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Romstergood evening and pizza03:39
Romsterand happy easter too.03:39
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laenGood day darlings.05:46
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: attr: update to 2.4.4606:54
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: acl: update to 2.2.5106:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 270.41.0606:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.3106:54
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andariussalutations and waffles11:39
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jaegerok, who's a regex guru?12:31
enteI'm not12:31
entemy regex replacing function segfaults with -O212:31
jaegerI'm wondering if I could match something kinda complicated12:31
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jaegerhehe, ok12:31
entejust ask anyway ;)12:32
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jaegerthe files in question look like that but repeated a few times12:33
jaegerI want to split the numbers into separate files named based on the headers12:33
jaegerprobably need to script it in python or something a bit more flexible than regex but I figured I'd ask12:34
entemaybe someone wants to take a look as well12:34
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entejaeger: I'd use awk, I guess12:35
enteawk '/^HEADER$/ { h = 1 }12:36
Evil_Bobente: where do you have regex.h from ?12:36
ente     /^FOOTER$/ { h = 0 }12:37
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ente     h && /some regex/ { fancy replace }'12:37
enteor python :P12:37
enteEvil_Bob: libc12:37
enteEvil_Bob: it's called POSIX regular expressions for a reason ;)12:37
Rotwanguse Perl;12:38
Rotwangsomeone had to say that12:38
enteI don't know perl though :)12:38
Rotwangperl is perfect tool for such jobs12:38
jaegerthe problem is the header and footer text change, though I guess I could match them all12:39
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treachente: speaking of your java-coreutils, I just found this ->
enteheh, nice12:54
entenow debug my replac.e12:54
entereplace.c, please :P12:54
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prologicimport this18:26
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Romsterjaeger, ffe perhaps
jaegerI ended up implementing it in python but that looks like it could be interesting20:43
Romsterit's in my romster repo. if you wanna try it.20:45
jaegerok, I'll keep that in mind20:46
Romsterthough i think it's better for more complex flat file extraction. than what your doing.20:46
Romsteri have some days off, wonder how hard it is to make a 64bit compiler tool chain. but i'd like to keep the, or it might just be easier to go multilib. 32bit one for wine and such.20:48
Romsteri could just look at the crux 64bit20:57
Romsterand overlay 32bit libs toolchain?20:57
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ThePubjaeger: awk '/^Text/ {fn=$2} /^num/ {i=1; while (i<NF) {print fn "-" $i; i++}}'22:30
ThePub"^num" could be anything, /^([0-9]+ )+/, for example could work if it's just a sequence of space seperated numbers, etc22:31
ThePubyou could also process based on FN22:32
ThePubawk '{if(FN=2){fn=$2}if(FN=4){i=1;while(i<FN){print fn "-" $i; i++}}'22:33
ThePubI'd suppose by this time though you've found a solution :)22:34
jaegerI wrote a python script to do it but it's always nice to learn a bit more awk usage22:36
jaegerso thank you :)22:36
ThePubI never use awk myself and would've probably turned to a python re case too.  Although, if you "know" regex the awk syntax is really simple since each pattern space is based on the RS, which is by default a new line.22:37
ThePubyou could actually do the above awk script in pure bash too, but it would be a painful 20 lines or so :)22:38
* ThePub thinks anyways22:38
* ThePub wanted to try musca but it doesn't support xrandr22:39
ThePubtmux drops normal user group settings when run but root keeps them.  very strange.22:42
ThePubanyways.. brace yourself.  bbiab.22:43
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ThePubAnyone using nouveau multihead?  if so, I have an interesting "problem" that would be nice to solve.23:02
ThePubI'd like to turn off my other monitor outputs while booting and at the console, keeping DVI-I-1, and then enable the secondary displays when starting X.23:03
ThePubunfortunately, it seems that while you can kind of get that to work with xrandr.. it doesn't appropriately proportion the framebuffer and so it's not as correct as starting up with everything on.23:04
Romstershame you can't use multiple monitors on different tty's?23:13
ThePubnot really :)  another issue nouveau has is that while it accepts the kernel monitor settings, it sets all of the monitors to the smallest size.23:20
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ThePubso, like right now, what would be a 1680x1050 console is running at the smallest resolution of 1280x1024.23:21
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Romsteri guess that's a bug/feature of nouveau23:22
Romsterperhaps it can't handle the higher res yet.23:22
Romsterwhat card are you running nouveau on?23:22
Romsteris it even usable?23:22
ThePubit runs fine with just a single monitor.  on the oconsole though I think becuse it's using the same console mirrored across all monitors it needs a common resolution.23:22
ThePubunder X of course, everything works fine.23:23
ThePubit's an NV50, 9800GS, it's well supported under nouveau.23:23
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