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frinnst [slackware-announce] Slackware 13.37 released :D04:51
Evil_Bobvery nice05:15
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jaegerhow creative, heh08:18
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pitillohello, has someone problems loading firmware files with new udev 168?08:45
acrux|i586pitillo: on ppc i reverted to 16709:58
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acruxbut i didn't investigate further to understand the issue09:59
pitilloacrux: here I'm using 167 too (i686)10:08
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frinnsthum, when did udev start to try and run alsactl during boot? happens before usr is mounted so its an epic fail :)10:55
thrice`udev rule, probably .  the udev maintainer isn't a big separate /usr  fan :-)11:04
entepoettering is the udev maintainer?11:07
thrice`no, Kay, but Kay also works on systemd :>11:07
thrice`separate /usr is so worthless :p11:07
enteI don't have one, whatever11:08
frinnstyeah but in what version did it start?11:08
entejust note that / might be too small for /usr to fit in11:08
thrice`just use what you had planned to put /usr on, as / then :p11:09
thrice`frinnst, dunno, I kinda like it - one less init script to run11:10
entethrice`: maybe that's too small as well11:10
enteconsider you have 2x128MB, one for /, one for /usr11:10
entethis is hypothetical :P11:10
thrice`uh huh :p11:11
frinnstmeh, its stupid :)11:20
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thrice`your separate /usr is stupid! ;-)11:34
enteactually, no11:54
entewhy would it be stupid?11:54
entethere is a base system, and there is additional software11:54
enteadditional software goes to /usr11:54
entethe base system should not depend on anything optional11:54
frinnstgonna try the new ubuntu release with their new shiny ui11:57
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enteI was about to do that as well12:01
entebut not now12:01
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frinnstthe new ubuntu ui seems like a osx ripoff12:44
frinnstatleast they have stopped copying microsoft i guess12:45
frinnstfirefox 4.0.1 plays nice with the new gcc at last12:57
ente[19:44] < frinnst> the new ubuntu ui seems like a osx ripoff13:23
enteOSX is where shuttleworth got the idea13:23
entehe blogged about it13:23
enteand you'd think he's rich enough to buy a mac...13:23
frinnstthere you go13:23
entemaybe microsoft secretly pays canonical13:24
enteso it looks like the opensource community can't invent anything on their own so they just copy it :P13:24
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jaegerupdated the updated ISO if anyone cares. it's uploading14:20
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Rotwangany ajaxterm users around?15:17
RotwangI've got ajaxterm setup on a debian machine15:17
Rotwangworking setup*15:17
Rotwangbut teh problem is that from within corporate network I can't see terminal window15:18
DaViruzRotwang: i use it15:39
RotwangDaViruz: any problem like I mentioned15:39
DaViruzyes, on firefox15:39
DaViruzhardly ever works in firefox15:39
DaViruzworks fine in chrome, and pretty good in internet explorer too15:40
Rotwangwhat web browser would you recommend15:40
RotwangDaViruz: it is weird that if I try to connect via external server, it works in firefox15:42
Rotwangexternal == outside corporate network15:42
DaViruzRotwang: that is wiered15:42
DaViruzcoming to think about it, my firefox machine that presents the same problems is also on the local network15:42
DaViruznever tried with firefox on an external machine15:43
RotwangDaViruz: I forwarded a port15:43
Rotwangcorporate network -> -> home server with ajax term over https -- [works]15:43
Rotwangcorporate network -> home server with ajax term over https -- [broken]15:44
Rotwangbut the weirdest thing is that only part of display is missing15:46
DaViruzi get the buttons on top15:47
DaViruzbut not the terminal window irself15:47
DaViruzhave you tried without the apache proxy?15:47
RotwangDaViruz: no ajaxterm is bind to localhost15:48
Rotwangit worked for a few hours15:49
Rotwangand then it suddenly refused to cooperate with me [;15:50
Rotwangmaybe indeed it is firefox's fault15:50
DaViruzon my affected machine at least it works fine in internet explorer15:54
Rotwangwill have to check it tomorrow15:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 4.0.116:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: cleanup16:38
frinnsthave fun rebuilding16:38
jaegerjerk :P16:43
enteoh noez16:45
enteanother firefox release16:45
enteI wonder what caused it this time16:45
entea typo in the EULA?16:45
entea bitflip in the firefox icon?: P16:45
Rotwangis xulrunner now included in teh firefox port?16:49
enteI guess so16:50
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frinnsti wonder if they will announce the release on their mailinglist this time17:24
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entethey didn't for 4.0?17:32
frinnstnot sure they really did, cant remember. but they did "forget" a few times during 3.617:33
frinnstthey suck17:33
enteso does their software17:33
frinnststill no announce, but its live on mozilla.org17:33
frinnstalso, their "whats new" link returns a 40417:33
entewebsoftware is always shit17:34
frinnstyeah. they seem to go out of their way to make it as hard as possible to track changes17:35
frinnstunless you live in bugzilla.mozilla.org17:35
frinnstwhats wrong with a simple changelog?17:35
entejust poke them every time17:36
entemaybe they will get bored and just do it :D17:36
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andariussalutations and waffles19:17
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