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estersRomster so i should remove the patch ?01:22
esterswhich is included in the webkit port ?01:23
Romsteresters, no it's the recently added patch in core/make03:37
Romster;a=commitdiff;h=140f45145eb701c409323cbbefe1c94c9ae081c6 breaks webkit03:41
Romstercould try a autoreconf -f -i before configure i didn't try that..03:49
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joacimconbot is banned :(07:20
Romsterthank goodness too.07:30
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estersRomster ok, ill try that08:38
estersmaybe i should remove the patch and manually build webkit08:38
Romstercomment out the patch in core/make pkgmk -u08:40
Romsterthen webkit will build.08:40
estersoh, so make is causing this08:41
Romsterthe patch in webkit won't break make. it's a comment from C style to C++ style that breaks when you do more than 1 make job.08:41
Romsteresters, correct it's that;a=commitdiff;h=140f45145eb701c409323cbbefe1c94c9ae081c6 comit.08:41
Romstercomment out that patch in make/Pkgfile ; pkgmk -u08:42
Romsterthen webkit compiles.08:42
Romsterthough core devs patched that to make bin86 compile.08:42
Romsterin doing so they broke other stuff.08:42
estersi see08:43
Romsternow it may be a fault of webkit devs relying on the brokenness of make.08:44
Romsternot sure i only dug that far into it.08:44
estersbrokenness ?08:46
Romsterwell there is a few bugs in make, hence that patch in make08:46
Romsterchanged behavior that webkit devs may be relying on, as they may not know any better.08:47
estersi see08:47
estersi was looking into the messages, so far found only related to gentoo08:48
esterstoo bad that webkit takes a lot of time to compile08:48
estersabout ~4h08:48
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Romsterthat long it's like 20 minutes for me.09:02
Romsteruse ccache it speeds it up.09:02
Romstereven between versions09:02
estersi have a fairly old box09:03
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Romstermy old k7 1.4GHz mobo died so i went and got this quad core.09:07
Romsterbig jump but i do compile alot, you'd gain some time with ccache though.09:07
estersi got this box from work09:07
esters2.0Ghz Intel Celeron, 512Mb RAM, Intel 845G chipset09:08
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estersi was using crux before on a slot 1 p3 500 with 256mb ram09:09
esterswith openbox, midori09:10
Romsterouch i see why webkit was long to compile.09:24
Romsterhrmm celerons don't have any grunt.09:25
esterswell it does the job well09:25
Romstereven with there GHz speeds09:25
Romsternot sure why this is true nor what parts the cpu is lacking to work decently.09:26
estersbecause of the whole p4 architecture09:26
estersar 3.2ghz P4 was on pair with a 2 or 2.2Ghz AMD Athlon09:26
Romstercome to think of it the P4's wern't that much better than the P3's09:28
estersthe first P4 "willamette" weren't09:29
Romsterit was after the P4's that the CPU's improved.09:29
estersbut then again Core architecture was based on P309:29
Romsteri got a P3 and it's quite good for it's era.09:31
estersslot1, socket 370 ?09:31
Romsterthough ti chugs along on the massive compiles by these standards.09:32
Romstersocket 37009:32
Romsterslot1 was the P2's09:32
estersi had a slot1 p309:32
esterskatmai core09:32
estersthe first pentium 3 generation09:32
Romsteroh really interesting.09:32
estersvery high TDP, half-speed L2 cache09:32
Romsterbut no L3 back then09:33
Romsteronly on the motherboard if it had that.09:33
estersafair L3 was on Xeon cpus09:33
estersthe cool thing about that time was the 440bx chipset09:38
estersyou could run a celeron 300 at 450mhz09:38
estersand some even manage to run the tualatin core p3 cpu's09:38
esterswhich wasn't really possible09:38
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Romsteryeah OC-ing back then was easy but then they locked the multiplyers so it's harder unless you got a unlocked CPU09:43
estersit wasnt as easy as it is now imho : )09:44
esterssome boards, like ASUS P2B or ABIT BE6 had options so you could change the FSB/Multiplier09:44
esterswithout the need to change jumpers on the board itself09:45
Romsteri can OC my black editon CPU but i decided to not OC it until it's a pretty old machine as doing so reduces it's life.09:46
estersoh so you have a BE09:46
esterstoo bad i can't change anything on my box09:47
estersthere is no external IC chip09:47
estersand pin-modding doesnt work09:47
estersthe curse of brand-name boxes09:51
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Romsteryeah i get generic boxes.09:59
Romsteri never like brand name mobos for tinkering with.09:59
esterswell we have hp boxes all over in work10:01
Romsteryeah i've cloned 60 so far and got another 80 or so to go for the shire.10:08
Romsterthat gets new pc's every 3 years.10:08
esterssounds fun : D10:08
Romsterplus i have to open every single one to add another ram module to it. in some awkward spot10:09
esterswhat brand pc ?10:09
Romstermy thumbs hurt from pressing the ram module in10:09
estersso you have to upgrade RAM for 140 boxes ?10:10
Romsternot fun i can say though it's 1 screw to take side off.10:15
estersi don't envy you :/10:16
Romsteryou've had worse?10:18
esterswell because its very boring to do the same task over again10:18
Romstertell me about it10:18
estersjust saying : )10:19
Romsterhehe it's a phrase that says i totally agree10:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: warzone2100: 2.3.6 -> 2.3.710:40
Romstersleep time for me g'night.10:41
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RotwangI connected second monitor to my video card radeon x155011:19
Rotwangone is connected to vga output and the second one to dvi11:20
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Rotwangconfigured as same display (not clone) dvi right of vga, not sure what happens but at a random time, whole display freezes11:21
Rotwangctrl + alt + f1 doesn't work11:22
RotwangI can log in via ssh, but from there everything looks fine11:22
Rotwangwhat's wrong here?11:23
Rotwangthere is nothing interesting in teh logs11:27
Rotwangcould be a hardware error?11:28
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RyoSwas ist denn mit dir kaputt :P11:30
RotwangRyoS: ni chuj cie nie rozumiem11:31
RyoSsry, wrong window11:31
RyoShaha just saw that11:31
RyoSsorry mate11:31
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tilmanRotwang: driver bug is more likely in general12:03
tilmanRotwang: gpu freezes happening in "2d" mode sounds a bit weird though12:03
tilmanRotwang: you're running with kms, yes? anything in dmesg?12:03
tilmanwhat gpu is it? marketing names don't mean anything to me :p12:04
Rotwangtilman: yes, kms, nothing in dmesg12:12
Rotwang01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV505 [Radeon X1550 Series]12:13
RotwangI use opensource driver12:13
Rotwang# pkginfo -i| grep  xorg-server12:13
Rotwangxorg-server 1.9.3-212:13
estersxrandr ?12:14
tilmanfwiw, xorg-server doesn't matter a single bit12:14
tilmanRotwang: kernel version?12:14
Rotwangno patches applied except for crux penguin12:16
tilmanmaybe #radeon knows about gpu freezes on rv50512:16
tilmanotherwise, you could try the dri-devel mailing list (kernel stuff) or the bugzilla12:17
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Rotwangtilman: ok, thanks12:31
tilmanbtw, when did this problem start occuring?12:33
tilmandid you have the problem for as long as you've had had the card?12:33
tilmanor did it only appear when you went dual-head?12:33
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Rotwangtilman: I recall some (same) isues long time ago without dual head, and now it occurs only in dual head12:43
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Romstermorning all19:30
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