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enteI guess I switch this network to slackware07:59
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Romsterwhat the heck09:33
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pedjayay, broke mixer controls for my onboard souncard.hurray for progress...10:37
frinnstwhat card is it?10:41
pedjaalc888, hda-intel10:41
pedjait seems that particular patch broke several systems in interesting ways (according to lkml)10:48
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InDigo176try /quit12:09
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laenente: lol12:51
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divadgnol67may i ask for some help?13:06
laenUh, no.13:06
divadgnol67pretty please with sugar on top13:07
divadgnol67I run into the same error over and over when I try to install Crux 2.713:07
divadgnol67Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown_block (8,2)13:08
laenAsk the damn question, don't ask to ask :P13:08
divadgnol67I have tried everything13:08
divadgnol67Thanks laen13:08
laenDid you put in the correct filesystem support and PATA/SATA/SCSI drivers?13:09
divadgnol67I believe I have. I have recompile the kernel several times13:09
divadgnol67I'm not a newbie so you don't have to be very detailed with you answers13:10
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divadgnol67I have addeed PATA/SATA/SCSI suppport to no avail13:10
laenGot any more lines from the panic?13:11
divadgnol67yes, there are several more lines but I did not write those down.13:12
divadgnol67This is how i create my file system for root mkfs.jfs; is this correct13:13
laenWell, if your PATA/SATA/SCSI and filesystem support are ok, maybe an extra sync after you finish compiling the kernel and place it in the correct location?13:13
divadgnol67What is the correct location? Is it not arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz13:15
laenwell, didn't you write /boot/vmlinuz down in grub or something?13:16
divadgnol67I use lilo by default13:16
divadgnol67I trying to install crux on a toshiba laptop13:16
divadgnol67And my lilo.conf is correct.13:16
divadgnol67laen > are you and experienced user or just hanging out here?13:17
divadgnol67no dissrespect intended13:18
thrice`almost always your error is missing file system support, or controller for the HD13:18
laenWow, if that's not disrespect, what is it?13:18
divadgnol67that makes sense, thanks. can't figure out what i'm leaving out13:18
laenI'm trying to help you, but you apparently don't want to.13:19
thrice`sata options or so?13:19
divadgnol67don't read into my reply. i mean what i said13:19
laenRan lilo after putting the kernel in the correct location as well i guess? I did forget that now and then.13:19
thrice`must be *, not as module13:19
divadgnol67ok thrice.13:19
laenLol, are you kidding me.13:19
laenYou say you know what the fuck you're doing and build them as modules?13:19
divadgnol67here we go.......13:19
divadgnol67i was waiting for the f bomb13:20
laenGood huh :)13:20
divadgnol67i know you dont mean it. But think I'm a jerk for asking13:20
divadgnol67again,  I meant no harm13:21
divadgnol67That must be what I'm doing i,e. installing them as modules and not into the kernel.13:21
frinnstits hard to load something when you cant read the disk :)13:22
thrice`divadgnol67, don't worry, laen isn't a regular either ;)13:22
laenI normally only build modules for stuff that require it, or what i don't want loaded by default.13:22
laenAnd that last part is handy in saving power.13:22
divadgnol67My laptop is about 6 years old. should i be using any deprecated support that i may not be aware of?13:23
laenI might not be a regular, in fact, i've never installed Crux, plan to though, been using Gentoo for years and years.13:23
laenSo, i'm not just brabbling about.13:23
thrice`you gentoo guys are hostile, then :-)13:23
laenNo that's just me.13:24
thrice`German? :p13:24
laenWell, first language i leared was closer to German then to Dutch :).13:24
divadgnol67gentoo is not that hard if you know how to read.... I have installed it many times. Installing Gentoo is not some badge of honor13:25
divadgnol67contrary to what many people thinlk :)13:25
laenIt isn't, but one of the basic things you learn is building kernels. You apparently lack some experience there, but hey.. you know what you're doing so why ask.13:25
thrice`I would say crux is easier to install :-)13:25
thrice`yeah, kernel compilation is tricky.  I suck at it, anyway13:26
divadgnol67thrice, why do you say that?13:26
divadgnol67because of setup-chroot???13:26
laenHonestly, i wanted to ask you if you build the stuff as modules or in-kernel, but it was your remark that you know what you're doing when i descided not to ask the question, as that would prolly pull another remark from ya.13:26
laenA setup-chroot, what is that.13:27
divadgnol67my bad laen. let's start over, can we?13:27
laenOkay okay :)13:27
divadgnol67thanks dude13:27
laenMaybe i shouldn't be listening Cradle of Filth when giving answers.13:27
laenLets find some happy music!13:27
divadgnol67i really want to get crux installed. i currently use openbsd as my main os and i love it13:28
divadgnol67but need support for a few devices that bsd does not support13:28
thrice`divadgnol67, because on crux, it provides packages for things gentoo doesn't - syslogger, cron, dhcpcd13:28
divadgnol67gentoo provides dhcpcd13:29
laenHeard BSD is bad with powersaving as well.13:29
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laenYeah and several cron's and sysloggers i believe.13:29
divadgnol67yeah, laen I get about 1.5 hours from a full charge. sucks13:29
thrice`I mean, not installed by default13:29
divadgnol67suspend works great though13:29
laenWait, depends, don't know your laptop and battery state :). Used to be normal in the past.13:29
thrice`so, crux install is just few steps13:30
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thrice`which translates to easier to me, anyway ;)13:30
divadgnol67is there anything else that i need to compile into the kernel instead of as a module13:30
laenthrice`: in the Gentoo installation handbook, you get to choose your logger, cron, etc.13:30
divadgnol67i've tried 3 times today and my confidence is starting to wane13:31
frinnst"setup && edit fstab && chroot && build kernel && setup bootloader && reboot"13:31
frinnstpretty easy to install :)13:31
laenCrux has a setup script?13:31
laenWhich asks questions about things?13:32
frinnstto install packages only13:32
laenHope to install crux in a VM next week.13:32
thrice`potential customization of certain packages13:32
slashbeastI have somewhere a howto install crux from chroot, the gentoo way13:32
thrice`it also installs firefox and X by default, which saves at least another hour or two over gentoo ;)13:32
laenWait what?13:32
laenDoes it install a window manager as well?13:33
frinnstif you tell it to, yes13:33
divadgnol67laen and thrice, thanks again for your help. I am going to try again for the 4th time and I hope I get it right.13:33
laenAh okay.13:33
frinnstis opt and xorg preselected? i dont remember13:33
laenGood luck :)13:33
thrice`so out of the box, it's possible to have a minimal WM, web browser, terminal13:33
divadgnol67later dude. i'll be back to let you know. not that you really care ;)13:34
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laenTime for coffee.13:35
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* Rotwang is getting a new job15:34
frinnstgive me one too15:50
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divadgnol67hey laen and thrice, it worked.16:42
divadgnol67i'm now on here using crux 2.7. thanks again16:42
divadgnol67its been a long time since i had to compile a kernel.16:42
divadgnol67using openbsd it is not required to do so16:43
divadgnol67now i have to relearn xorg16:43
divadgnol67I am unable to get a working desktop16:43
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divadgnol67thrice, you still on?17:13
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laendivadgnol67 "I'm not a newbie so you don't have to be very detailed" certainly knows his stuff :P.18:51
thrice`at least he is actually running crux ;)18:58
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Romsterthought someone said new firefox fixed compile issues. nsEnumeratorUtils.cpp:115:27: error: uninitialized const 'EmptyEnumeratorImpl::kInstance' [-fpermissive]. i'm still using -fpermissive to get it to compile, thought they would fix that issue on this release.20:54
Romsterthough that's on gcc 4.6.020:58
Romsterbut works ok with CXXFLAGS+=' -fpermissive'20:59
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ultramertonHi, all.22:01
ultramertonI've got a quick question about audio playback.22:01
ultramertonI've got VLC installed and it's running most of my video files fine, except those encoded in AC3.22:01
ultramertonI get a really loud hissing noise.22:02
ultramertonI'm reading online that the AC3 support is in packages with MPEG support.22:03
ultramertonBut I've got ffmpeg installed.22:03
ultramertonIs there something else I need?  Or has anyone run into this issue before?22:05
Romsteri can't remember what supplies ac3 now is it in ffmpeg?22:15
ultramertonI really don't know.  Google isn't being much help at the moment.22:16
ultramertonI think I just found something about having libavc1394.22:16
ultramertonApparently I don't have that installed on my system.22:16
ultramertonWatch... I probably just made a complete ass of myself.  lol22:17
Romsteri doubt that's it.22:17
Romsteri don't even use that.22:17
ultramertonOh, ok.22:17
Romsteri'm using xine though here.22:17
ultramertonYeah, there seems to be only one CRUX port for it.22:18
ultramertonAnd it's not a contrib or anything.22:18
Romsteryour ffmpeg must be missing ac3 support22:18
Romsteryour using the one in 2.7 contrib?22:18
Romsterprt-get deptree ffmpeg22:19
Romstersee if any deps are missing22:19
ultramerton-- missing packages22:20
ultramertonid3lib from faad222:20
ultramertonlibmp4v2 from faad222:20
ultramertonThat's probably it.'22:20
ultramertonI wonder how I don't have that installed.22:21
ultramertonHmm... no.  It says it's installed.22:21
Romsterfaac i believe does the AC322:21
ultramertonI checked dependencies on that as well, same ones are missing.22:22
ultramertonSo, I'll install those real quick.22:22
Romsterand recompile ffmpeg after22:23
Romsterand not sure you might need to recompile VLC after that too.22:23
ultramertonWell, I'll give that a shot.22:24
ultramertonThanks for all your help!22:24
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