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jaegerinteresting... latest updated ISO boots fine on my macbook pro... I was kinda expecting problems00:19
jaegerno keyboard, very odd00:22
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Romstermike_k, eh deluge used to be unstable but recent updates have solved most issues. i only had one when my logical volume got full.04:06
Romstercan always use a watch dog service on it too.04:06
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mike_kRomster: what kind of watch dog are you talking about?05:10
mike_kin fact, I am having issues with deluge 1.3.1 (used ktorrent 2.x via vnc before)05:11
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Romsterwhat issue?05:24
Romstera service watchdog that restarts failed processes05:25
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Romsterjaeger, i see where gnome went wrong epicly funny.09:33
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frinnstRomster: real bugreport: :)10:15
frinnstZach Goldberg [developer] 2010-08-12 12:21:07 UTC10:16
frinnst(In reply to comment #10)10:16
frinnst> Without you telling us who your boyfriend is, we can't really help ;-)10:16
Romsterlol that's nearly as funny as the mozilla bug.10:20
tilmanworst bug report ever10:20
tilman> you deserve a better boyfriend, dump this nerd, call me tonight~~10:20
Romster i laughed at the 2 points.10:27
ThePubthat was good10:43
ThePubalthough, it would seem if gnome requires so much time for bugfixes maybe a new DE would be more prone to a healthy relationship.10:44
ThePublike, say, XFCE :)10:44
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jaegerRomster: heh, nice10:54
frinnstfucking useless wireless mouse11:06
frinnstwhy does logitech no longer do proper mice with cords?11:06
jaegerlove that one, I've got two of them11:19
jaegerthough not the blue one11:19
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frinnstdoes not appear on :/11:30
frinnstonly 9(!) corded mice11:30
frinnstm500 might suite me instead of this m510 wireless piece of shit11:31
tilmanfancy schmancy11:47
* tilman uses 3 button mouse11:47
tilman(w/ wheel)11:47
ThePubI just bought a 3button+wheel mouse11:50
ThePubwell, 2 days ago11:50
ThePubthat's logitech11:50
frinnsti like the idea of a wireless mouse, i can use it as a remote from my sofa. but it seems to suffer from interference...11:51
ThePubwhy not get one of those bluetooth thumb kb/mouse devices?11:52
Zabathey suffer from the issue of dying batteries that need to be replaced occasionally11:52
frinnst <- awesomeness if its true11:53
joacimi hear wifi and bluetooth can interfere12:13
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ThePubiirc 802.11 and bluetooth can both run at 2.4GHz15:42
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entetotally true18:01
enteI don't know C++ so I switched back to windows :)18:01
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joacimeplehuset dont fix macs18:18
joacimthey make em worse18:18
joacimhad to return my mac 3 times for something that they screwed up while fixing my original issue18:19
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