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ThePubok, help.. using installed bash but my shell scripts are not inheriting their.. oh!01:15
ThePubno, that wasn't it01:16
ThePubso scripts are not inheriting the callers environment.  why?01:16
ThePubalthough, think I found a better solution.01:17
ThePubI still find it strange that wmii doesn't work on crux.  I really must be missing something basic.01:20
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ThePubwell, i3 is up and running.  kind of.  now to figure out multihead on it, last time I did this my additional monitors were in storage.  at first blush its puting screens on to the left of the primary display.  *sigh*02:09
tilmanuse xrandr02:14
tilman(the cli)02:15
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ThePubit was just inexperience with i3 and multihead.  each head is broken off into a seperate desktop it appears.02:50
ThePubso the primary display is 1, then immediately 2 is formed on the second head to the left.  which is different than wmii.  took a second to figure that out :)  unfortunately that means unlike wmii where you can just move clients left<>right between heads you have to "move" them, like to another desktop.02:51
ThePubit's quite a bit different :)02:52
Romsterinteresting last time i tried a 9600GT on nouveau it wouldn't work.03:31
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tilmanjaeger: let me know what you think about umurmur04:33
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Romstersyslinux source is 4.04 now and 4.03 path is 404.08:18
Romster4.xx/ directory has the 3.03 tarball though. suggest to use the 4.xx/ directory so the old tarball is not missing when a new one comes out.08:19
ThePubso to add an httpup port under /etc/ports just create a file /etc/ports/bogus.httpup and add the directives for ROOT_DIR, and URL?08:51
ThePubokie dokie, that works08:54
ThePubis there some way to add *everything* in a repo?  for example could I create a repo that has everything necessary to simply type "prt-get depinst nouveau" and you'd be set?  using the hash url seems I only get the single port.08:55
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Rotwangcan I choose which files to download in rtorrent?10:00
enteyou press "right" on the torrent, then navigate to filelist, then right again, select the file, press space, that switches it to "off"10:05
RotwangI see10:06
Rotwangwanted to install transmission (w/o gtk or qt ui) on my debian box, buy apt wanted to pull shitloads of retarded deps10:07
enteyou can use a webui with rtorrent10:08
entealso have a look at pyroscope/rtcontrol10:08
Rotwangdidn't know that10:08
enteI didn't try any of the webuis because I prefer the curses thing even if it sucks10:09
ente <- I use this patch to make it look a little better10:10
enteit still sucks though10:11
enteI always wanted to try btg10:11
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enteanyway, rtorrent works for me10:16
ente <- plus rtcontrol is what makes it bearable with many (>60) torrents10:19
ente117 right now :D10:21
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Romsterdeluge also has a web interface.11:00
entebtg too11:01
entewebinterfaces seem to be a big deal for torrent people11:01
Rotwangis this an official crux torrent?11:12
ente <- check the hash11:15
joacimweb interfaces or utorrent running in wine :/12:22
joacimmanaged over vnc12:22
mike_kRomster: deluge has daemon mode12:25
mike_kunfortunately, deluge deamon itself is not so stable (12:25
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ThePubif a package relies on a system-wide setting it should be in /etc, not /usr/etc, I would presume?  (to be the most compliant across the board)19:11
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