IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-05-01

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divadgnol67I like to thank laen and thrice for tolerating me. I now have Crux 2.7 up and running with fluxbox and everything else I need. Thanks guys!11:57
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jaegerdivadgnol67: glad you've got it working12:18
divadgnol67me too12:27
divadgnol67it had been so long since i had to compile a kernel. a lot has changed (for the better)12:28
divadgnol67running openbsd for so long i have been spoiled12:28
divadgnol67openbsd does not support my multimedia card but linux does.12:29
divadgnol67and since i'm taking a lot of family photos i like to just insert the card and have access12:30
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divadgnol67all that's left is removing uneeded junk from the kernel and configure wireless12:42
divadgnol67wireless looks straight forward.12:43
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Romsterdivadgnol67> wireless looks straight forward. <- if your card is supported21:36
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