IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2011-04-25

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mike_kRomster: deluge daemon shuts down sometimes (starting it in endless loop works for me), does not move completed downloads, becomes unresponsive to gui actions, does not update speed stats.07:17
mike_kI can live with all these caveats though07:17
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Romsteri haven't noticed that.07:26
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RotwangIncredible bird15:34
Rotwangseems so16:15
laenMeister Proper!16:18
Rotwangprague is really nice city16:20
entethe world is full of beauty16:23
entemost of which you're never going to see16:23
* Rotwang zzzZZZZzzZZZ16:25
frinnsthow will that end?16:26
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enteshe will eat them both16:38
laenI can see blood.17:01
laenIn that image ;).17:01
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