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pitillogood morning00:53
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RomsterSiFuh all day you've been pinging out.02:54
Romstersop morning you haven't woke up enough to type correctly!02:57
Romsterdarn s/sop/so02:57
esters D02:58
esters: D02:58
rauzanyone  experience with angstrom distribution03:03
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Romsternever even heard of that.03:08
pitillorauz: have you seen CRUX-ARM?03:12
nezcazmorning, anybody know this strange behave at modules loading on crux x86_64 install cd?03:15
nezcazit stuck at loading modules03:15
Romsterwhat module?03:16
Romstertried with noapic if that's even for 64bit03:16
nezcazlet me check03:17
Romsterlong shot though. unless your mobo does indeed have faulty firmware.03:19
nezcazyep i try it with acpi=off ;)03:20
nezcazmy firmware is ok ;)03:20
Romsteri would say try jaeger's iso but i don't think he has a 64bit one.03:23
Romsterboot off a 32bit one then you can at least see if it's the 64bit that's broken or crux setup in the iso all together on your system03:25
nezcazyep, good idea and the only option right now ^^03:26
Romstersystem rescue cd also is handy to have03:26
Romsterhas 32 and 64bit boot options03:27
Romsterwith openrc03:27
Romsteryou could boot that in 64bit throw the packaegs on a flash drive or second hdd or something then pkgadd them with the -r option. bit hacky but doable.03:28
Romsterlspci -k is also handy03:28
nezcazi'll check the 64 netinst iso ;)03:32
enteor try another kernel03:34
entelike huge.s from slackware or so03:34
ente(just for installation)03:34
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Romsterfreenode is being so unstable lately :/03:38
rauzpitillo: thx i will give it a try03:40
pitillorauz: sounds great :)03:40
enteRomster: well, if I ecer need to open a channel for one of my projects, it'll probably be on oftc03:41
Romsteri'm also on that network.03:43
Romsteri don't think it's freenode itself but the hosts and routers it goes though.03:43
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enteand the inferior ircd >:)03:48
Romsterfreenode changed ircd's not that long ago.03:49
entefrom dancer to seven?03:50
enteor was it the other way around?03:50
Romstercan't remember now03:54
Romsterheading to table tennis later03:54
entehave fun03:56
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nezcaztakes 2 min to load the first module "ata" and still stuck again04:27
entewhich one04:29
nezcazall other distros works :/ - without any additional boot options like acpi=off and or noapic04:29
entetry booting with that kernel?04:30
nezcaznetinst. 64 bit04:30
nezcazscsi loaded right now :D04:30
enteyou'll end up compiling your own kernel anyway04:31
nezcazi know ;)04:31
enteso it doesn't matter if you use the slackware kernel, the crux kernel or even the arch kernel for installation04:31
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Rotwangrh doesn't include cfdisk in their util-linux-ng package -__-15:51
esterswhy ?15:52
Rotwangno idea15:53
estersmaybe all the cool boys use fdisk15:53
entethe cool boys use gparted15:54
estersthat's for kids15:55
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andariussalutations and waffles18:27
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conbotshi, i am here and need more help18:48
conbotsanyone here today?18:48
conbotsguenos dias?18:50
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conbotsomg, I know ur here18:54
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thrice`jaeger, I think our poor andarius got side-banned20:25
thrice`(if you're around)20:25
thrice`the "*" , that is20:28
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Romsterconbots even logged in as root....21:49
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RomsterSiFuh, your connections sucks <<21:49
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Romsterthrice`, it's probably time andarius got a hostmask too anyways.21:54
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jaegeroops, he did22:02
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