IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2011-04-08

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pitillogood morning00:52
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frinnstrespun x86_64 iso:
frinnstshould be dd'able to a usb-stick04:44
mike_kjust like that!?04:50
frinnstisohybrid ftw04:51
frinnstboots here atleast04:54
mike_kany chance to make this 'supported' the same way i686 is? and repos are there for ages... (05:01
frinnstwell, i guess in time when tilman & jue abandons i686 :)05:05
mike_kand i586 =)05:05
frinnstbut it works pretty well and is pretty much identical to i68605:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.20.0 -> 4.20.105:05
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frinnstif something doesnt build, feel free to let me know etc05:06
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mike_kfrinnst: not sure I'll give it a deep test, replacing i686 on desktop. I have to maintain a few i686-only boxes around.05:08
teK_i've been using x64 for ages with almost no problems05:09
mike_kit is just handy to have exactly the same arch on all boxes05:10
frinnstmike_k: completely agree05:16
frinnstwine is usually the dealbreaker for most05:16
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ente[12:05] < frinnst> well, i guess in time when tilman & jue abandons i686 :)05:28
teK_it's not that much extra work to maintain x64 parallel to i68605:36
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tilmani'm gong for three days and *bam* gnome 3.0 has been released10:53
thrice`serves you right :-)10:55
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frinnstbad form11:18
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mike_kFYI: got to recompile *input-evdev after recent xorg upgrade13:56
teK_X-been-there: done hat13:57
teK_I installed CRUX on an Acer Aspire 1810 for a friend and X wouldn't work until I used kbd instead of evdev as the keyboard driver13:57
teK_this still is a huge mess13:58
mike_kuh, any chance firefox 3 will work after a downgrade from ff4? need to export some data from incompatible plugins (14:09
frinnstmike_k: yeah, i switched between the ffox4beta and 3.6 a few times14:17
frinnstprofile worked fine14:17
frinnstcookies got crumbled though14:17
frinnsttrue pun!14:18
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