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Romsteresters, that pastebin doesn't want to load for me.03:17
Romsterah what's up with my dns...03:18
Romsterand it resolves to Welcome to Rails Machine! ? wtf?03:22
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frinnstHost not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)05:03
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enteuse npaste.de05:15
ente:]05:15 maybe? ;)06:08
laenOr, is slow06:42 and are faster06:43
enteboth written by friends of mine :P06:43
entefor you need the client06:43
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entebecause someone pasted a paypal page and he got blacklisted as phishing site ;P06:43
entenpaste still does curl -F 'content=<-' npaste.de06:44
joacimi'm too old to try new things06:51
joacimi'll stick to dpaste =)06:51
enteit doesn't mater06:51
enteas long as it's not because that one's full of ads06:52
joacimi see more dropbox links than pastebin links these days06:59
entehm. I don't :)07:00
entebut I don't converse with normal people07:00
enteonly with people who own their own pastebins07:00 is another one07:00
enteprobably a shellscript :)07:01
joacimi kinda dropped out of the whole pastebin scene07:02
joacimwhen i stopped using linux as my desktop07:02
enteheresy ;)07:03
joacimnow it is all about twitter and all that stuff07:03
entego away with that web 2.0 mess, please ;/07:03
enteI wonder what's next07:04
joacimi dont mind the look, but i find all the javascript to be a hassle07:04
enteafter the great facebook and twitter hype, they will probably come down again, just like myspace07:04
entebecause the next generation will move on07:04
enteyes, the javascript is the problem, not the look07:05
joacimwhen you visit twitter, the browser loads a blank page07:05
joacimthey use javascript to load the content07:05
enteweb 2.0 is all about javascript07:05
joacimthe site is still not done loading when my progress bar is done showing progress :/07:06
joacimtwitter broke when i disabled javascript.07:07
joacimno graceful degradation there07:07
entethat's why you're supposed to use a client that speaks the api07:07
entebecause even the web folks agree that the web is horribly broken ;)07:08
joacimi am. i've never use the web ui07:08
entethey don't see it that way, but that's my conclusion07:08
joacimexcept for when i need to share a link on irc07:08
enteyou could share the api call :P07:10
joacimthat would confuse my fellow normal people07:10
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: coreutils: update to 8.1108:36
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: less: update to 44308:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.0.1208:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to
* jaeger continues to build gnome3 packages09:15
enteany success?09:36
jaegerstill creating the packages, we'll see... about halfway done09:41
jaegerlot different from 2.3x09:41
estersRomster ill repaste it10:02
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jaegeris firefox-js removed from firefox 4?11:01
jaegergnome-shell depends on gjs which depends on firefox-js11:02
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lunarvalleyshi guys. very cute distro :)12:09
frinnsthave you seen our logo/mascot?12:09
frinnstits hardly cute :)12:09
lunarvalleysi like the blue penguin12:10
lunarvalleysi read somewhere it was probably drunk12:10
lunarvalleysit wasin some article in the wiki12:12
lunarvalleysabout how to put the crux penguin in stead of the default one12:13
lunarvalleyswhat i wanted to ask actually -- is there a place where old ports are kept? For example, if i'd like to install XFCE 4.6.2 (which was available for some time, but not anymore) in stead of XFCE 4.8 available now?12:18
frinnstyou can clone the git repo12:19
lunarvalleysand keep a version of it for myself?12:20
lunarvalleysbut how about ports that were there but not anymore? like, xfce 4.6 for crux 2.7 is gone?12:21
mike_klunarvalleys: some are at attic repo12:36
mike_kbut not much of them12:36
mike_kyeah, abandoned 4 years ago (12:36
lunarvalleysthanks. in the future i will keep a copy i might need12:36
mike_kyou can checkout the older repo version with those ports still present12:37
lunarvalleysi did. there is xfce 4.612:37
mike_kI just search for the commit dropping some port and check out a tree rev prior to it12:38
lunarvalleyswell, i got used to updating outdated ports and making my own, so i guess if i need something old it will not be such a big deal to do it myself...12:40
entecptn (Johannes Winkelmann) prepared a kernel patch, replacing usual framebuffer tux picture with crux blueish (drunk(?)) penguin12:40
entemore info:
entethat one?12:41
mike_klunarvalleys: yeah, that is the crux of CRUX12:41
lunarvalleysyes, i knew it is a do-it-yourself distro. i dont complain, in fact it is quite fun :P12:42
mike_ksee ya12:44
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lunarvalleysente, ye that one13:06
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estersi was checking the same error message in gentoo bugzilla13:42
esterstried to change ${CLFAGS} to S(CFLAGS)13:42
estersadded MAKEFLAGS="-j1" to /etc/pkgmk.conf13:43
estersstill nothing13:43
rauz_hi guys running lilo gives a Fatal: raid_setup: stat("/dev/sda")13:50
frinnstesters: is broken, doesnt resolv13:55
estersresolves here fine13:56
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Rotwanganjuta port would be useful16:18
Rotwangbut it has shitloads of gnome deps afaik16:20
entewhy would it be useful?16:20
entejust use emacs :P16:20
* Rotwang waits until someone says vi16:21
RotwangI need to do some c code, currently medit is the best option ;f16:22
enteactually, I'm a vim user16:23
entebut if I had to use an IDE, I'd probably use emacs16:23
Rotwangno no no and no16:23
Rotwangdon't have time to learn emacs16:24
enteI think it's sane compared to the alternatives16:24
entebut time to learn anjuta?16:24
entehow hard can it be?16:24
Rotwangthere is not much learning in there16:24
entevim is the one where everyone complains about learning curve16:24
enteimo it's worth it16:24
entetime or not16:24
jseIt must be a shiny gui. :D16:26
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entethere's gvim :P16:28
enteand emacs does X11 by default16:28
Rotwangqtdesigner is very nice16:34
Rotwangbut it is meant for c++16:34
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andariussalutations and waffles20:31
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Romsteresters, i'll look into it after work. on my lunch hour now. something in opt or core recently broke it. auto stuff make or gtk perhaps.21:28
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Romsteresters, ok just as had a hunch the make patch added recently breaks webkit build.21:46
Romstertake it up with the core devs.21:47
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