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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.706:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libtirpc: update to 0.2.206:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.3206:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samhain: update to 2.8.406:26
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dcron: update to 4.506:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: openssh: update to 5.8p206:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.19.106:27
laenopenssh 5.8?06:30
laenAh right.06:30
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Romsterhi skilltik08:49
skilltikhi Romster08:49
skilltiki have some problems installing crux :/08:50
RomsterThePub> anyone using runit? <- yes
Romsterskilltik, first rule of irc don't ask to ask if you asked what the problem is ages ago you may even of had a solution by now.08:51
Romsterlet me guess you get a kernel panic.08:51
Romsterbe sure to compile the root file system in and the correct controller driver into the kernel. and make sure grub/lilo and fstab are correct.08:52
skilltiksorry, i am noob in irc08:52
Romsteradn in case of lilo don't forget to run lilo after editing.08:53
skilltikand yes, i have a kernel panic08:53
Romsterlspci -k08:53
Romstersee what modules you need, search in make menuconfig, by typing / then some search string. find the needed item and mark it with a *08:53
RomsterI wonder if anyone has a how to guide on this commonly asked question.08:54
skilltikoh okey, sorry first time installing a linux like crux08:55
Romsteryeah that's ok.08:55
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Romsterthis is a common problem.08:55
skilltik(im from argentina, excuse my problem)08:56
Romsterwould be helpful if there was a guide for helpling.08:56
skilltikmi English08:56
ThePubtheir common kernel-building issues related to all linuxes.  good to learn where to avoid issues earlier.08:56
Romsterthat's ok.08:56
ThePuband save your kernel config once it works, saves a tone of time later ;p08:56
Romsteri've had the same issue myself many years ago.08:57
skilltikokey, i will try this08:57
Romsterit's usually boot loader or kernel module missing.08:58
Romsterlspci -k is very helpful.08:58
skilltiki just speak a litte english08:59
skilltikDid you mean: it's usually boot loader for kernel module missing.08:59
skilltikType text or a website address or translate a document.08:59
skilltikRead phonetically08:59
skilltikSpanish to English translation08:59
skilltikit sure is a kernel module08:59
skilltikI'll try again, then back to channel income09:00
skilltikthx guys, cya!09:00
Romsterit's either incorrect boot device or missing kernel options to see the root file system.09:06
Romsteror fstab that tells how to mount root is incorrect.09:06
Romsteri'm afraid the language barrier is going to be too hard to help.09:07
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Romsterpitillo, you don't know any Spanish by any chance?09:08
pitilloRomster: I'm spanish... I know a bit :)09:08
Romsteri can't remember what languages you and sepen know.09:09
pitillowe talk spanish and "valenciano/catalan"09:09
Romstercool skilltik is having a kenrel panic with his configuration. he's using english to Spanish translator but i'm sure you could help him far easier than i could. in native Spanish.09:10
pitillolet's see09:10
skilltikhola pitillo?09:11
pitillohey skilltik :)09:11
skilltikhablas espaƱol?09:11
RomsterCatalan has no official recognition in France, as French is the only official language of that country, according to the French Constitution of 1958.09:12
Romsterok didn't know that.09:12
pitillohave you reviewed what Romster told you? IDE/SATA kernel support (not modules) and your / file system in kernel too?09:12
pitilloskilltik: yes, I talk spanish too :)09:12
pitilloRomster: valenciano/catalan is the language from some of the east cities in spain (not france) :)09:13
Romsteroh right blame wikipedia...09:13
skilltikque bueno, Romster me sugirio usar lspci -k para configurar el kernel09:13
pitilloin France's south part may be there are some cities which speak catalan too (like some others in the southwest talk "euskera" too)09:14
skilltikporque luego de la instalacion tengo kernel panic, estoy seguro que no es el fstab ya que lo revise varias veces09:14
pitilloskilltik: yes, you can verify with that command which modules are you using for your IDE/SATA controller09:14
pitilloskilltik: estas seguro que tienes ese soporte dentro del kernel?[4~ (no como modulos)09:15
skilltikla verdad, cuando edito las configuraciones de menuconfig, no se que hacer09:15
skilltikes mi primera vez compilando el kernel09:16
pitilloskilltik: entonces igual CRUX te queda un poco grande en este momento (compilar un kernel para un equipo es una tarea basica...)09:16
skilltikpuede ser, pero tengo ganas de probar crux.. que es lo mas parecido a archlinux09:17
pitilloskilltik: necesitas conocer el hardware del equipo, para dar el soporte minimo. Puede ser bueno que empieces a leer sobre que es el kernel y como compilar (mas o menos) para tener un soporte acorde a tu maquina09:17
skilltikdeje de usar archlinux hace poco tiempo09:17
pitilloskilltik: poco a poco entonces. Revisa manuales sobre como compilar el kernel (pero realmente aprenderas a medida vayas compilando y compilando... hasta que veas la estructura que sigue y donde esta todo el soporte)09:18
skilltikbusque guias para compilar el kernel, pero en las que lei no decian que hacer en menuconfig, y ahi esta mi problema09:18
pitilloand about the language, try to be confortable with english or use another channels (what we are doing isn't polite... IMHO)09:19
skilltiklo siento por el lenguaje, pero en crux de habla hispana no hay nadie xD09:19
pitilloskilltik: make menuconfig opens you the "gui" to give or remove kernel support to some hardware supported by the kernel09:19
pitillomoving there skilltik09:20
Romsterpitillo, i'd imagine there be small pockets that even have there own variations.09:20
Romsteror local language meanings that are not well known outside that area.09:20
skilltikthanks a lot romster, cya!09:21
pitilloRomster: they aren't pockets really. They aren't spanish variations, they are other languages with others roots (but really there are spanish variations too, depending in the city you are)09:22
Romstertrue but ti's not exactly busy in here atm.09:22
Romsterlater skilltik09:22
Romsteroh that might be a turn off for skilltik  on crux that core opt and stuff has NLS turned off.09:23
pitilloummmm, I know, but really I feel rude talking in spanish here (may be hurts someone and I don't want to disturb really)09:25
Romsterjust take it to the other crux es or what ever it is channel or private chat then :)09:25
Romsterit's not like you talk in Spanish all the time.09:26
Romsterand i'm reading over the chat and seeing how much i understand of it :D09:26
pitilloyeah, I tried to force him to talk in english... We moved to crux-es to talk there, but it's far from his knowledge atm... he hasn't kernel compilation experience... it isn't really a CRUX problem09:27
Romsterah true.09:28
Romstermight be jumping i too deep too soon, though it forces you to learn or sink.09:28
Romsters/i too/in too09:28
pitilloyeah, I pointed him to look for manuals or kernel's documentation. An my advice is to start compiling and compiling kernels... That's how I started... and it was with a 133mmx... and was really boring to make an error on the process :)09:30
Romsterlol that would take ages.09:32
Romsterprologic_, helped me setup linux ages ago, i couldn't get the kernel figured out.09:32
Romsteri was too stuck into windoze back then.09:33
pitilloI started with sepen in a debian box some years ago...09:33
Romsteronly dabbled with distros than compile much other than on some servers.09:33
pitillosepen was stuck in windows and now, look at him... a machine :)09:33
Romstermust be some time ago, i've known you and speen well about as long as i've been in crux since crux 2.1 IIRC09:34
Romsteryeah really.09:34
pitillowe used debian a lot (here I played with slack too, but compiling in old hardware was a little pain and it sometimes scaped my knowledge)09:34
Romstergets old fast if oyu have to spend hours to recompile something to find out you made a mistake and had to recompile again.09:35
Evil_Bobbtw vim can be bumped to 7.3.17009:35
pitilloummmm yes yes, sepen found CRUX in 2.0 I think (or may be older versions) but he lack some knowledge (I lacked lot more...) and when we started understanding things, we were able to run CRUX and move out other distros...09:35
Evil_Bob(from 7.3.154)09:35
Romstertool chain rebuild on a pentium II 267MHz took 2 days. i only did that for the wow factor.09:36
pitilloRomster: true, I think that's how we learnt. While compiling... I readed kernel docs, which was really interesting without understanding all things really09:36
pitilloummm I never played with toolchains on these old machines. I think I learnt about when I started with CRUX-ARM...09:37
Romstertool chains are such finicky things.09:37
Romsterkernel is bad enough when your just learning about linux.09:37
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pitilloummmm toolchains are another world... really hard world IMHO if you want to deep (and if you don't deep, it's hard too, at least for me)09:39
Romsteri'm still learning stuff.09:40
Romsteri doubt i can learn it all with my disability but i'm not gonna stop trying to understand.09:40
Romsterso if this skilltik pulls off the most ahrd bit of getting crux to run you might end up with another user in crux-es09:41
Romsterpitillo, your English is far advanced for a Spanish person too.09:42
Romsteryou've probably learned more in English being in here no doubt.09:42
Romstersadly i have enough problems with English than trying to tech myself another language.09:43
pitillolet's see, at least he wants to learn and understand things. If he became a CRUX user, he'll be welcome, that's in his hands really (I can't help so much)09:44
pitilloumm my english level isn't so good really, I feel sometimes that I go backwards... but it's "undestandable" (indian english typing here and gipsy english if you hear me talking it :)09:45
pitilloRomster: which is your native language?09:46
Romsterenglish :D09:46
Romsteri am Australian.09:46
Romsterit's my retarded brain as a child that's stunted my ability to be normal. but i get by being gifted in some areas, where others are not able to understand complex things. but then i get stuck by how much i can learn and understand. that's my world.09:48
Romsteri guess i've come along way from where i used to be.09:48
Romsterbut i can't do everything that i want to do, without heaps more effort than it becomes frustrating.09:49
Romsterand then my ideas and other stuff drives everyone else crazy :P09:49
pitilloummm another "english" like english in america... it sounds different from a pure english from England... but your english level for me is good (I can understand it right)09:49
Romsterwell Australian English is more like British than American English.09:51
pitillowell, each mind is a world... a big world. We should be happy with what we have (I'm not intelligent... my average should be 6 of 10 or so...)09:51
Romstertrue, so i plot along with what i can do.09:52
Romstereh sorry for going on about non-crux related stuff here too.09:52
pitilloummm there isn't much active people atm :)09:53
Romsteryeah true.10:03
ThePubis British English really "pure" or just on a seperate evolutionary course than the rest of the world?10:10
Romsterwe started out with British and it jsut evolved from there.10:12
Romsteri guess all English evolved from British English, even Amerian English did very long time ago, but you know Americans they spitted off Britain and changed everything to be unique.10:13
Romsterchanging there language along the way.10:13
ThePubif you think of French, they have a standards body.  Unfortunately there isn't anything like that for English that I'm aware of.10:13
Romsterwhich is why they still use imperial measurements and other stuff.10:14
RomsterAustralia was imperial measurements until 1977 when we converted to metric.10:14
Romsterah no 1966 sorry10:14
ThePubI'm not sure why we are not metric either.  of course cost of switching for the US would be massive.10:15
Romsternew words get created all the time and even definitions of older words get redefined, so it's always evolving even if it's not all official.10:16
ThePubvery true, and each country that uses english does so differently.10:16
ThePubmy roomate is from Nigeria and his english is interesting imo :)10:16
frinnst"barbie" in the us is a plastic doll, in .au its something you put shrimps on?10:17
Romstersome regions may have one definition than another region.10:17
Romsterbarbecue so i guess barbie is a shortened version.10:17
Romsterit's a slang word.10:17
Romsterbarbie is a doll too.10:18
Romsterit depends in what context it's spoken in.10:18
Romsterand it's not shrimps it's prawns. and i've treid it and it's not as good as other barbecued foods.10:19
ThePublike tuna10:19
Romstermore of a steak, snags/bangers (sausages) and other meats and rissoles (meat balls)10:20
Romstertuna is nice but on a BBQ are you crazy <D10:20
ThePubbbq'd tuna is the best10:20
Romsteroh and i forgot the potato slices and plenty of canalized onions.10:20
ThePub2nd best way to have tuna, raw being the first10:20
Romsterhmm might try tuna on a bbq one day then.10:21
ThePubmy grandfather was a fisherman so I grew up with a lot of tuna in the fridge, fresh off the boat :)10:21
RomsterZucchini sliced length ways also goes well on a BBQ but you have to watch you don't over cook it.10:22
Romsteroh dear i bet it made everything else smell and taste like tuna too.10:22
ThePubfresh fish does not smell fishy :)10:22
ThePubbad fish does10:23
Romstersurprising as tuna is a strong flavour fish.10:23
Romsteri guess it is only when it's cooked.10:23
Romsterneglecting fish that's past it's use by date.10:23
Romsterfish only keeps for a few days at most.10:23
ThePubso that core ports you posted earlier with runit isn't the official one?10:27
Romsteri used to do some  fishing but i haven't done that for a long time now.10:27
RomsterThePub, heck no it's preadatorfrak's worka nd i jsut modifyed things a little here and there. and am using it on my system for the good part of a few years10:28
ThePubI've slow been building up my own "core", which is why it was of interest10:29
Romsterit was all the crux didnt' want my patches of other stuff so why not fork it so i forked crux and havent' done alot to the site or stuff other than constantly edit the packages for what i and a mate run.10:29
Romsterah iv'e done core xorg some opt already10:29
Romsterhonestly you'd have to be nuts like me to do this.10:30
Romsteri've been having second thoughts on it personally other than the learning side of it.10:30
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ThePubugh, wireless ethernet is taking a dump10:33
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Romsterdid oyu miss lines.10:33
Romsteryou never pinged out so it should all show.10:33
ThePubantenna strength keeps going down slowly, hehe10:35
ThePubirssi lag pops up and starts increasing, then goes away.10:35
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Romstertry changing the channel the wifi uses.10:38
ThePubwireless ethernet, not wifi :)10:38
Romsteralso there is a Collision Avoidance Mechanism.... oh ok how is it wireless eather?10:41
Romstersome specific wireless link but not wifi protocol.10:42
ThePubwireless ethernet is long-range wifi, essentially.  it's not an adhoc network though, it's targetted and designed for long-range.10:43
Romsternearly 2am damn it, no wonder i'm getting tired.10:43
Romsterah ok.10:43
Romsternot familiar with that one.10:43
ThePubjust one of many broadband options10:43
Romsterah it's a ISP think like wimax or what have you call it.10:45
ThePubsame idea, yes.  although iirc wimax really is wifi10:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: 20110404 -> 2011050310:54
Romsteri often wonder who even uses my ports. can't we have some stats thing for seeing who runs what package.10:58
Romstersome daemon that reports back to crux.nu10:58
RomsterThePub, so many ways to have a connection it's mind boggling.10:59
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ThePubwouldn't it be a fair assumption that a unique download of a port would constitute a "user"?11:08
Romsterports -u could be counted on contrib i guess on the server.11:10
Romstersince it's all though rsync.11:10
Romsteri thought about something like that ages ago, never progressed from there.11:10
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andariussalutations and waffles17:22
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laenWaffles. Omg i wish i had some. They'd be gone!19:44
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