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pitillogood morning00:59
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: lilo: update to 23.202:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.0802:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: update to 1.8.102:01
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frinnstanybody running a ups at home?12:39
frinnsti could use some tips in what model to get12:39
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enteI run an oops at home12:43
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lainhello, what's up with the lilo source .tar.gz? md5sum is different, and after unpacking archive I got lilo-23.0 folder instead of lilo-23.213:05
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lainhmm, seems like a problem with my mirror13:07
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Rotwangdidn't they consider that someone may want to use it in a headless setup??14:28
jaegerthere's a bios option you can change14:28
jaegerrequires a keyboard to do, of course :D14:28
Rotwangwill look for it [;14:28
jaegerit's something like halt on error14:28
jaegeryou can set it to any but keyboard or none or something14:28
Rotwangdid anyone install debian squeeze with lvm?14:30
jaegernot I14:31
jaegeretch with mdadm, though14:31
Rotwangis it hard to do or installer will automagically do everything for me?14:31
Rotwangcentos is very nice, you can setup lvm easily14:31
jaegerI remember it being pretty easy but it was a long time ago14:32
RotwangI'm sacrificing my old dell gx 150 for home server14:32
Rotwangand I'm going to put it on a .....14:33
lainwhat are the weather conditions there?14:38
jaegercloudy with a chance of dell14:40
lainwill it be raining there?14:41
Rotwangbut I've got proper shelter for it14:44
Rotwangand if it breakes I wont cry14:44
Rotwangbecause it is an old piece of pc14:44
esterspress f1 to enable keyboard ?15:18
laenlain: what a cool nick you have there15:48
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RotwangFOR FUCKS SAKE16:00
Rotwangim trying to boot debian installer for about an hour and a half16:00
Rotwangpiece of fuck16:00
entefuck debian16:01
enteI'm going to get rid of it16:01
enteit turns my screen off but not on again16:01
entewhich annoys the hell out of me as a laptop user16:01
RotwangI use crux on a laptop16:01
enteI don't know it it's only the screen or whatever other black magic it does16:01
enteI have a netbook16:01
enteI don't want to compile anything :P16:02
entewah, I'm just in the ranting mood again16:02
entebecause it's 11 PM and I just came home from work16:02
enteactually, I'm not yet home16:02
enteah, yelling around about being angry fixed my mood16:03
entethanks for putting me on the ignorelist :P16:03
entenow I feel good again ♥16:03
Rotwangit booted16:06
RotwangI should be hired as dell support technician16:06
frinnst"Reinstall windows" would help solve your issue?16:09
Rotwangor: bang your head on the wall16:10
Rotwangso it booted up to syslinux menu, but hangs after that16:11
RotwangI think I'm going to boot it via pxe16:12
enteboot me baby16:14
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frinnstlibtiff vuln:
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Rotwangdebian is up and running, but it took me waaaaay too much time18:01
Rotwangpiece of crap18:01
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* ente just installed zenwalk18:43
entein 10 minutes18:43
ente(not including setting up the PXE and NFS stuff on debian)_18:43
enteactually, I wonder if the whole netinst stuff for crux is even required given that you could theoretically just mount an nfs share18:44
entefrinnst: yet another one? :D18:44
ulughbeghfor evolution, spamassasin and bogofilter both can work together?19:43
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