspiciously like an invitation to a flamewar. :p15:52
slashbeastbecause of hardcoded deps, software builded with support for FOO and BAR etc.15:52
slashbeastgentoo provide you useflags to turn off bloatware, but believe me, gentoo is not lightweight.15:53
treachfwiw, suse uses the concept of "recommended, but not automatically installed deps", I think debian has that too, or at least did, at some point15:53
enteslashbeast: that's not the point15:54
enteI want something that runs reasonably fast on relatively old hardware, that's all15:54
treachgentoo is not n00bfriendly in the first place. :15:54
slashbeasthow old?15:54
enteI don't care if it's linked against dbus or not15:54
entesome ibm thinkpad with a celeron15:55
slashbeastI have gentoo on thin client with transmeta cpu (as fast as celeron 300 I think)15:55
slashbeastgcc take about 8h to compile15:55
enteand noob friendly as in it's not for me :P15:55
slashbeastgo with ubuntu server then.15:55
treachente: fwiw, I run suse with a full KDE install on my old R40. :p15:55
enteI'll give suse another try15:56
treachit has 1.2 GB ram though, but the cpu is just a centrino 1.3. :p15:56
enteit wasn't the right thing for me, at least not with GNOME. but maybe that was GNOME's fault15:56
treachif you try to stick with the kde apps as far as possible you should save some ram15:57
enteI usually go with XFCE when installing on hardware that's not shining anymore for other people15:57
enteah, true15:57
treachyeah, xfce isn't bad, unfortunately it usually  will end up with you pulling in more and more "alien" libs and apps. And then the point is moot anyway.15:59
treachente: how much ram does that celery have?16:01
entethat's usually not that much of a deal either16:01
entetreach: no idea, it's not here16:01
entebut I know how awfully slow things get after a few years, because developers have moved on to their i7s :P16:02
treachI really haven't tried anything but kde in "constrained environments", at least not anything that counts as "noob-friendly", but IME ram is more important than cpu. And if you have something like an old radeon in there, it'll help a lot. :>16:05
frinnstmy headless debian-install takes up less than 1gb16:14
thrice`slackware is still my favorite binary distro :>16:15
treachI somehow get the feeling it's not the kind of system that fits the bill in this context. :>16:15
frinnstand my eeepc-debian ~2gb16:15
frinnstyeah, slackware is nice16:16
frinnstits my first love :)16:16
entetreach: I don't care about RAM and CPU, as long as it's not slow :P16:19
entemy eeepc-debian is.. hm16:19
* treach once had crux on a p166mmx and 32 MB ram. 16:20
treachit worked, but it wasn't pretty. :p16:20
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Romsterente, frugalware17:42
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